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Sanborn air compressors are reliable and very trusted within the market. This page will provide you with information on the brand, where you can seek help, download manuals, and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Sanborn Air Compressor Information

Sanborn air compressors were manufactured originally by the Sanborn Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Minnesota. Their brand of compressor then was the Black Max air compressor. After some years Sanborn Manufacturing was acquired by Coleman Powermate, Inc.

Subsequently, the Black Max air compressor line was discontinued as the original Sanborn brand.

The Black Max then became the Powermate brand of air compressor. MAT Industries, LLC then purchased the Coleman Powermate plant in 2008.

MAT Holdings, Inc., is a $600 million privately held company supplying hardware, air compressors and automotive parts and accessories in North America and worldwide. MAT Holdings, Inc. is currently headquartered in Lincolnshire, Ill.

According to

You can get more information about MAT industries by visiting their site: Powermate appears to be offering the Sanborn air compressor brand Black Max again.

Then, in late 2017 there was a rumor floating around the internet that Sanborn / MAT holdings, make the Kobalt air compressor brand for Lowes, too.

Tracking down information on the Sanborn compressor is quite convoluted. If you are seeking information about support for your Sanborn compressor, you could try contacting them at to see if they can help.

Have an issue with your Sanborn air compressor? Need a little help from other Sanborn air compressor owners? Here is where you can ask a question about it and find support.

This is the Sanborn air compressors information page allowing owners and users of Sanborn, Black Max, or Powermate air compressors an online location to ask questions relating to their Sanborn air compressor operation or problems as well as to provide each other advice if they can.

Note, we also have a page dedicated to Coleman Powermate Air Compressors which you can visit here.

Sanborn Air Compressor Contact Information

The best way to contact with someone regarding Sanborn air compressors is by reaching out to MAT Industries, the global manufacturer of the Industrial Air and Industrial Air Contractor brands using the information below.

MAT Industries, LCC
6700 Wildlife Way
Long Grove, IL 60047
United States

Sales: 800-628-8815
Service: 888-895-4549
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, the Sanborn air compressor website here, and fill out their contact form!

Sanborn Air Compressors Manuals

The following Sanborn manual and parts lists are courtesy of site visitors that took their time to scan and send or email their electronic copy of Sanborn air compressor information to me for adding below.

If you have a digital file of any Sanborn, Powermate, or Black Max compressors, and would like me to make it available to all, please contact me for directions. Thank you!

Sanborn Air Compressor Parts

Some Sanborn air compressor parts are readily available on Amazon, like this regulator manifold repair kit.

A Sanborn pressure switch is suitable for pressures in the range of 95 – 125 psi and also has a four-port unloader valve.

Sanborn Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

If you could take a moment to scan the existing questions and answers below you may find an answer to your questions already there.

Can you provide advice for any of them? If so, please add a comment to that question. Can’t find an answer? Please scroll to the bottom of the page to ask yours.

Below are more pages with questions, answers, and information about specific Sanborn air compressors problems:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do they still make Sanborn air compressors?

In 1994 the company Coleman Powermate bought Sanborn and the Black Max air compressor name. Unfortunately, the Sanborn / Black Max compressor range isn’t sold anymore.

If you have any questions regarding Sanborn air compressors, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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I have an old model SAMBORN Comp. 20 gal. tank and 2 hp elec motor. It has NO pressure regulator on it and the tank has one port for the air inlet from the pump, one port for the tank pressure gage. Attached is what the set-up should be but I am missing the pressure regulator /shut off switch set-up. The ports on mine are the same. Is this a special set up? The model #1048200.

Hi there… I’m in need of a maintenance service manual for a 84A100-22 .. I have had this compressor 12 years given to me and is going strong and like to give it a tune up … thanks

Hi I have the ability to get a Sanborn SL7006016 145psi 60 gallon [email protected] psi [email protected] psi for $150. Was purchased new by homeowner 15 years an ago for garage use. But last 8 years only sporadically filling tires etc. is $150 a reasonable price for something that is “said” to be in excellent condition. I have to lay this down so is it best to drain the oil and what oil is recommended if different then what the mfg calls for. Synthetic? Is there anything specific to inspect or if concern with this compressor other than it fills and… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Bill

im looking for the manual for A Sanborn Dial-O-MATIC
s silver bullet II

10gal motor HP 1 3.7 SCFM
Serial number G1000646


I have a sanborn aircompressor model 84 serial 1979. It doesn’t have any oil within the pump. What type of oil should be used and how much should be added?

