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When searching for parts information for Task Force compressors, I kept getting directed to: www.searspartsdirect.com . Go to this site, and input your compressor model number. You might get lucky and find the information you are seeking! On the other hand, if you don’t, this is the page for Task Force Air Compressors with information from owners and users, providing varied information and a place to ask questions.

As it relates to parts for Task Force air compressors, visitor Krys says that ” re: Task Force air compressor… I just ordered some parts from MAT Holding (Industries) 800-628-8815 ext 1 then ext 2. You might find this helpful.”

Task Force air compressor
Task Force air compressor

I checked the number, and it was for Powermate power equipment. I do not know their relationship to Task Force compressors is but if Krys was helped there, maybe you will be too.

If you have a problem with your Task Force compressor you can add a question about it at the end of this page.

If you have resolved any Task Force compressor issues yourself, please feel free to comment on other folk’s posting. We all would appreciate it.

Thank you for the questions and for all of those folks that contribute by commenting on a visitor’s question about Task Force air compressors!


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I have a task force compressor that won’t stop building air unless I unplug it.If anyone could help with part I need and where to get it I would appreciate it.
The model #is 37225 serial # is 007257.

That’d be the pressure switch. If you look around it, or maybe inside it, there’ll be a part/model number, likely a lefoo something. Just remove the old one and put the new one on. You may want to take pix of it before you disconnect the wires so you’ll know where they go on the new one.

Good luck.

P.S.: Noticed that some models just have a two-wire pressure switch on the tank. Not finding your model, so if in doubt please send pix of it, including any label that gives pressures and or (S)CFM.

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Thank You Ill check this out and let you know. Thanks Again

Well I called Task Force and the pressure control switch is not made anymore, and they couldn’t find one to switch out with mine. If anyone has any suggestions please leave a message. Thank you

Pix. Preferably from at least three or so angles, so we can see how it’s plumbed, and what space is available.

I’m sure there’s something that will work, perhaps with a bit of plumbing…

Thanks Doug here are a few pictures.

compressor parts

compressor parts

compressor parts

compressor parts

compressor parts

Yeah, they either lied or don’t know what they’re doing.
LeFoo still makes the LF10, it comes in many flavors. One thing I can’t tell from your pix: does the switch just have one threaded port (not the one with the tube) or are there four places on it to screw in pipes or whatever?
Knowing that I can give you a compatible part number.
It will require adjustment, but will work out of the box.

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I went online to lefoo your right they still make the LF10 I sent them an email and to ask where to order it they responded with well get back to you shortly.? so ill wait a couple of days.
But the answer to your question is yes just one port. Thanks Doug

This is the one you want. Because it’s common and cheap.

Once it’s installed, you will see it cuts in at 95 and out at 125, if it’s good. Then you adjust it to cut out at 135. That will move the cut in to 105, probably.

You could get the factory 105-135, but it’s like $40 and no reason for it, really.

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Thanks Doug I ordered it this morning should be here by Monday. Roy

I would like to know how to replace a pressure switch on a Task Force portable 77813 air compressor. To get the old one off I had to remove the 4 screws under the plastic cover and all the springs and little parts flew out. Didn’t matter because I was replacing the switch anyways, as the compressor wouldn’t turn off and on by the switch. Anyways, I got the new pressure switch (exactly the same as the old one), and when I attempted to put it on, found that no matter which way I turned it, it would catch on… Read more »

Their trick was to put the switch on first, I expect.

Your trick may be to get some creative plumbing and with nipples, unions and/or elbows simply move the switch up or out so it fits. My .02 cents worth. Anyone else?

Hmm, One of your efforts should have done the trick, or you missed one.
It seems that if you got the check valve off, the switch would be off as well.
Please send a pic or three of how it looks and we can probably help you, if you haven’t figured it out yourself by now. Maybe some pix of what runs into what that you’ve tried.

Looking for information to change a compressor hose for task force model 236545.

Dan, that model number doesn’t compute.
Can you add a pic or three of your unit and be a bit more specific about the hose you want/need to change?
I’m sure we can help you out…