Speedaire is the house brand of a company known as Grainger (www.grainger.com). Under their Speedaire brand Grainger offers a variety of products including a wide range of Speedaire Air Compressors. Grainger also sells a other brands of air compressors as well as a an extensive variety of industrial type equipment.

Grainger does not make their air compressors. Since they have been around a long time, over the years Grainger have had several manufacturers making Speedaire compressors and branding them for Grainger.

Nicely, almost rebuilt, speedaire compressor.

What’s here on the Speedaire air compressors page?

  • a bit of background about Speedaire and Grainger
  • info about domestic and international support for Speedaire compressors
  • steps on getting help from Speedaire tech support
  • complimentary manual download at the bottom of this page
  • library of Speedaire questions and responses
  • section for visitors to post their own questions about Speedaire air compressors

Some lower end and lower priced units are likely made offshore. Other, more industrial type Speedaire air compressors are reputedly North American made.

Looking for official Speedaire Compressor help?

You can get help with your Speedaire air compressor if you contact Grainger.

New 10HP Speedaire air compressor

New 10HP Speedaire air compressor

You’ll need your air compressor information to get help from Grainger. This is what you will need:

Somewhere on your Speedaire air compressor there will be a nameplate with a Grainger stock number. It will typically be a five digit sequence, similar to this: 8X123.

According to Grainger technical support this compressor stock number will always have a number, a letter, and then three more numbers. When you have located your Speedaire compressor Grainger stock number, your first step for help would be to contact your local Grainger outlet for assistance.

For U.S.A. Speedaire Compressor Clients

If you are in the United States, the URL for the the Grainger locations page is: www.grainger.com/Grainger/wwg/branchSearchRender.shtml .

For Canadian Speedaire Compressor Clients

In Canada, you will need to contact your local Acklands/Grainger outlet: www.grainger.com/Grainger/static/int_canada.html

For Speedaire Compressor Clients Outside N.A.

For Grainger outlets outside of North America visit: www.grainger.com/Grainger/static.jsp?page=int_markets.html and navigate to your country.

How To Get Help From Speedaire Compressor’s Tech Support

When you contact your local Grainger branch, tell them that you are calling about parts for Speedaire compressors. They will either help you themselves if that local branch has the skills, or they will patch you through to the same technical service people at Grainger that I talked to.

Please note that Grainger’s will NOT help you to change a Speedaire compressor part! If you are seeking help as to how to change a part or fix your Speedaire compressor yourself, they will not help. You are pretty much on your own, unless you post a question on this forum to get some help from other Speedaire owners.

Speedaire compressor help can, and will, help you find parts for Speedaire compressors, even some that are decades old, as long as you have located the compressor stock number and can provide it to their support people when you call.

Complimentary Speedaire Manuals To Download

If you still need help resolving a Speedaire compressor issue this page may help. Please have a look at the many postings below which cover such Speedaire compressor issues as…

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  • How to hook up my Speedaire
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… and that’s just a few of the issues addressed.

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