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Atlas Copco is a worldwide manufacturer of drilling, haulage, concrete equipment, compaction devices, air tools and motors, and yes, the Atlas Copco compressors.

This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Atlas Copco Information

Their air compressor lines include centrifugal compressors, high pressure compressors, reciprocating and rotary screw in lubed and non-lubricated design, and a broad range of tow-behind portable air compressors.

They have been around a while! The Atlas Copco we know today was founded in 1873. Their origins are, I believe, in Stockholm Sweden.

Atlas Copco Ga Series Compressors
Atlas Copco Ga Series Compressors

Atlas Copco Contact Information

Atlas Copco Compressors USA can be contacted via:

Phone: +1 866-546-3588

Email: [email protected]

Their website will take you to the main gateway page for Atlas Copco, and you can then search for specifics about Atlas Copco services and products in your country.

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Manuals

I am grateful to visitors that send me technical information that I can then offer you on my pages. Click the link that suits to download the information. Do be sure to save it to your computer for future reference.

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

I have picked out a few Atlas Copco air compressor parts readily available on Amazon. The first is an automatic drain valve kit.

I also found this Atlas Copco replacement air filter.

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

The Atlas Copco compressors page on this site provides a venue for user experiences and those with issues with Atlas Copco air compressors that may not have been able to get help from traditional sources.

Post a question about your Atlas Copco air compressor at the bottom of this page. As you scroll down, please have a look at the existing questions and answers, as many user issues have already been addressed.

Please let other Atlas Copco compressor users know of your experience with this brand by answering any of the questions by adding a comment. That will help all of us.

More pages with Atlas Copco questions, answers, and information found on this site:

Atlas Copco Model Specific Help Pages

Here’s a model-specific Atlas Copco information page:

Atlas Copco YouTube Channel – It’s hilarious and Informative

Follow “Big Bert’s” Journey as he sees Atlas Copco compressors in action all across the world!

If you have any questions about Campbell Hausfeld compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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I can not start my 375 Atlas Air Compressor, it is showing on the display the word ” WAIT” what that means? Last week was running smooth, now it is doing nothing. any suggestion.

It’s waiting for the engine preheat. Check the preheat relay for operation.
If the relay is good, and it’s not operating, then the ECU may be at fault.

I have a xas375 that has INTERMITTANTLY come up with 0% fuel in tank at startup even though it’s full or half full etc. HAD FUEL SENDER REPLACED JUST IN CASE. STILL HAVE PROBLEM. MAY WORK ALL DAY, MAY WORK ONCE, MAY NOT WORK AT ALL. One day worked then wouldn’t sart mid day. brought to shop, tried again, no go. Unhooked from pickup, sat all night. Tried next morning It started. Pulling our hair out. Service center couldn’t figure out either. Yesterday finally showed unak “does not acknowledge fuel cell”. Anyone konow how to bypass this tank level sensor?… Read more »

Three things:
1. check connectors for corrosion/foreign matter.
2. make sure the sensor/tank have solid ground.
3. If that’s good, try running a separate wire from the sensor all the way to the controller input.

I have a 2012 Atlas Copco XAS 850 JD7 air compressor. On the control panel comes up Service Timer 1. Fluids are changed, nothing looks out of the ordinary. The engines runs and functions fine but the fault code litters the screen to be able to see fuel percentage and shut down time. Is there a way to reset this off the screen or something to be done to get rid of?
Thanks in advance

Xc2002 controller? Do you know the user password?

Yes it is xc2002 controller. I had bought the compressor used and was not given the password for the control panel. Might have to look into getting that as well

Afraid so. If bad comes to worse, you may have to get an A/C tech to completely reset it for you so you can set your own password.
Good luck…

Thank you very much for your time and help on that. Much appreciated

You’re welcome.
Happy to help.
Sorry the answer wasn’t what you were hoping for.

Hello, I’m a new owner of a 2012 XAS 185 7D. I can’t find a user manual for it with the John Deere motor. I’m trying to find out if I need to add coolant as there is none in the resivior.

You should look for the engine manual.
In general, though, there should be a small amount in the reservoir. Have you checked at the radiator cap? It should be at or near the top there

Ga132 fan motor converter fault 113

I have an atlas Copco XAS 85. It’s been totally gone through. Basically it will come up to pressure, but has very low cfm. By opening one air fitting halfway, pressure I’ll drop below 50 psi and sometimes surge or or just bleed down to about 35 psi. All the different valves And lines have been taken apart, cleaned, unloader verified, regulating valve checked, fluid and filters changed. The only thing noted is the accumulator had a good amount of sludge in it before servicing. Cleaned it all out and replaced with atlas Copco compressor oil. Wondering if the after… Read more »

I don’t have an actual manual for this, but, it has an aftercooler?
How long does it take to reach pressure right after you start it? Engine runs flat out at start and goes idle after that? And accelerates when you open service valve?

Ok thanks