Hey Matthew, you should use oil specifically created for air compressors – avoid motor oil like the plague. See the guide on Sanborn Air Compressor Oils here In terms of how much can be added – I don’t see your model listed in our list of manuals – that would be the first place I’d look – maybe someone here can share their manual. It is possible to determine without the manual however – as long as there’s a dipstick or oil sight glass – can you take some photos so folks can point you in the right direction? Here’s… Read more »

I just bought a Sanboarn mdel 84 model 112A 300-30 serial 12731. The pump is out of oil. What type of oil should I put in and how much? What can you tell me about this compressor? How do I tell if it’s working or not aside of turning it on once I have oil in it.

You can use synthetic non-detergent 30 weight. That’s what the SMCs used, except for the synthetic part…

I’m guessing this thing is belt drive. If so, slip the belt off and give it a few turns by hand after adding oil. It will resist, but shouldn’t make any grinding noises.

My high flow single stag air compressor 14cfm 90psi 80 gallon 4.6rhp will only make up to 50 psi of air and will not operate my impact gun as it use to in the past any suggestions I also checked my hose is free of kinks

That’s usually bad valves or head gasket, assuming it holds whatever pressure it gets to after turning off.

It holds the pressure at 50psi but runs continuously

Yeah, it’ll run forever trying to get to cut-off pressure. These things are not real smart.
You’ve got the chance of a leak somewhere between the check valve and the head in addition to something inside the pump.
If we knew more, like the make/model of it, we might have some more specific ideas.

i have a sanborn black max 500BPL compressor .do you know how much air per minutes the compressor produce ? thank you

That’s if the rings are good and no leaks, of course. At sea level.

Screenshot from 2022-08-24 15-12-42.png

Great. Thank you so much Doug

You’re welcome. Happy to help.

I have an OLD Sanborn Black Max air compressor, and that’s the only thing I can read on it. The model number and serial number are gone and about the only thing I can read on that label is that the motor is a 3hp. The air pump has two lines coming out of top and the tank looks like it was about a 20gal tank (tank is history – rusted thru in many spots). I’m trying to Frankenstein the motor and pump onto a 30 gal tank I have laying around. Got everything hooked up, to what I thought… Read more »


Would a one way check valve help this problem and then where would a line going to the needle valve come from ?

I have a Sanborn carry tank Model M5. The valve stem to fill the tank snapped off. Is it possible to replace or repair or do I have to purchase a new manifold? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don’t know what that is. If you put up some pix, maybe we can figure it out.

I was just given one of your compressors like the one pictured above, but when i hooked it up, it went all the way up to 175 :LBS of pressure which is way more than I would like. How can I adjust the output pressure ?

Uhm – does the regulator not work? Or are you asking how to reduce the tank pressure cut-out?

I’m looking for the way to reduce the Peak pressure it operates at .

OK, so you want to adjust the pressure switch down.

Start here:

If you get stuck, holler.

My neighbor just gave me his old Sanborn Black Max Model B07F350-13. He said when using it the knob assembly — Item 2a, Part No. 092-0011 — went flying across the garage. He found the knob, but not the spring 2b, or the washer or O-ring (whatever that is at (2c) just below the knob on pages 4 and 5 on the Parts Drawing and List). The diaphram assembly is there. Are these parts available anywhere: Lift knob (2a, 092-0011), long spring (2b, 055-0057) and the diaphram assembly (2c1, 155-0034)?

So you have the adjustment knob assembly, intact? I hope so.
The spring is not cheap but available.
I guess the slip ring is/was probably a nylon washer type thing. You can probably find or make something for that as it’s basically a bearing, not that critical.

If the knob assembly is not intact, you’ll have to figure out how to replumb the thing with your own new pipe and regulator design.
Good luck.


