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Husky air compressors are one of the most reliable compressors presented in the market of Canada and the United States.

This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Husky Compressors Information

If you wander around a Home Depot big box store, along with a host of other air compressors – since Husky compressors are not the only compressor they sell – you will find the brand Husky Air compressors which is the Home Depot own house brand of compressor.

Home Depot does not manufacture the products they sell. The products they sell, including their Husky Air Compressors, are manufactured for them. As I understand it, the current manufacturer of Husky Air Compressors is Campbell Hausfeld (circa 2013-2014).

New Husky 7.5 HP air compressor

Husky Pro Air Compressor

You may come across Husky Pro air compressors in your searches or you might know somebody who has one if you don’t yourself, and wonder what makes them different from Husky air compressors? Home Depot does not list any Husky Pro compressors on their website, and I’ve scoured the internet to find an answer to this question, but there’s little to no information available on the matter.

Maybe the pro range was a series of attempted rebranding by Husky with the red color compressor instead of black? Or a compressor of a certain size and engine power? From the examples I can see, the Husky pro compressors have a relatively big tank size and look to be stationary air compressors.

Correct me if I’m wrong! If you have any information to clarify this matter, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page, so I can update the article and help others understand the differences – if there are any!

Husky Air Compressor Parts

If you need parts for your Husky compressor, and since Husky is the Home Depot house brand, ask at the store where you purchased the air compressor what company fixes their air compressors under warranty.

Assuming they actually have a service outfit repair compressors under warranty rather than just throwing them out and replacing them, the repair depot would be a good source for advice and perhaps even parts for different models of Husky air compressors, since it is unlikely that anyone working the floor at Home Depot would have any idea where to get parts for the air compressors they sell.

One visitor, Robert W., offered the following as it pertains to Husky air compressors valve plate kits:

“During my quest (often frustrating), to find a Valve Plate kit for my Husky compressor, I found the following to eventually lead me to a knowledgeable place from which to order. Turns out Campbell Hausfeld is the original mfr of the Husky line for Home Depot. Their website is Their toll free number is 1-800-543-6400. I got help immediately and ordered the valve plate kit $29 plus shipping. This was for my Husky model WL651003AJ. Excited to finally get my parts coming this way.

What a journey (it was). Thought I could save some of your website viewers some extra trouble. Don’t bother with the Husky toll free number you have listed. They weren’t very much help except to give me the CH phone number. Then it was smooth from there.”

If you choose to go “up the ladder” for support, please have your model number and serial number handy when contacting Campbell Hausfeld directly. Though, I do not know how much support you will get there! Visit their website here for contact details.

Husky Air Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

Some Husky parts are readily available on Amazon. The first is a Husky Pressure Switch 4 ports replacement below! This is a special design with a 90-degree angle Unloader, so please make sure that the unloader position matches your old pressure switch.

Also available is a Husky air compressor 13 piece kit. The kit provides a variety of useful corrosion-free connections and contains almost everything you would need with a new air compressor.

Husky Compressor Manuals

Here are some Husky manuals that kind folks have emailed in so I can provide them here for you. Click the link to download a manual to your computer. Don’t forget to save it so you have it for future use.

Existing Husky Air Compressors Questions

Husky 33 Gallon Wiring Issue

Our thanks to Will I am for contributing the following video about his 33 gallon Husky, model 516051.

Have an issue with your Husky air compressor? Please have a look at the existing questions below!

If you have any advice or information to add to an existing question, please add a comment to that existing post. Then all Husky air compressor owners can benefit from your experience!

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If you have any questions about Husky compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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I have C202H compressor. won’t build up past 120lbs on the left gauge and don’t build air higher than maybe 100psi on the right gauge. Tried to rotate regular know but seems to be stripped and comes off. What any ideas do you have like the knob is broken won’t let me rase up pressure.

There’s a pressure switch that controls the left gauge. It tries to keep the tank between 160 and 200psi. The other gauge is the regulated output pressure, which cannot exceed the tank pressure. So, you have two problems. The pump is malfunctioning, and the regulator knob is also apparently broken. Unless you are trying to fill truck tires, you don’t need more than maybe 100psi regulated. So first thing is get the pump fixed, then you can go after the regulator. Neither one is going to be easy unless you have tools and mechanical skills. So you might want to… Read more »

looking for a wiring picture for a Husky Air Scout 1.5 gallon oil free Air compressor

Unlikely you’ll find one, unless it has a magnetic starter, and that doesn’t.
Trace the wires and figure it out. You might find some generic drawing of one – they’re all the same, except the motor, and THAT has to come from the motor manufacturer.

Looking to repair a Husky H1826F. The pressure control switch has no breakdown of sub-parts to it. I want to find a replacement diaphragm gasket such as the one pictured here; Allegedly also used for “Central Pneumatic 2HP 4 gal pancake Compressor (Model 38898). I tried calling Campbell-Hausfield(?) and they did not mfgr this unit. Any leads on where I could find this piece would be appreciated. I’d rather not free-hand a patent myself. —- I’m also in search of another part, which isn’f even addressed nor listed in the schematic. it is a hose running from one valve on… Read more »


I have a Husky Air Compressor model C302H and I need to find an owners manual for it. I need to know what kind and how much oil to put in the compressor. I have always used 10W 30 quaker state in my 40 year old AC and have never had a problem. Please inform and thanks, Arthur

The manual(s), such as they are, are on the HD website page:

in the product overview section.

