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Senco Air Compressors

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This page and forum about Senco air compressors started because a number of folks sent in inquiries about the Senco P1010 compressors.

Senco does not just offer the P1010 model of air compressor. They offer half-a-dozen small portable or wheeled portable air compressors which appear to be offered by the Senco company as an essential accessory to power their staplers, nailers and industrial screw systems.

Senco air compressors are sold through retail outlets such as Lowes, Home Depot, and other fastening type stores, depending on where you are located. These stores also sell the Senco air tools and fastening systems.

Senco Air Compressor
Senco Air Compressor

Senco is located in Ohio. Coordinates are:

Senco Brands, Inc.,
4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd.,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
T: 800-543-4596
W: www.senco.com

Senco compressor manuals

So far I have only been able to locate one manual for you. Nor does the Senco website offer a compressor manual download, unfortunately. If you have a Senco compressor manual in electronic format, please upload it using the form at the end of this page, and we’ll add it for others to have.

I have added this Senco air compressors page to allow users to ask questions about the Senco compressor brand and .

It is also a place where owners and users can offer advice by commenting on a posting. If you can, please do so as it will help all of us.



Senco Air Compressors Brand Channel On YouTube

Existing Senco air compressor questions:

Senco PC1131 air compressor won’t start

I’ve had the compressor a little over a year and used it about 5 Times; so it is relatively new.

New comment? New question? Please add it here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!

By Bill Wade

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