I have an older Sanborn that I can’t find any info on. Have sent emails to MATCO and Powermate with no response

It is a model v89a150-22. Serial #34601. 22 gal. 1.5 hp electric. Have found some numbers on pump. There is a stamp that appears to say 1372. Also what looks like DJOP. There is 4 stamped between cylinder heads

sanborn “v89a” parts
All the links seem to go to the same stuff, mostly Russia, which may or may not be legit.
looks like you’ll have to make any parts you need anyway.

Thanks. Need to rebuild compressor but looking like may have to replace

Yeah, unless you have a machine shop….

Would like to confirm rotation direction on a Sanbor 500A60. Replacing a frozen motor and can’t find an arrow on the pump pulley.

If there is no arrow, ccw facing the pulley.

I have a B500 and needing a new air filter

That could be a couple of things. Just google “sanborn b500 parts” and you’ll get some part places. There will be a diagram of the pump. Look at that to choose what you need. Once you get part number(s) you can further google that for a better price, maybe.

Air compressor blows circuit breaker in less than 10 seconds. Model SP1682066. 120 wiring. 20 amp breaker. 2 HP motor. Ran fine for several years. sudden problem this year. What’s wrong?

Guessing it seems to run OK (or maybe weak sounding) until it trips, you may have a bad run capacitor.

I have a Sanborn B07F 350-13 air compressor. it needs new parts in the torque knob / spring valve assembly. parts 2a & 2c inthe manual. Everything I find says these parts are no longer available. where can I get these parts? Or can I replace the system with another system available like this pressure switch set up like this from amazon?

I have a Coleman Model CL0504013. I am installing a cooler. The present transfer tube is 3/8 inch aluminum. Can I upsize this to 1/2 inch or will this affect performance of the unit? I am trying to figure out the types/sizes of connector combinations I will need going from -AN 8 fittings on the cooler to the transfer tube. Some sizes are more readily available in my area than others so converting to 1/2 inch may be quicker and easier. My apologies if I’m posting in the wrong section. I am having difficulty navigating this site. Thanks in advance

Using one of those automotive transmission oil coolers?
Anyway, there will be a small effect at the output, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Just try to do as little diameter change as possible. Chances are you won’t notice in any (reasonable) case.

Thanks Doug. Yes I am using a transmission/oil cooler. I will be sticking with the 3/8 tube as I have some laying around. It has been interesting trying to find the combination of connectors. I think I have the final two needed coming via Amazon tomorrow. Most of the parts, minus the fan, should be in by the weekend. I’m setting up to paint a fibreglass trailer using low-volume-low pressure Pressure Pot paint guns. Just having way too much moisture in the lines right now. My desiccant is saturated after just a short amount of use. From what I’ve researched… Read more »

Cool. Maybe you could do a little write up on what you found and how it worked for you.

<digression> I have not looked, but it just crossed my mind that there could be some sort of elastic sheet that could be put over the paint can to isolate the air from the actual paint.

Good luck.

I am trying to find to correct replacement motor. The compressor was given to me and was told the motor on it was a replacement and it would work properly. I believe the model number is G500B60L but it’s very faded and hard to read.

Probably a “sanborn 500Bl”
doodle it and see if that’s it. 5 HP

I’d ask for a pic, but it’s broken again/still.

I have a Sanborn 80 and it just can’t keep up with the sandblasting. It is good for less than ten minutes so basically a complete waste of money. Does anyone know if you can beef up or replace this little motor so it actually keeps up with sandblasting projects?

Maybe, What exact model do you have? Although I’d caution you’ll probably pay a lot for a bigger motor, and still not keep up.
If you’re doing serious sandblasting, you should consider a rotary vane or screw compressor. You may not get as much absolute pressure, but you’ll be able to get the CFM you need.
The only other alternative might be to get a few more Sanborns.

Sandblasting uses a LOT of air. Usually the tool that uses the most amount of air. How long did you want it to run to keep up?? Like Doug mentioned A screw compressor will have much more air. But will also be much more expensive. If you use a larger motor it will not make a difference, but with a larger motor you can spin the pump a lot faster, if you change the pulleys. With most compressors the pump is running at best longevity vs CFM. If you make it spin faster you will severely decrease its life. You… Read more »

I have a Sanborn SLA7006056 with a 755H pump. It is a well used compressor. It has been cold here lately below freezing. I walked into the garage and the 220 breaker was tripped for the compressor. ??? I reset it and the compressor fired up fine. It cycled and ran as normal. After a while working in the garage the compressor started, ran for 30 seconds, then I heard a clunk and belt squealing. I shut off breaker until I could look at it. I took the belt cover off today and the pump turns fine. Turn on the… Read more »

“Crank bearings siezing?? I am familiar with tearing down engines. Maybe a tear down and look??”
Sure – you’ll want to get gaskets for it, of course.
The clunk sounds like maybe a crank bearing?
Anyway, luckily looks like parts are available.

