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This is a venue for owners to ask for advice relating to their use of the Ingersoll Rand T-30 Air Compressors only. For those with experience with this IR model of compressor this page offers an opportunity to provide help if they can.

IR is a powerful worldwide provider of air compressors, air tools, air preparation equipment and other products, and has been for decades. Ingersoll Rand T-30 air compressors are sold through experienced fluid power houses and also by a direct sales force and the compressor comes with a range of accessories and configurations.

If you are seeking advice about your IR T-30, the primary source for information about the IR T-30 air compressor is IR. Contact information is:

Energy Systems (IR)
800A Beaty Street
Davidson, NC 28036
P: 877-IR-POWER (477-6937)
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://energy.ingersollrand.com

Ingersoll Rand T 30 Air Compressors
Ingersoll Rand T 30 Air Compressors

For more information and to access manuals, you can also visit www.irtechpubs.com for all tools, fluids, and air product manuals and technical documents.

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