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Hi Bill. I had a question on the compressor sizing page. In the changing the storage tank size calculation, you say that run time to refill the tank will be 3 minutes as per the calculation above. In the scenario above, the compressor ran with 1 cfm going to refill the tank, and the tank needing 3 cf. In the scenario doubling tank size, we have 12 CF, up from 3 CF, wouldn’t the compressor need to run for 12 minutes to refill the tank instead of 3?


If two air compressor (1>383 [email protected]. & 2> 184cfm @ 125psi ) has its own receiving tanks( 1> 500 gal. 2> 240 gal) then do we need another mixing tank separately to combine both receiving tank to one mixing tank ?

What’s best method to rectify a leakage for kaeser industrial Air dryer internal pipe leakage? the leakage is between copper pipe and stainless material for heat exchanger.What’s best material needed to rectify the leakage.Please , your support is highly needed.Thanks for your precious time to view my request.

Having a hard time going thru this site as well as not knowing where to post this question:
I am wanting to identify this compressor and so far Brunner comes close, but cannot find any info on it.
Only info I see it the round casting says Made in the United States of America, below it shows what looks like A22003
Anyone know what this is?


Looking for parts manual for 1989 ingersoll rand 185 compressor any suggestions would be appreciated thanks joe

Do you have the full model and serial #I might be able to help?

On the Pinterest page there is an image of a Champion compressor logo and the following text:
Reproduced vintage PMC Decals. Was wondering where (if anywhere), I could post a jpg of the PMC decals I am getting ready to make available for older

It is a pretty old post – were these decals ever produced and made available for sale? I can’t find any on the web site and wanted to check with you directly.


Champion Compressor Decal

Hey guys -Aiden, Ashley
What happened to the search box on the site map page?
If it’s there it’s pretty well hidden…

Hey Doug,
Sorry for the delayed response – I believe Ash removed the search box a while back as we were experiencing crazy amounts of spam in the comments! It has helped significantly.

My advice (or what I would now do) is to search “site: ***” with your query in place of the asterisk into google and this will pull up all pages on the site related to your keyword/query!

All the best!

Please add dates to your “identify this compressor” pages. It will help to know when people posted the question.

Also, please add Binks to your list of manufacturers, even though the old Binks compressors were made by Quincy for Binks. They have separate model numbers it seems and I am trying to find out more about mine.

Yeah, the original pages had them…the new owners ought to at least mark them really old, or something…

Hello-I have a Sears Craftsman 919.17620 air compressor which needs a KK4294-1 regulator repair kit. which is no longer available. Would like to purchase if someone has a source

You may find it it on ebay or amazon, but probably best to just replace the whole regulator. There are loads of them out there, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something that will fit with little to no re-piping.

Maybe this site can assist me !!!! I have a wonderful compressor for my home. An older but in great condition. Badger model 380-2 / Silent II… ( Oil reciprocating piston ).. I struggle with correct part descriptions….. But I have pics. Compressor starts & stops. A lot of air intakes in top of breather when running, then a lot of air escapes when turning off. I know a tube is leaking at motor tank.
I can show pics. I am searching for replacement tubes. I would like to fine a local parts store in the West Palm Beach area?

size of threads into tank.jpg

Update…….. I got advice from a very smart friend….. I believe the parts I need may be purchased from the Parker company…..” Stainless push to connect tube fittings”…. I will contact them today….

I went to Parker Hannifin ‘fittings’….. They have EVERYTHING you could possibly want for a compressor. I got a replacement hard plastic tube & fitting for the tank….. a 90 degree to fit the tube connection between the compressor motor tank / vertical handle. But the Badger still exhausts air when it comes to 120 psi….. ( Something must be glitching at the switch?)

New 90 degree fitting……. and the old fitting…..

Side tube.jpg

Very nice!

Will I get an email when someone response or do i need to ckeck on this page?

Unless you used an invalid email or pressed the bell symbol next to “post comment”, yes.