Good luck and let us know what shakes out, ‘K?
Pix are good, too…

Well, I got to take it all apart. Seemed to be in fine shape. New gasket set and put it all back together. Turned it on and a pop and a bunch of sparks flew out of motor. Pump spin fine when installed. I think motor was on its way out. Start switch was worn (inside motor). Cleaned up contacts and caps seemed fine. I think start winding let loose. New motor and runs great.

That does seem pretty conclusive.
Too bad about the motor, though.

I have a Sanborn model no. 500BPL60V and it is rated for 140psi. max. When it reaches 140psi. the unloader valve opens and the compressor continues to run! I don’t think that’s a safe operating compressor?! What do I do? Please and thank you!

Probably a bad or mal-adjusted pressure switch.
If you want, remove the cover of the pressure switch. There may be instructions for adjusting it in there. It’s supposed to cut out at 120psi.
If you don’t see how to adjust it, you can send a pic or three of the inside, and we can probably tell you what to adjust. Most likely it or they will be some round screw-like things with lock-tight blobs.

Thanks Doug in With your tip and a little deeper investigation I located both the kick-on adjustment screw and the kick-off adjustment screw. I set it to factory settings of 90-120psi and it works like a charm! Thank you again.

Yay! ?
Luckily you didn’t need to replace it…although that could be on the horizon.
BTW, the valve that let go was the safety or Pressure Relief Valve – PRV.

And you’re quite welcome – happy to have helped.

Good luck.

Sorry for my ignorance but what is the difference between the safety valve and the PRV? …and I’ve attached a couple of pictures too.

Looks like your pix got lost.
Anyway, just terminology. The safety valve = PRV.
It keeps the tank from exploding if the pump doesn’t stop when it’s supposed to. Also *may* keep the pump from breaking under stress.

Attached on behalf of Carey

Thank you Ashley Pearce for your help uploading these pictures. I couldn’t have done it without you!

…and for that matter, what’s the difference between the unloader valve as well? Thanks!

The unloader helps the pump start when there is pressure in the tank by releasing the air in the line between the pump and the tank. If it releases air and the tank loses pressure, the check valve located on the tank is bad.

I’m trying to send pictures…

Seems to be broken.

Paperclip asks for image, does some stuff, but doesn’t add image.


I’m seeing it work my end… leave this with me
Apologies for the delay!

I think you have it figured out, but just in case –
The unloader is the thing on the pressure switch that the quarter inch tube is going to. You can see the little lever from the body of the pressure switch that operates the valve.
Right below that, the thing with the pull ring is the PRV or safety valve, which it mostly to protect the tank from over pressure and possible explosion.

BTW, I love your pressure gauge!

Thanks Doug in You’ve been a wonderful help. And thanks for the compliment on my pressure gauge, I love it too! Btw, what is the difference in the two screw dials on the top of the switch? I thought the plastic one controlled the kick-in pressure and the metal one with the spring controlled the kick-out pressure. Seemingly not, because they both only seem to control the kick-out pressure. Is that how they work? Thanks again.

USUALLY, one is the cut-out pressure. Only.

Then the other one controls the differential between cut in and cut out. The differential is usually 30 psi, but you can generally get as low as 15 or as high as 40, depending on the switch. If there’s a part/model number on it, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and get the specs., probably.
But yes, they do interact because they are changing the relationship between competing spring tensions.

Thank you Stephen. I discovered the relationship between the two screws and that was exactly my problem.

