Need Information About A Different Brand Of Air Compressor

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Do you need information about a different brand of air compressor, one that is not currently featured on my website I already have quite a library of information about different brands air compressors on this site and if you are not sure if your brand is listed, you can see this page for the list.

Over the many years of this air compressor website, compressor brands have come and gone. Plus, almost every big box store now has their own brands. My home area is North America, and there are lots of air compressor brands in other lands that I (but not others) may not have heard of.

Older air compressor
Older air compressor

Perhaps you need a manual for a compressor brand not currently listed, or have a problem with it, or not able to understand how something on that compressor works?

Regardless, this page is here to help yourself and others when you need information about a different brand of air compressor, one not currently featured on this site.

Post your request via the form at the end of this page.

Existing requests for information about other brands of air compressors:

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Need manual for Lacer-Hallett compressor Model E

I have a 1936 FERO Air Pump made in Pennsylvania. There used to be a web site with pictures by Arnie Fero who’s grandfather won the contract to supply GULF service stations with air compressors. Mine works perfectly, and it came form a GULF station in Palatka, Florida. I have had it 35 years. It is a 2 cylinder compressor on a vertical receiver. It is quiet and turns only 360 RPM. I would like to share information with any other FERO owners out there. 100s of these compressors were made so I know they are around !. Some are… Read more »

FERO Air Pump Feb 9, 2011 002.JPG
FERO Air Pump Feb 9, 2011 001.JPG
FERO Air Pump Feb 9, 2011 003.JPG
FERO Air Pump Feb 9, 2011 008.JPG
FERO Air Pump Feb 9, 2011 009.JPG

Hi all,
Would love some help with and old Australian made air compressor, I am missing the electrical switch gear, which is no big problem electrically, but from the swich gear there is an air hose with the remains of a valve on it,(on the switch gear side) which goes up to 2 larger valves on the compressor heads, I dont know what these valves need to operate currectly,
Please see attached,
Any help appreciated,

Those are unloader valves on the heads. The stuff on the box is the pressure switch. The line from the valves goes into another unloader valve in the switch (probably/usually). The usually larger connection on the switch should be connected directly to the tank so it can see the pressure in there and control the motor on/off; In this case, it may be the small line from the tank in the first pic. The power for the motor is supposed to go through the contacts on the part of the switch nearest the tank in your pic. Check out the… Read more »

I have a amican brake shoe compressor model ge140 ser d221281 patent num 4065237 need to know what size motor to put back in, how old is it?

Eilert's air compressor

What’s on it? Why replace it?
There’s probably a stamped or welded label on the the tank for a clue how old, but it is old….

I am having a lot of trouble finding parts for my Smith 100gp tow behind compressor…specifically a carburetor. Any idea where to get this? I can’t find anyone that knows anything about these compressors.

Post moved to this page.

Bill: Maybe redo the existing Smith tow behind page and add manual?

Shelly – its a Ford 302. I’m attachng a manual.

Shelley and Doug. This post and thread has been moved here:

Looking for info on a horizontally opposed cylinder Keystone Compressor
serial# S6119 manufactured by the Keystone Compressor Co. in Philadelphia, PA
Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

Post moved to this page. Moderator.

Jaeger Commercial Air Compressor. Model B four Cyl. Rotary Compressor.

Where to find parts. Not motor parts but all the other stuff.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looking for information on a Monogram air compressor made by Monogram Electric Products in New York. It is 2hp , dark green color , looks like about 40 gal. tank, maybe 1970-80s.

  Thanks for taking the time to try and help me find out more about this Air end. I need to have it reworked. Any information you can give me on it would be great.

This is the information I have on it.
The air end was in a Fargo screw compressor. Model number FST-20. The air end has some numbers punched into it.  On top MCR-18-60 is punched, C1661551 is cast into end plate. 1661551 is also stamped in the end plate.

I have added photos for you to look over.
Thank you in advance. Thomas

I have a master power by cooper tools air compressor model mpac520p and the red regulator knob is broken. I’m looking for the part if anyone can guide me to any source that may sell a replacement aftermarket part.

This, unfortunately, is a pretty common problem. We’ve generally not been able to find parts for regulators, especially when built into a manifold as is this one.
One option is:

Another option (which I can’t find the example of) is to cut the regulator portion out from the manifold and tap it for pipe to fit a replacement regulator. It’s cleaner but probably impractical if you don’t have the tools. Or a friend who does….

Sorry. Good luck.

Bottarini 7.5 KW air compressor

hi, I have a Bottarinin 7.5 KW compressor. The air pressure is low and I am not being able to increase it.
Can I know what should I do.

Hello Punjabi. I moved your post to this forum. I have looked and looked but can find no information on your Bottarini 7.5 KW air compressor, as I wanted to add a photo here for others to see what this make and model looked like. Perhaps you might add a photo or two in a comment on this thread? As to not being able to increase pressure, do you mean that the compressor runs, raises pressure to a level below the normal cut out, and then continues to run, or do you mean that the tank pressure has reached cut… Read more »

I have a Jacuzzi Bros. model 22 single cylinder air cooled air compressor, and it is tied into a public water association, so I need to change out the oil, it needs to be a food grade oil, can you tell me what and where I can get the proper oil for this compressor.
Thank you

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