I have a Sanborn by Coleman 5 hp air compressor model SL0502713 that was included in sale of a business. The switch was acting up with air coming out of the bleeder/check valve plus had a turn on/off issue at one point before so figured needed to replace switch as prior owner had done a few times I guess. I bought a new switch and bleeder value and installed on the compressor. Turned on fine and ran up pressure like it should. But when it hit max pressure and auto shut off the air came pouring out the bleeder/check value… Read more »

The part that needs work is the check valve near the tank. IT is what keeps air from coming out of the pressure switch at shut-off.
It might just be crudded up, or maybe have a bad seal. If you can’t fix it, you need to buy new, most likely.

Good luck.

Thanks for an informative site and forum. Can you give some info on loading pics. Don’t think mine showed up
Again thanks for pitting up a great site

Uploads of either plain text or attachments frequently fail.
But when you use the paperclip, normally, you should get a file list from which you select whatever. After that you should see some bars flashing at the upper right of your screen. Finally, you should see a thumbnail of what you chose appear below the text box.
If any of that doesn’t happen, you probably won’t see it when it’s approved. Or you might. It’s been really flaky unless they got it fixed fairly recently. I’m gonna try one now…and it appears to have worked. We’ll see…

Screenshot from 2021-02-16 15-56-06.png


Wow! It worked!

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Anyone know this compressor?

Bill – I hope this is the correct “contact form”. I originally came to your site because my old compressor (a 1995-vintage Craftsman 919.152940) suddenly just stopped coming on. I’ve already replaced the check valve, both capacitors, & the pressure switch, so I came here wanting to find out how to test the motor itself. If that’s here, I didn’t find it. BUT — while looking for that info — I came upon your page with old Craftsman manuals. I have both my original Owner’s manual AND the separate Parts manual for this compressor. Each was a separate set of… Read more »

Thanks Paul. Hopefully they’ll get it up soon.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
When it works, you get a thumbnail below the text box, like so:

Screenshot from 2021-07-20 00-34-11.png


I need some help identifying an old compressor…I noticed that the link to do so was not highlighted. Please help. Thanks! Dan

Was wondering if ANYONE has information on this 100 yr. old compressor. It still runs and works but was wondering where to find piston rings and what was the original color. It’s a double belt, 2 cylinder, 16” wheel, Kellogg devilbliss name. Don’t know if the two worked together in the past. Looked up patent on motor and that brought up something from 1916. But would love anyone’s input. Thanks


I am using a single stage 2 cylinder compressor to inject air into my water well which forces water up and into a water holding tank.Has worked great for last 30 years and the compressor motor is controlled by a level switch and the small compressor has no unloader.Recently I found my motor humming due to trapped pressure on the heads. I was told to drill a small hole in the discharge tubing to release pressure. I actually loosened the tube nut to allow it to bleed down and in the process of changing motor to a 1 1/2 hp… Read more »

Recently I found my motor humming due to trapped pressure on the heads.

Not knowing exactly what the setup is, but knowing that it worked like forever, I’d guess your motor either has a bad start capacitor, or maybe the centrifugal switch went bad, assuming the motor has those things.
If not, maybe you could describe the setup in a little more detail.

i have an old Speedaire. Can not find mod or serial#. i think mfg date was around 1979. It has 2 plastic air filter housings that slip into the intake .Can not find parts .Any ideas?

Need pix.
If you tried already, please try again – there’ve been troubles with attachments.

Working on an old Sears Model 106.153641 and I’m not able to log into your discussion page, I just get a of Hexa/Decimal stuff. So is there a source for the manual for this compressor?

Tks & Safe Travels

The manual probably wouldn’t be terribly informative.
There’s a parts diagram at sears. Parts are hard come-by, you’ll likely need to make anything you can’t find.

The pump is Campbell-Hausfeld.

Good luck.