Carey, sounds like the contacts on the pressure switch are welded closed (stuck on) the rest of the pressure switch is working as it should and releasing fill tube air at the end of a cycle but the contacts aren’t releasing like they should. You need a new pressure switch. This is why on all commercial grade compressors over 2HP they come with a magnetic starter that is included to avoid this from happening. An electric motor draws up to 10 times the FLA listed on the motor at start up. Example: a motor with 10 amps FLA listed on… Read more »

I have a Sanborn 5 gallon 2 stage air compressor
Model—021-0145 made 1994 serial # 455050
The compressor is leaking oil from the bottom.
Can it be fixed
If not how much is a new one

Anyway, that number doesn’t look good.
How ’bout some pix of the thing?

Your tank has lived it’s life, now to the scrap yard…

It is not safe to fix a corroded air tank but if you are going to do it anyways, do a hydrostatic test when you are done.


I have a Sanborn 104A200-22 2hp 22 gallon compressor that has developed a couple of pin holes in the tank due to corrosion . It’s about 30+ years old. If I was to try do repair it using screws and epoxy, what is the chance of a catastrophic failure of the tank? Alternatively Does anyone know of another tank that could be adapted? How about an Industrial Air IT20ASME 20 gallon tank $200 on Amazon?

It’s difficult to assess the extent of tank deterioration.
Best not to mess with it.
So long as you don’t modify the tank proper, you could use the auxiliary tank you mention, but a better choice might be more like the Campbell Hausfeld Replacement ASME Air Tank AR040700CG at summit racing, for instance.

Good luck.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

Thanks to all for this information!

I have a sanborn portable air compressor that i need a owners manual and parts diagram/list for repairs. Its a magna force 3/4 HP 8 gallon 100 PSI…The serial # H1550370 and Model is 44C75-8 115 voltage thats on the label. Would appreciate all the help I can get very much….

Here’s some specs, and a 44A75 pump, which likely has at least some common parts – all of which are obsolete. But it’s probably essentially the same pump. so scope it out and see if it’s any use.

Good luck.

Thank you

would anyone know when this air compressor was manufactured? Would still like to get some information about this model of air compressor.

I have a portable Sanborn air compressor, model 104B200-22, 2hp, 120 psi. Would appreciate it if someone could estimate it’s value to sell.

Depends on condition, just like cars. It’s a pretty good machine, so I’d think you might get 300 or so.

Thank you for this information, I had no clue. Any suggestions where to advertise it for sale?

You never know who’s reading the local ad rag, and you may or may not want to chance craigslist. You want to stay local driving distance, ’cause you don’t want to ship it.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for your help.

We are a nonprofit that acquired an in the box Sanborn V-Twin Cylinder Compressor pump 100 PSI, 960 RPM with 9″ OD Flywheel. Anyone know it’s value to sell on eBay?

Model? Pix?

Document shows 040-0129 Model 64, Flywheel is missing though.

May not have come with a flywheel. Not sure though, as the successor to this, model 64B is obsolete, and I can’t find _anything_ on *this* model.
Maybe try it at $100 obo plus shipping. See what happens. You never know who’s out there looking for what you have.
Find out what shipping will be – was it in a shipping crate?

The unit was in a fortified cardboard box. We’ll take your suggestion and list it at a $100 with a make offer option and see what happens. My guess is that this would be used for an air compressor.

The odd thing is the rating at 100psi. Usually it would be at 120. But 100psi does have its uses.
Good luck.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

what kind of an how much oil does a sanborn 44a100 14 take. it was manufactured in 1979. like to find a manual too. thanks

Good luck with the manual, I can’t find a free source, although lots of places *claim* to have it.

10 wt compressor oil (compressor oil). You can try synthetic – it’ll be good so long as it doesn’t foam.
It has a dipstick or sight glass, yeah?

yes. thanks

I’m wondering if there is any where to get a replacement 22 gallon compressor tank for a Sanborn 84A100-22. The unit runs great, but the tank has two small pin holes in it.

Not a direct replacement. True of almost any compressor. And they are not cheap.
You can look at horizontal tanks with plate and find some that might work, depending on if you want it portable.
Probably your best bet is to buy the cheapest new machine you can find, and either store your pump or replace the new one with it.
In other words, think a little out of the box…

Good luck.

the best way I fixed mine was to clean the area and used jb weld or u can weld it

Hi , I have a Black Max 5hp 60 gallon tank, model B500BPL60V , and would like to know CFM rating on this compressor ? To determine if this will be adequate for painting my car

Thanks Will

Here’s the spec chart. Bear in mind, if it’s at all close, your particular machine may not actually produce the spec’d amount. Do some tests for air quality before starting the job. You need clean and dry air or the job might be ruined.

