Info on a 1978 Sears-DeVilbiss-Doerr air compressor

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I recently inherited what appears to be a 1978 Sears/DeVilbiss/Doerr air compressor.

by J.W. Wooten
(Bulverde, Texas US)

The pump, a vertical, apparently single cylinder type is mounted on what appears to be a 15 to 20 gallon horizontal tank.

After visiting several DeVilbiss websites, I determined that in the location they give for the Model number of the pump, there is no stamp nor any plate. There is a smooth area there, at the base of the pump on the side away from the pulley, as though a Model Stamp could have been put there, but there is not one.

There is no Model number anywhere around the base of the pump where the pump mounts to the plate on top of the tank.

The tank itself has a chrome metal plate with the following information stamped on it. –

DeVilbiss, 150 psi @ 350 degrees F, max temp and pressure.

MFGS No. 000082101978.

On the opposite end of the tank from the pump, there is an electric motor with a Doerr name plate and the following: –
2 HP, 3450 RPM, 230 Volts, Motor Ref. R604935H783.

There is a plastic belt and pulley shroud which has a faded sears name.

The compressor runs good (we initially had an air leakage problem with the pressure regulator, but by simply adjusting it, the unit will kick off at 125 lbs and keep me at an operating pressure above 100 lbs.

I am remodeling an old farmhouse (alone) so I don’t make exceptional demand of the unit.

My problem stems from the drive belt which is extremely frayed and just about to part. It is an unusual belt and the pulleys on the compressor and motor are likewise unique (at least to me). The belt is 49 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide. It is flat on the back with grooves and ridges rather than a V or double V shape. There are five grooves and six ridges that mesh into five grooves and six ridges on the pump and motor pulleys.

The pulleys are flat faced as well except for these grooves and corresponding ridges.

The color paint scheme of the tank, pump and motor is black. I suppose it is possible that I could simply exchange the pump and motor pulleys for conventional “V” shapes and purchase a corresponding belt. However, I’d first like to see if I can find a replacement belt. Any information or help will be greatly appreciated.


Grooved belt source
by: Anonymous

grainger has several of the grooved belts.


Belt type
by: Woodworker

Sir: I looks to me like you have a serpentine belt on your compressor. Just like the ones on the newer cars and trucks. But they are usually about 1 inch wide.

I have an old sears paint compressor and it has the same belt. Not sure of the length. I know most auto parts stores sell the replacement belts for cars and trucks, I’d check there first.
Good luck

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Hello i have recently aquired a DEVILLBISS COMPRESSOR AND ALLOT OF SPARE PARTS WITH IT its still working all of it is its a 150 psi at 350°F MFGS 28102116 1981 CRN F0575 5 5 123467890YT

That sounds like it came off the tank. Not useful to ID the compressor.

I tried to add photos but they didn’t load.

I have a 30 year old, 30 gallon compressor I bought at Sears. I think it’s a DeVilbiss but not sure. I need to replace the pressure regulator but can’t find the parts.

By pressure regulator, do you mean the pressure switch that controls the motor, or the regulator that adjusts output pressure?
Either way, you’ll have to “creative”. post a couple pix and the model if you can, please, and we can make suggestions, probably.

II tried to load the pics in my prior post but they wouldn’t load. Probably the browser I was using.

Is the part in question the upper black pressure switch, or the middle regulator knob with the two gauges?

Uploaded on behalf of Gerald


Good day. I have also inherited a DevilBiss compressor. Mine is 125psi and 350 F. I am looking for an intake check valve. Any ideas?

Not sure what you mean by “intake check valve”. If you mean the one at the tank, you’ll probably have to substitute and possibly do some plumbing…
Post pix?

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Yes, main check valve going into tank. I had to order from Amazon and redo some of the plumbing. Thanks.

And thank you for letting us know.
Happy to know you got it fixed.