by Dwayne
(Guyton, GA)

Have a kobalt 30 gallon tank with 2hp running on 120volt.

Replaced loader valve, pressure switch and the compressor.

The motor will run till it fill the tank up. then when the air get low it try to run but, it trip the reset.

New Kobalt air compressors for sale
New Kobalt air compressors for sale

Check the start capacitor tested at 250 and the other at 40. Both read good.

What else can I do?

thanks Dwayne


Kobalt tripping reset
by: Bill

Is this a new compressor issue Dwayne? In other words, it just started happening but wasn’t before when you used this same compressor in the same location with the same outlet?


Reset tripping
by: Dwayne

Its is a new compressor. The old one lock up.


Boy, that must be annoying, having to change all those parts on a new Kobalt compressor.

It were me, I’d probably have taken it back under warranty and asked for another.

Your old air compressor, it was plugged into the same outlet, yes? What was it and what was the HP on that motor?

You see, I’m wondering if the power supply to the outlet – particularly if it is far from the panel – may be compromised a bit.


Kobalt reset
by: Doug in

Sounds like the check valve, but I’m with Bill – if this is the second bad one, get your money back and buy something else.


Kobalt Compressor Tripping
by: Anonymous

My Kobalt compressor also kicks out constantly. It sometimes will get to the shut off pressure but not usually. I purchased it and since I had another compressor, I didn’t use it for months. It was past warranty before it was other than a trial run when I first got it home. When it shuts off it’s usually not up to pressure and then after reset, it shortly kicks out again…. I should have known better than to buy this brand. Lowes sells some decent but a lot of low quality tools.


Kobalt Compressor tripping reset
by: Anonymous


Are you getting enough power to it?

No extension cord?

Depending on model, it may have a run cap. Those can be/go bad, and also sometimes become disconnected. Worth some quick checks.

Start by looking at the pages on the troubleshooting page about compressors that are tripping resets.

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