Having an issue with Identifying An Older Air Compressor?

Air compressors have been around in one form or another since the dark ages. If you need help in identifying an older air compressor in order to try to source parts, find a compressor manual, or just get some online guidance on proper use and so on, this is the page to do it!

What’s on identifying and older air compressor?

  • archive of earlier postings about identifying various air compressors for your review
  • visitor interface to welcome new postings about identifying older air compressors – please note photos are a must
  • opportunity for all visitors to review the postings with many photos of various compressors and a comment section if you can help

To make it easier for your compressor to be identified, please add at least two photos, preferably four photos, one photo from each side. More photos of an older air compressor almost always leads to faster help.


Photo: Nicholas June 2020

No photo? Sorry, your posting cannot be approved for this page.

It’s very difficult to identify an older compressor, particularly one without identifying numbers, so in order to get your post approved for this site, at least one, and preferably more, photos must be added to your comment. Please click the “paper clip” icon when you’ve posted the words, and add the photos before you submit. Thanks.

Below there are a number of existing compressor identification requests already posted. As you scroll down the page to the new-question form at the bottom, please have a look at some of them. If you can help identifying another owners compressor it would sure be appreciated by all.



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