Good luck.

Trying to find a switch 034-0091 for a sandborn bo7f350 or a universal replacement that will work with the regulator… switch died.

There’s an open box new one on ebay for 90 bucks.
I’d forget the pretty and just re-do the plumbing with a more common pressure switch..but I’m not you, so YMMV.
Good luck.

Hi.. I have an old compressor that has a Black Max sticker on it. The model and serial number plate is still there, but the printed numbers are no longer visible. The compressor pump locked up yesterday and I am trying to see if a rebuild kit is available for this pump, but that is hard to do without knowing what I am looking for! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help identify this pump? About the only thing I know about it is the information that is on the motor itself. The motor’s part number is… Read more »

It would sure help if you took pictures of it from both sides and added them in this thread as a comment. I sure can’t even guess what compressor you have without seeing it, Derek.

Sorry about that. I wanted to see if that was doable before posting photos. here you go – (link removed)

Please upload the photos here using the “paper clip” icon in your comment, rather than having folks visit another site to see photos. Thank you.

Here you go

Is the pump actually seized? Looks like maybe the belt is/was shot and just lost traction…

No… I just left the belt on there. When the pump seized, the motor get going and burned the belt up, throwing it. I just went out and double checked… I didn’t think I was that stupid 🙂 lol

OK, It just struck me as weird that the belt was still hanging on the pump pulley.

Looking for a Canadian source for replacement parts for a Sanborn 130 ~1995. Need a valve plate assembly 043-0142 and a base gasket 046-0263.

Not sure you can get one in Canada. Supply is short.
A couple of ebay sellers have them – maybe you should order from one of those while you still can…

Hi Andrew, I to am looking for a valve plate kit for a Sanborn air compressor in Canada. Just wondering if you had any luck. Thanks

I’m replacing the motor on my Sanborn BlackMax compressor model# B165B500-25. It had a Magnetek 8-18253-21 230volt 15A motor(probably 3.5 actual hp). I wired it up to run off my new generator, but ended up running it at 120volts. It of course burned the windings. Besides which my generator wouldn’t likely have been enough for the start up amps this motor needed. So I am replacing the motor with one that is 120/240 capable and is rated at 2hp. It is 15amps @120volts and 7.5amps @ 240volts. Can you tell me what the minimum voltage this motor can safely handle… Read more »

Maybe. Does your generator drive an alternator to directly provide output, or is there an inverter for output?
Better yet, what generator, exactly?

Also, for case of the fried motor, did you happen to check the loaded voltage? What gauge of how much wire was between the gen and the pump motor?

I ended up replacing the motor with a WEG one and am running it on 115v. I had to put a smaller diameter pulley on the motor to drive the compressor. All is well and oh, the wire guage was 10 guage.

So it’s it’s all sorted, then?
Too bad about the other motor.
Thanks for getting back to us.

I am hoping that someone can help me out. I have an Old Farm & Fleet Air Compressor which looks like it was made by Sanborn Manufacturing Co. I am trying to replace the Safety Valve and I am having a hard time finding a replacement.
Thanks for any Help

Is the rest of it stuck in the machine somewhere? You need to get it out and then you can replace it with a new standard one – 130 or 135 blow pressure.
If you don’t think that’s the case, please send pix of where it came from…

First I want to thank everyone who took your valuable time sharing information here! I was about to throw in the towel searching for information on my 44 Gal Single Stage Model G500BP44U. Almost 1:00am finding this I thought it was a dream ha ha. I purchased my compressor a few years back, didn’t know a thing about it but the gentleman gave me a great deal on it, one small business owner to another and just getting my shop up and running at the time. Long story short it had a few challenges & continues to throw tantrums here… Read more »

On behalf of all folks that work on, and more importantly, those that offer up their experiences and help on this site, we thank you, Christopher and we are certainly glad to have been of help!