I am unable to attach images. Is there a max size or preferred file type? After clicking the paperclip I am able to select the file and hit the open button but after that the photo does not upload. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Thanks so much for the information on NTP fitting sizes. I RECENTLY BOUGHT A 1/4” FILTER FOR MY SMALL COMPRESSOR BUT I DID NOT WANT TO OPEN THE PACKAGE IF I HAD THE WRONG SIZE. THE FILTER’S PORTS HAD PLASTIC PLUGS SO I WAS NOT SURE IT WOULD FIT MY CURRENT FITTINGS THAT MEASURED 1/2”. Your information on fittings helped me determine I had the correct filter. Thanks from Missouri!

I have a hydrovane compressor 3phase (its an ole one) which I would like to do up and convert down to single phase.I’m downunder in Australia and just wondering if this site is still operational. Regards Kev.

Final Question, Can someone point me in the direction where I should start a Thread because I don’t wanna start it somewhere I shouldn’t?


Kev – are you attaching them using the paperclip on the bottom right hand corner of this box? If so, I’d suggest it’s an internet connection issue and you need to wait for them to successfully upload before clicking “post comment”

Yes mate done all that, I live in the bush, only means is satellite for internet, works fantastic no problems. After several attempts at up loading images the last time I tried I selected one image did what was asked, I didn’t post comment, I had tea and about a hour later when I returned to me computer my post was still as I had left it, so I clicked post comment. When it was done I thought tomorrow when I gets outa bed there will be at least one image for you all to see. Sadly nothing. I guess… Read more »

Hey Kev,

Feel free to email me at [email protected] with the images and I’ll upload them at this end!


Yeah, we’re here, but I can’t see how you’d do the conversion.
Maybe post a few pix of it?

I thought my images I uploaded with me comment would have shown as well, Guess I fluffed up. I’ll see what I need to do in regards to gettin’ Images up, such as Jpeg or PNG and how many at a time. Bear with me I’ll get there ok.

The format is pretty unimportant, use the paper clip icon in the lower left, and you should be able to attach 5 files or images.
One at a time…E.G.,;

NOTE to Ashley:
When composing the other message on this page, I’ve noticed you can’t delete (trashcan) an item you’ve attached, even before posting. Also, after posting, you can’t edit the post, even immediately after hitting “POST COMMENT”.
I understand this stuff is new to you, but that’s two things that really out to be fixed.

Hey Doug,

I’ll follow up by email so I can understand the exact issue here – think I get the gist. Is this something that has changed with the site, or something that would be beneficial to improve the commenting threads?

Hi i need help with a speedaire compressor i bought. the problem is that it only pumps up to 20 psi then motor slows quickly and stops along with blowing fuse in house. i changed motor to a leeson 2hp now it dont blow fuse but still struggles to pump up more than 20 psi. if i remove the flat cover on top of piston housing it seems to run good but motor overheats im guessing and it wont come on for about 15 mins then does the same. the sticker on tank says 4 hp motor, im using 2… Read more »

Yes, it needs a 4HP motor, or different pulley.
Most likely, I think, the pump has one or more broken valves, so the pressure is just building between the cylinders instead getting pumped out.
Once the valves are fixed, you’ll probably be able to put the old motor back on.
If you leave the 2HP on, it’ll probably still top out around 70-80PSI.

Can’t find a link where to post questions about compressors.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jake Ashford

Jake, there’s a comment section at the bottom of almost every page on this site. Please, help yourself. Moderator.

I need some help identifying a Joy Construction Compressor that I acquired. I looked it over pretty carefully and don’t see any identification tags. Here are some pictures of it. Any assistance in identifying it so that can get a parts manual and operators manual will be greatly appreciated.

(Post will be relocated to “Identifying an older air compressor” page shortly. (Moderator)

How do I sign up to post questions on the various forums? I did not see a link that I could click to sign up. Thank you!

There is an RSS feed button at the bottom of the NAV column. Did you try that?

You just post. Bill moderates and puts it up if it’s cool.
If you want to see other activity, that’s what the RSS is for.

Attached is the label for my grandfather’s compressor. I am trying to find a manual for it. What is the model # and what is a good site to locate one?

