Wander around the Lowes chain of big box stores, and along with many other types of air compressors, you will find a selection of Kobalt Air compressors. Kobalt is the Lowes store own brand of air compressors.

There is some information available on line which suggests that the Kobalt air compressor is made for Lowes by Sanborn compressors. If in your search for Kobalt compressors information you come across Sanborn parts information for your model of Kobalt air compressor, those parts likely are interchangeable.

For parts or service for your Kobalt air compressors visit this site: https://www.kobalttools.com/contact-us , and use the contact info found there to see if Kobalt can help with your Kobalt compressor problem. I hope they can.

You might check with the local Lowes store and ask where they would send any of their Kobalt air compressors for warranty repair, if they do not simply replace failed compressors and toss out the broken ones. That repair depot could be a good source for parts and advice about your Kobalt compressor.

Kobalt Air Compressor

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Kobalt 99007 / VLK1582609 Piston Seal Repair

I want to thank Anthony Shelton for posting, and providing, the following excellent video about repairing a leaking piston seal for a Kobalt air compressor 99007 or VLK1582609.

Following is a link to a .pdf of a Husky manual for your complimentary download:

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