Howdy, I just bought this Sanborn Magna Force 3HP 120PSI 22 GAL compressor and am trying to find as much information as I can about it. Unfortunately the tag is very worn. I am able to get all the information of it except the model number. I believe I have figured it out but could sure use some help confirming it. The information I have is: Model M109BL300-22 – Need confirmation Serial J2610085 HP 3 SP? L I think Voltage 115 Amp 15 Phase 1 Tank 22 Gallon Tank 120 PSI Rang 120/90-120 PSI Stage 1 Stage Could someone confirm… Read more »

Model M109BL300-22 – Need confirmation >That’s what it looks like, small chance it’s something else. HP 3 SP? L I think Voltage 115 Amp 15 >Yeah, SPL= small power lie 1 HP = 745.7 watts – I round up to 750 P=IE, or P = 15 x 115 = 1725 watts / 750 = 2.3 HP There’s phase considerations in AC power, but ignoring that, 2.3 is the maximum possible HP. You can just do a search for “M109BL300-22” and you’ll probably hit parts. I’m attaching a parts list. BTW, take a look at the one below – I think… Read more »

Can anyone help me identify the model of this Sanborn air compressor? I only have the serial number. Everything else is to worn down. I need to get a pressure release valve. Thanks.

(Post moved to Sanborn page – Moderator)

If you remove the present PRV, it will often be marked with the pressure rating. If not, then just add 5-10 PSI to the cut-out pressure and get one rated at that.
If the present PRV is opening before the pump cuts out, you might just need to clean the one on it now.
Good luck.

The pump looks like a Sanborn 130. Here’s a manual that looks close.

Hi Andrew. The upload was removed accidentally. Would you be kind enough to add it again? Thank you.

How do I obtain a Manufacturer’s Data report for a Sanborn machine Mounted air receiver?

Post was moved to the Sanborn page. Moderator

Maybe Sanborn, with a model/serial, but more likely from whoever is named as manufacturer on the tank itself, if I understand your question.

I need compressor pressure switch on model 104a- 200-22 ser 62106

While I cannot be absolutely certain as I cannot find an image of the pressure switch, I don’t believe that there is anything particularly unique about it, and you can use any switch that meets the criteria. What you are looking for is covered here:

Scroll down to the pressure switch page and have a look. If you still need help, please add a comment to this thread.

So do I and a pressure regulator knob

104a- 200-22 pressure switch and regulator repair kit are available.
Use your search engine.
Neither the pressure switch (US 73) or the regulator repair kit (US 60) HAS to be used. Both can be fairly easily replaced with off the shelf parts and in the case of the regulator, some plumbing.

Other than what’s in the ads, there are no parts for sale here, if that isn’t already clear.

Good luck.

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What is the air pressure in the tank?

If the tank check valve is not holding back tank pressure it will do this.

Someone has repowered it with a Champion pump. Sanborn never put a Champion pump on any of their units.

Part of the broken parts out of the old pump could be in the check valve.

When the pressure switch unloads, do you hear a faint pssssst and then it stops?

Hi Rocky, I am a few steps back from where your suggestions could help me. Sorry! I am however trying to repair what (in an earlier reply) I suggested was an irreparable pump blown by lack of oil (or lack of brain cells in the operator!)

I’ve disassembled the compressor pump and am trying to buy a new rod and a gasket kit – I will be starting a new thread to see if anyone can help me identify whether I need the “right” rod or the “left” rod for this champion pump.

Thanks for your willingness to help me!

I have a Sanborn rocket that when plugged in it doesn’t run but 20 seconds then shuts down.

Sorry, don’t know what that is. Do you have a model number? Failing that, some pix so we can see what it is?
Has it worked in the present location in the past?
Have you checked anything in the troubleshooting guide? What?

Looking to find a air pressure regulator control valve for model # B09J500-20 5hp 120psi. Did not see manual or parts list for this model. Thanks in advance

If you Google “regulator manifold repair for Sanborn air compressor” you’ll find some. Whether one will fit or not may depend on your ability to cobble up the footprint to take a larger or smaller version. However, the air doesn’t care, and as long as you can live with the result, go for it.

Thank You. I was able to apoxy the control knob back on at the setting I need so I can not adjust it but no need since I hit it at the setting I need. Everything else works great.

Well, that’s one way to do it…Was the knob stripped? And you don’t mess with setting, normally?

