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Info on vintage air compressor

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by Walt

Looking for anything I could find on this vintage air compressor please.

I received this older compressor and was looking for anything I could find on it.

A manufacturer, model, re-build kit, old manual, anything I can get really.

Vintage Air Compressor
Vintage Air Compressor

It seems to work well, it’s just for tires around the house.

It fills the tank, slowly. I replaced the, heat damaged I believe, one way valve, which helped. The old one was stuck and would flow air both ways.

The line feeding the tank does gets pretty hot, although I haven’t measured it.


Looks like an old Champion pump.
by: Anonymous

Looks like an old Champion pump. Color and shape of crankcase along with fine pitch cooling fins are the clues.


Have one like it
by: Seth

I have one like it but it’s a three cylinder. No name or model number. It’s at a machine shop now getting bearings out.

Need help finding the smaller of the three piston and rod.


By Bill Wade

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