Determine make and model of Sanborn air compressor to find parts?

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I acquired a compressor and was told by original purchaser that it was a Sanborn air compressor 30 gallon, oiled unit, 110v…he bought from tractor supply some years ago.

There aren’t labels at all and I need wheels and filters, etc for it. How can I actually determine the brand and model, thanks Gavin M.


You might start by uploading photos of the compressor from all sides to let others see just what type of Sanborn you are asking about, says Bill


Sorry, absolutely… Gavin.


ISTR that was an Italian make, and perhaps made in Chine (like everything else). But AFAICT there are no parts for it. So you get to substitute or fabricate what you need, You may find this guideuseful:

Good luck and have fun. Go ahead and send pix if you’re proud of what you do to/for it! Doug from


Oh wow ok. I really appreciate the help and information. I’ve started making my own gaskets at this point. Had no luck finding anything locally or online. If it works great but if not great, learned a lot trying. Will pop for new/lightly used name brand model later. Gavin

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I am unable to read the model # and need to get the valve that connects to the pressure switch attach are photos of my Sanborn compressor


I believe you’re talking about the unloader. You’ll need to find the make and model of the pressure switch. From there, you may find you can get that valve alone, or you may have to order a whole new pressure switch with unloader.
There’s a section here on finding replacement switches. Chances are the one on there is no longer available, but doesn’t hurt to look.
Good luck.

how do I find out what pressure and year and the important information about my smc oil-bath air compressor model 84 serial 1978


I was recently given, I believe, a Sanborn air compressor. As you can see in the pictures, it’s caked with mud which I’ve somewhat removed. Unfortunately, under all of the mud, there seems to be layers of what I assume to be spray paint. I’m not sure as to what the original color is but I can tell you that I see red, black, and a teal (light bluish green) color present. I’m trying to rebuild it but have no clue what model or even brand it is. I’ve done countless hours of homework on it but have not come… Read more »


Dipstick for Sanborn 19m33-2

Looking for oil dipstick for a 19m33-2