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United States Company Information

There is very little information to be had about the United States air compressor company, of Cleveland Ohio, on the internet or anywhere else it seems.

I’ve created this page as folks keep writing in about this compressor brand, asking questions and seeking answers.

United States air compressor company
United States air compressor company Photo: https://www.museo-fisogni.org

One place I found a bit of info, and the photo above, is the Museo Fisogni located in Italy.  Founded by Guido Fisogni in 1966 and in which is found the most complete collection in the world about the service station (Certified Guinness World Record) equipment, including venerable air compressors. Use the link to pop over to their site and have a look. Very nice!

If you are an owner or user of a United States air compressor and you can offer advice on the questions below, it would be much appreciated.

United States Air Compressor Contact Information

Though it appears that United States air compressor are now permanently closed, they could be contacted by the following address and phone number.

5004 Torrington Ave,
OH 44134

T: (440) 885-4480

United States Air Compressor Manuals

If you have any manuals that you can digitize (take a bunch of photos and paste them into a document, save as a PDF) you can upload them using the form below and I’ll post them here for folks to have.

United States Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

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Pressure switch for a United States air compressor

Identifying United States Air Compressor

If you have any questions about United States compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!