Well, that’s just the motor, which is good to know.
We’ll need the model of the pump or the compressor assembly to help. How ’bout send some pix of the whole unit and any other labels you may find on it?

Hello sir, my name is Michael Delmar, and I need some info like brand, color, and dealing on some equipment that my dad gave me. I would really appreciate any and all info or advice you can give me. I can send pics. I didn’t post any here because I was unsure if I should here on this page with the highlighted blue comment above. Thank you, hope to hear back from.

Post here, please: and be sure to include photos…

Good morning
I am trying to identify a compressor that I Was given. I can’t find where to post pictures
Thank you

Add a comment at the bottom of this page:

And at the same time you can add photos by clicking the camera icon near the comment box.

DeVilbiss March 2020, I have a DeVILBISS air compressor. One side of body has, 225-4-2 cast in, other side of body has 5 11 48 cast in it. I think 225 is the model number? Thinking it was made 11 May 1948? Looking for any information as far as CFM, size of motor needed, CW or CCW, RPM, parts list. As both cylinders appear to suck fresh air thru the same air filter, guessing it’s a dual piston single stage compressor. I do NOT think it’s a model 330 as only 330 I have seen were dual stage, large low… Read more »

I appreciate the posting but have a problem moving images. Do you think you could repost this to this page about identifying older compressors?

I don’t find a DeVilbiss family 225 pump, but that’s not to say it didn’t exist.
No, not a 330, that is two stage and this is single twin, as you surmise.
The ribbed discharge tube goes to the tank, yeah?
And it looks like the motor is gone…bummer.
That’s a huge flywheel – I’m attaching a 44633 pump manual, which may or may not be related – check some dimensions to see.
Let us know, please.

Thank you Doug for the reply and manual. Looking at the measurements for the 44633 pump, I’m confident the one I have is it not a 44633. My pump seems to be a little bigger. Looking at the parts list from a 330 manual, several of the part numbers start with 225-, thought perhaps the 225-4-2 cast in my casing was just a part number, but still guessing for now. Even item 39 in the 44633 manual you provided starts with 225-4. Yes, it is a bummer the motor is missing. As the the pump turns freely, I plan to… Read more »

As to the motor, you can always gear it down or make it cut out at whatever pressure bogs the motor.
And yeah, the part numbers are part of the reason I thought it might be similar.

Keep us posted, OK?

I have a craftsman 919.167620 30 gallon compressor that stops pumping at around 90psi,, motor and pulley keep spinning burning up the belt. I bought this compressor used and the belt is pretty old, so I’m going to go ahead and replace it. The belt is basically smooth, but the replacement belts I’ve found have teeth. I don’t know if the old belt had teeth that were just worn off with time or not. I’ve seen pulleys and flywheels that have teeth, but mine are smooth. My question is – is it ok to use a belt with teeth on… Read more »

Look at it carefully. You should find it’s serpentine, with a toothed motor drive shaft and the smooth or back side of the belt facing the idler and the piston drive wheel surfaces.
There is no conflict of smooth vs. toothed.
If both sides of yours are flat, and you have teeth on the motor shaft, you need a new belt.
Let us know, please.

I don’t see anything serpentine here – am I missing something?

OK, thanks for the pix. So there are no grooves, and like you I find the replacements seem to have them. adjective: serpentine of or like a serpent or snake. But, seeing your pix, I think you can get by without a new one. For a while at least. In the last pic showing part of the tank, you have an idler/bearing on an eccentric. That’s to adjust the belt tension. get a crescent on the flat, loosen the bolt, turn the eccentric a bit clockwise, and test. You want just enough tension to stop the slip, hoping the belt… Read more »

I have a craftsman 919.167620 pdf owners manual if you would like it for your site.

Thanks. Sent email with address info.

What kind of oil do I use in my 13 gal., Pro Source air compressor?

In the absence of documentation, and seeing that this is quite a small air compressor, I’d be comfortable using a compressor lube oil available at almost any store that sells compressors. Not vehicle oil though, but a non-detergent compressor oil that will be identified as such.