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It is hard to find information about Montgomery Ward Air Compressors. The consensus is that this company hasn’t been in business for 30 years or more. It seems even harder to find information about servicing them or finding parts for them.

On this Montgomery Ward air compressors information page please find information about Montgomery Ward air compressors, though much info is pretty scarce. On this page Here you will find issues posted and comments submitted about Montgomery Ward Air Compressors from folks that use them, and may have had some problems or some issues with them.

Montgomery Ward Air Compressor
Montgomery Ward Air Compressor

Download Montgomery Ward manuals:

If you should happen to have a Montgomery Ward compressor manual in digital form (even if that means you take a photo of each page and put them in a .pdf file) you can upload them to this site using the form at the end of the page. This will help all of us.

Before you add your own question about Montgomery Ward air compressors would you please take a moment to scroll down and read the existing postings below to see if your answer is already there? The troubleshooting pages on this site may help too, as they cover problems and solutions common to many makes of air compressors.

If you see a post that you feel might be able to add information about, please click the comment button and add your information to that post. We would all appreciate it.



More questions, answers and information about Montgomery Ward compressors found on this site include:

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I have an old Montgomery Ward Riverside model 61 9095. Serial number is 46 D 16347. Its missing the regulator but the motor and head seem to be in good working order. Could anyone help me find information about it?

Probably not.
But if it just needs a regulator, you put whatever you like on it.
If it’s actually the pressure switch, it probably needs a 90-115 or so psi one.
Maybe you could post a pic or three of it?

I have it all torn apart because i’m painting it. Here’s the compressor and a badge.


Well, something truncated my link, but if you scroll down to the fresh red one, that’s where it was supposed to point.

It’s really close to that red one with small differences here and there. For example, the top of my compressor has wider shorter hex bolts with a flathead slot in them. Mine is a Montgomery brand but maybe different companies shared or copied models.

Yes. At the time, both MW and Sears used quality pumps and other components, usually with little to no modification. The trick was/is figuring out who they sourced from. I think this might be a Quincy.
Check out these similar pumps:

That’s a good lead thank you! Mine is pretty similar to the Model FX-2 on that flyer. Please give many any other tips you might have!!

Yeah, I’ve been on here off and on for a dozen years and that’s all I’ve ever fount that had a decent image of any of the older Quincys.
Sorry. If you’re lucky Roger may come by and have a parts source for you.

I own a Montgomery Ward XER-6409 2HP compressor that was originally purchased new by my late father on 7/2/84 (still have the original sales receipt). Despite its age, the compressor remains in excellent physical condition and runs great with no issues whatsoever. I do believe that the crankcase oil might be long overdue for a change. The ‘Lubrication’ section of the original Montgomery Ward owner’s manual specifies to “…fill to the bottom of threads with a high-grade 10W-40 detergent motor oil.” Considering the age of both this compressor and those lubrication instructions, does this mean I can simply use a… Read more »


Need a 6580 Mont Ward Air Compressor motor 1/2 HP

You just need the motor?
You won’t find the exact motor. But if you’re sure it doesn’t just need a capacitor, all you need is match the HP, Voltage, shaft diameter, and RPM’s. Any of the compressor parts suppliers should be able to provide an appropriate replacement after telling them what you need it for.

I just stumbled across my owners guide and parts list for Montgomery Ward compressor models XER 6475,6476,6478,6479,6480,& 6481 (1 HP – 3 HP). I bought mine in the late 70’s. I was planning on selling on Ebay, but knowing how hard this info is to get, wanted to see if I can scan it, and make available on line for anyone that needs it first. (My retirement “project” is scanning and restoring old car ads ) Let me know who to contact.

Can you tell me about this air power system? I inherited it. Works pretty hood. Montgomery Ward 6318 115 volts 8.8 amps. Serial # 08270-793128. Thanks

Hello, Is someone going to respond to my previous question?

Probably be good if you let folks know what information about this compressor you need, Paul? Thanks.

Can ayone give me any info on its worth? It works great. The picture’s show all the numbers on it.

I bought a montgomery wards air comp no model number but serial #10108-851993 can you convert it to 1/2 hp 115v motor?

What’s your use case?
Is there an info plate on the motor itself? Pix if so.

I picked up a Montgomery Ward compressor the other day at a yard sale, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I have no idea how to identify it to get parts, other than the casting on the cylinder and the tag on the electric motor. Please help!! The guy had a larger model as well, and if I can get parts, I’d like to rebuild them both. Please contact me at (email address removed – moderator) if you have info. (Just a reminder that for this site to provide benefit to all compressor owners looking for info, having… Read more »

You may not actually need parts, but if you do you’ll have to either make them, or buy a part based on the size (bearings and rings). Gaskets you’ll need to make.
You might post some pix of the pump to

With any luck, someone like Roger will recognize it. Which may or may not help.

Good luck.

i just got my dad’s Power-Kraft Piston Compressor model: QBW 6584-A….any idea where i can find an owner’s manual for it?

You mean like this pic?
Nope. Unfortunately M-W went oob before the internet arrived, so didn’t get much in the way of docs.
There may be something on the pump, though, which is really all you *need* to know. The rest is generic.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

Montgomery Ward Riverside compressor pump Model No. FCI-619196 that would leak down after shutting down, but after a second look, there is a small line that comes from the compressor outlet on top of the small cylinder. The line attaches to a valve assembly on the shaft end opposite the flywheel. So it appears the compressed air from the remote tank is exhausting through that small tube attached to the compressor outlet. The line between the compressor and the tank has a moisture trap, a shut-off valve and pressure switch in it but has never had a one-way check valve.… Read more »

Pix would be helpful. Especially the plumbing you describe – Not too close, so we can see how it all connects.
Meanwhile, *some* pumps rely on the exhaust valves to check air from the tank, so it could be that/them.

Just picked up the 6557 model for $20. So far works great. Builds and holds perfect. The previous owner put an old sears reg and gauge on it. Great little compressor. Thanks so much for the posted manual.

You are most welcome. Glad the page provided help.

XER 6412 does anyone have a diagram of this one. It runs and pumps but like to know what to maintenance and where things like oil gets put for motor and does it have a adjustable pressure level or is it automatic shut off at 100 psi.

I was curious if you were able to find any information on the XER6412 model?

I’m looking for a manual on XER 6401 1/2 HP. I need to learn how top change the oil and locate the air filter

Not likely you’ll find one. If you put up a few pix of it, we can likely guide you…

I have an Old Montgomery Ward 1/2 HP Compressor. Runs Great . The Children would laugh at the sound it makes running . If anyone is interested I posted an ad for its sale on Northwest Connecticut Craigslist

You might want to add a couple of photos here too, Chas.