Any Ideas Who made this pump?

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by Evan W.

It is 2 stage / 4 cylinder; no obvious patent number visible, a hand stamped number ” A 16434 “.

It has barely legible casting numbers that kind of look like ” 433 – 158 “; and a casting logo that barely legible says “United Stated of America” … that’s it.

Who mfg. this pump?

Will appreciate your wisdom. Thank you.

Evan at techemail dot com



Evan, images went missing in the site transfer. If you get the chance, would you please provide them again in a comment below?

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Help identifying this compressor


Cant find one even similar to it. Bout togive up. Works fine

Could it possibly be a brunner?

Does anyone know this air compressor. Trying to rebuild and no name brand on it that I can find. I find the numbers 40 57 41 stamped on the crankcase but that’s it. Been in the family for 40 years and would like to keep it going.

If you posted pix, please try again.
If not, please post pix.

I tried posting pics a couple of times, I live in an area that connectivity is hit or miss so I will try to drive up the road and try again. I really need to figure this out and have seen nothing like it anywhere. Thank you and please keep looking when I get them up.

Here are some pivs


Looks like a nice machine. Could the pattern on the head be seen as “GD”? As in Gardner-Denver?
Maybe Roger will come by and know what it is. Sorry, I don’t.

Could it be a Brunner? I stumbled on some pictures that are the closest that I have seen so far.

A Brunner maybe?

Yeah, could be an A330 I guess.

Actually, I have it identified as an A2000 as per the brochure that I found. Any ideas on a parts source? I would love to freshen it up for the next 40 years. Also, any info on how to figure out the year would be helpful. Thanks for your response.

“an A2000” ? Check the rib count, I think there’s not enough as shown in your pix.
There may be some reference in the stuff above (or below), not sure. Also maybe in the Brunner section.
As to age, all you can cay it was (almost certainly) before whatever the tank is stamped. Of course the tank probably should have been replaced 😬

Ok, I will check again. The kicker for me was the air filter placement that comes from the side instead of the top. No dates on the tank that I could find but I wouldn’t count on that but it does look like it is the proper tank. Thanks again.

Can anyone help identify this pump please. It has a few sets of numbers but I have google the heck out them and coming up with nothing. Ive flip threw pictures trying to find one that looks like it nothing. I dont want to give up! Need service manuel and flywheel for it.


My first thought was refrigeration pump, because of the connectors. Then I see what looks like an intake filter, but can’t see where it goes. So maybe a conversion.
Good luck getting a manual, much less a flywheel.

I seem to be having a hard time with attaching my pics to this question. I will try once more. Any idea what kind of compressor this IS.? Who made it and when?


I hope these are better pics. Any ideas what it is?

Any idea what kind of compressor this is? No nameplate and numbers on side so faint unreadable. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

My husband got this compressor somewhere. We have no idea who made it or when. No nameplate and numbers on side are so faint unreadable. I have included some photos. Help!


I gather you have more pix. please try to post again.
These two are a bit too close – better to see all four or five sides of the whole unit.

Can anyone please help me out??? Is this a 2 cylinder or 4 cylinder? What make is it and what Kind of money could I get for it?

V-twin two stage.
It’s kinda like used cars – you get what someone is willing to pay, depending on condition.

This is a 4 cylinder pump used by many different companies. Made in Hong Kong I believe. It has many names and model numbers but one you can use is a Sanborn SC46.

Any idea what is the manufacturer of this air compressor pump I have?

Please help me identify this air compressor pump

This is a PAR compressor. Obsolete. No parts available afaik.