Hi and Thank you for this web page and help.

I am looking to find part # 092-0011 Knob Assembly for a Sanborn 3.5 hp 07FL350-20 Compressor. It appears that the part is no longer available. Does anyone know differently?

Thank you again, Mark Sands

PS here is a link to the PDF parts and manual for this unit.

Hey Mark, thanks for the Sanborn manual. It’s up on the page for all to download and use now. If you Google “replacement regulator manifold for Sanborn air compressors” as I just did, you’ll find a number of options, including entire manifold replacement if the offered regulator handles don’t suit. Good luck.

Thank you. I have been exploring the idea of a entire new manifold and regulator. The handle/ option on line is only offered in female thread application and I need a male application or and adaptor .. Again thanks for your reply .

Best Mark Sands

If the drawing’s right, you just need a nipple in there, right?
Depending on where you buy pipe and fittings, building a manifold may well be more costly than buying whatever you’ve found, if it fits otherwise.

I do not believe a nipple will work , it’s more like a bonnet,, Try to include a photo with this reply. But I don’t see it connected so hopefully you get it

Oh – sorry. I believe you are correct.
I thought we were talking about the manifold, but you’re talking some part of the actual regulator. My bad. Never mind. ?

Thank you for trying to help me out.
Best, Mark

Mark, I have the EXACT same problem with my Sanborn 3.5 Horsepower B07FL350-20-SWC Air Compressor. Were you successful in locating Part Number 092-0011 Knob Assembly? If so where did you find it? If not, did you find a suitable substitute. Please let me know. I do not want to scrap a working air compressor due to a broken Knob Assembly. Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen,

Like you, this is a work in progress. The short answer is not yet. I have not given up on the concept of somehow repairing the regulator handle. I tried completely covering the bonnet in epoxy to hold the adjustment knob in place, it worked for about three minutes and then blew the whole epoxy crown off the bonnet. I will keep you posted. Like in kind please do the same. Thanks for reaching out.

Best, Mark Sands

Hi Stephen , I hope this post gets to you, it is my 4th attempt. On my Sandborn model # B09J500-20 5hp 120psi. I Re-approached the bonnet – Epoxy idea , I have had Success! Bottom line – Used JB Weld Wet epoxy, molded over the upper threads of the bonnet ( bottom threads screw into the compressor diaphragm mount) Use a straw and some paper to keep the shaft clear of epoxy and make a new cap to hold the Brass adjusting screw. I did have to cut down the knob that connects to the upper part of the… Read more »

Mr. Sands, your earlier posts too have been approved. However, if Stephen is no longer visiting the page and has discontinued notifications, until he decides to visit the page again, he won’t see your latest. Thank you for taking the time to post though. If not Stephen, we expect others with benefit from your help. – Moderator)

Thank you for your replay, and I agree, if it can help another it is well worth it. I also thank you for this web chat platform as it has help me with my approach to the end result.
All my best, Mark Sands.

From all of us that contribute, you are most welcome, Mark.

Did you ever find the part #092-0011
I need one also

I’m having the same issue, did you find a fix?
thanks, Gregg

My recomendation is not too buy Sanborn Compressors. I have model SLA198301 for less than a year and the shaft between the piston and the motor snapped and they would not warranty it .I barely used it,only used to air up my tires.They tried getting me to buy the replacement kit for more than half of what I paid for the whole unit. The customer service rep was very rude when I finally was able too speak too one.My last compressor lasted me several years,this was my first and last Sanborn product that I will ever buy.

Can you verify that model number? I’m not finding it anywhere except on this page…


Unfortunately the problem wasn’t tight belts but lack of oil in the pump…in my trouble shooting I busted the insides of the pump irreparably – thanks for all of your help anyway! Real problem is I need a better brain!

Crud. Sorry to hear that.
Thanks for letting us know.

What diameter is the pulley on the motor of your 500A60? Mine is lost.

P.S. Motor bearings are sealed and cannot be lubed. Replace only.

Sounds like bearings are going tight. My motor bearings in my 500A60 went tight. TURN BREAKER OFF! Remove belt, turn compressor pulley by hand, then turn motor pulley by hand. Whichever does not turn easily is the problem. Bearings in motor can be replaced.