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Sanborn Air Compressors – Information, Manuals, Service Locations

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Sanborn air compressors are reliable and very trusted within the market. This page will provide you with information on the brand, where you can seek help, download manuals, and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Sanborn Air Compressor Information

Sanborn air compressors were manufactured originally by the Sanborn Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Minnesota. Their brand of compressor then was the Black Max air compressor. After some years Sanborn Manufacturing was acquired by Coleman Powermate, Inc.

Subsequently, the Black Max air compressor line was discontinued as the original Sanborn brand.

The Black Max then became the Powermate brand of air compressor. MAT Industries, LLC then purchased the Coleman Powermate plant in 2008.

MAT Holdings, Inc., is a $600 million privately held company supplying hardware, air compressors and automotive parts and accessories in North America and worldwide. MAT Holdings, Inc. is currently headquartered in Lincolnshire, Ill.

According to www.nujournal.com

You can get more information about MAT industries by visiting their site: www.matholdingsinc.com. Powermate appears to be offering the Sanborn air compressor brand Black Max again.

Then, in late 2017, there was a rumor floating around the internet that Sanborn / MAT holdings make the Kobalt air compressor brand for Lowes, too.

Tracking down information on the Sanborn compressor is quite convoluted. If you are seeking information about support for your Sanborn compressor, you could try contacting them at www.powermate.com to see if they can help.

Have an issue with your Sanborn air compressor? Need a little help from other Sanborn air compressor owners? Here is where you can ask a question about it and find support.

This is the Sanborn air compressors information page allowing owners and users of Sanborn, Black Max, or Powermate air compressors an online location to ask questions relating to their Sanborn air compressor operation or problems as well as to provide each other advice if they can.

Note, we also have a page dedicated to Coleman Powermate Air Compressors which you can visit here.

Sanborn Air Compressor Contact Information

The best way to contact with someone regarding Sanborn air compressors is by reaching out to MAT Industries, the global manufacturer of the Industrial Air and Industrial Air Contractor brands using the information below.

MAT Industries, LCC
6700 Wildlife Way
Long Grove, IL 60047
United States

Sales: 800-628-8815
Service: 888-895-4549
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, the Sanborn air compressor website here, and fill out their contact form!

Sanborn Air Compressors Manuals

The following Sanborn manual and parts lists are courtesy of site visitors that took their time to scan and send or email their electronic copy of Sanborn air compressor information to me for adding below.

If you have a digital file of any Sanborn, Powermate, or Black Max compressors, and would like me to make it available to all, please contact me for directions. Thank you!

Sanborn Air Compressor Parts

Some Sanborn air compressor parts are readily available on Amazon, like this regulator manifold repair kit.

A Sanborn pressure switch is suitable for pressures in the range of 95 – 125 psi and also has a four-port unloader valve.

Sanborn Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

If you could take a moment to scan the existing questions and answers below you may find an answer to your questions already there.

Can you provide advice for any of them? If so, please add a comment to that question. Can’t find an answer? Please scroll to the bottom of the page to ask yours.

Below are more pages with questions, answers, and information about specific Sanborn air compressors problems:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do they still make Sanborn air compressors?

In 1994 the company Coleman Powermate bought Sanborn and the Black Max air compressor name. Unfortunately, the Sanborn / Black Max compressor range isn’t sold anymore.

If you have any questions regarding Sanborn air compressors, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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