My husky 60 Gallon compressor won’t start. I have replaced the breaker once already. Came in one day and didn’t run. Breaker was blown on one side. Hard wired to dedicated 2 pole 30 amp breaker. Changed breaker and ran for a while now same problem. Bought used from family member and had no issues. He had plug in cable. Need info on what else it might be. Not at all knowledgeable in electrical.
Model number C602H
Motor: 3.7 HP FLA:17.2

“Breaker was blown on one side.” The breaker should trip on both sides. You need one with the trip levers tied together. Notwithstanding that there was no trouble at the previous location, the cause of this sort of thing is often the motor capacitors. If the motor struggles to start, that can be the start capacitor. If it blows the breaker sometime after it starts, that can be the run capacitor. should get you started. If you don’t already have a meter, the cheapest of the cheap that does “ohms” will do ya. Nothing fancy required, unless you’re a… Read more »

I have a Husky 80gal 175psi 5hp 2 stage compressor. From the beginning (purchased used) the compressor will start, run to about 30psi and begin to bog down until motor load trips the breaker.

I have replaced the compressor pump, motor and finally check valve with no resolution. All parts were replaced with oem match. Motor is 220v wired straight to the breaker box with 10ga. When inlet tube is disconnected compressor seems to run fine. Which is why I thought check valve. At a total loss of what could be causing the issue.


I was gonna say intake valve on the HP side of pump, but you’ve replaced the entire pump?
I can only conclude the power must be wired wrong.
Do you measure 220/230V *across* the motor?

Do you have an actual model number for it??

Found the issue, faulty neutral coming into the breaker box. 112v on one leg and 76v on the other output. Would have never found it as all other equipment in the shop is 110v and had no signs of problems.

You’re welcome.

So what was the fix?

The AC power from the breaker feed box was faulty. Only 188V.
A bad neutral connection was fixed.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

Good morning, I am looking for a husky 8 gallon tank model ol195 v115-60 kit, thanks

Which is…what? Piston? Valve?

There are no parts for sale here, except what’s in the ads, BTW.

i have a husky model # c201h 20 gal. date 2016 it will not start i have done check to make sure electricity is getting to the on/off switch,pressure switch, thermal component and they all are getting current the motor/compressor is not frozen up it turns freely and i have given direct power current to the motor/compressor and nothing . plz. help

Can’t be sure from what I find on-line, but sounds like the motor is open. Might have an internal fuse, or if it has brushes, one or both of them may be shot.

You can check with an ohm meter – probably should get one or two ohms if the motor isn’t open. But if it’s not even making noise or blowing a circuit breaker, it is open.

If it’s open, there’s not a replacement, apparently, so you can try removing the motor end cover to see if there’s a fuse, which is the most likely culprit.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

Thx Doug , can you tell me poss. where online or web site you checked on for poss future help. thx again.

Sure. Google knows I mostly want compressors, so most of the time that’s what I get. If I add “compressor” I get all kinds of stuff I’m not interested in. So Googled “c201h”.

That gets me mostly sales. Again with “c201h parts” got Sears and a few other parts sources. The parts places usually have the same diagrams as the manufacturers. Which in this case, has at least two different motors, so you need the motor ID to find out about it. There is no motor specific info.

Husky Model Vh631400AJ with pump # VH300000AV spitting oil out of vent and runs without shutting off. Replaced pressure switch and check valve and still same. Will build pressure to 135 and then boggs down and running hot. Where can I get rings, valves and gaskets for this model. Any help is greatly appreciated

Bernie says “spitting oil out of vent and runs without shutting off.” What vent? The breather?
“Will build pressure to 135 and then boggs down and running hot.” As in the belt slips, or the motor slows and blows circuit breaker? If the motor, have you checked the run capacitor?

Not all parts are available, but googling either the unit or pump number gets rings and gaskets. You can try cutting out your own valves, but they only come in the valve plate kit commercially.

Good luck.

Bernie, I notice the max pressure on this unit is 135, so it should probably be turning off at that point. Maybe the pressure switch is out of whack.

Husky HS5181 builds pressure to 30psi then motor starts to bog and surge until it trips the breaker. Any idea why?

Yeah, a couple.
What have you checked?
IF it has been working at the present location for awhile…
If you’re lucky, bad run cap in motor.
If you’re pretty lucky, bad check valve.
Not so lucky, then bad intake valve on the pump hi side.

How lucky are you?

Husky 60 gallon compressor. Problem compressor struggled to run (dragging, seemed like electric motor was failing). Had motor tested turned out okay. I was told it was bearings, piston rings or head of compressor. Decided to remove air filter and lubricate suction cups with wd-40 actually sprayed it directly while running. BAM, all set i guess reed valves were stuck!

Good Luck!

Ken, can you supply the model number of your machine?
” I was told it was bearings, piston rings or head of compressor.” … by whom?
Anyway, happy for you it was an easy fix, if it lasts. (crossed fingers)