by Mike Weiss
(Maple Grove MN)

Emerson electric motor label, could this problem be caused by the running capacitor?

Emerson electric motor label

Emerson electric motor label.


Mike, you are not giving us much to go on.

Are you running your compressor motor in 120 or 240 volt configuration?

Does the compressor run if the air tank is empty when you start it?

Are you using an extension cord if running the compressor on 120 Volts?

How old is your compressor?

What is the make, model?

Sure, it could be the capacitor, and you can see the page on this site about how to check that.

Otherwise, it is difficult to say without a lot more info. Please add more info so we all can try to help.

4hp 13 gallon air compressor trips breaker

by Jill

Got a 4hp 13 gallon oil less air compressor the problem is that it builds air fine but when it gets low on air and tries to kick back on it just hums and trip the breaker any clues? the motor I’m guessing? please help

Jill, turn off the compressor. Drain the tank. Turn the air compressor back on. Did it start OK? Respond as a comment here, please so if it did not start we can dive further into the reasons.

Compressor will not restart and trips breaker

My air compressor will not restart after the first start up cycle. I’ve changed pressure switch with new unloader valve. ive changed check valve. I’ve tried multiple higher amp ac circuits. compressor acts the same after first cycle of pressure in tank it trys to restart after low pressure level trips, compressor tries to start and eventually trip breaker

OK, you don’t say after you changed the pressure switch (probably not needed) and unloader valve, whether when the compressor comes up to cut out pressure and stops your unloader valve actually is unloading the compressor.

You also do not describe your power supply to the compressor, nor it’s make & model and HP.

It is hard to help you diagnose the problem without these details.

So, if the compressor starts with the tank empty of air, and the unloader valve is working on high pressure cut out, provide more details as a comment here and I’ll try to help you figure out what the problem is.

30 gallon craftsman

Started the other day kicked breaker found bad capacitor, changed it, now compressor runs for few seconds then kicks breaker


Model number? How many caps on this motor? Anything new aside from the problem? Perhaps, start a new thread in the Craftsman forum, and include the model number for sure, along with any more info. Thanks.

Compressor motor blows breaker

by: Mike weiss

Bill! The compressor is a Black Hawk 5 HP as I recall, Running on 120V. I took the belt off the pump just to make sure the pump wasn’t holding it back. even without any resistance the motor blows the breaker after a few seconds…Mike


Hi Mike… OK Black Hawk I believe, don’t believe it’s a 5HP if you are powering it with 120 volts.

Regardless, if you are not using an extension cord and the problem persists with no load on the motor, then yup, the first thing to look at is if the start and run (might be two – might be two in one) capacitors are OK. See that page for details and then update us if that was the issue, would you?

Have your own issue with a Compressor runs for about 5 seconds and blows the breaker? Please add your comment here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!