Mastercraft air compressors are the house brand of a nation-wide, Canadian company that markets a broad range of homeowner and light industrial tools and equipment, all under the Mastercraft brand. The basic brand – Mastercraft – is their name for their household type tools and equipment. If you are seeking equipment that’s more industrially oriented, you would look for their Mastercraft Maximum line.

Mastercraft air compressors can be acquired at the Canadian Tire stores chain found throughout Canada as well as online in Canada and in the U.S.A., compressors that I suspect were “job lots” purchased at a discount and sold in other outlets.

A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor
A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor

Canadian Tire also sells a few models of their MotoMaster air compressors. These used to be 12 VDC compressors designed for airing-up tires, and were, essentially, a consumable. Use it until it breaks then toss it out. More recently they have started offering MotoMaster compressors in larger sizes, with 120 VAC motors and larger pumps.

Canadian Tire, like other big-box type stores, does not manufacture their compressors themselves. They have companies around the world manufacture Mastercraft and Motomaster air compressors, private labelled for them from a variety of sources, often Asian, and the actual manufacturer of the compressor acquired may be different from one that was acquired at a different. The common denominator is, of course, who is the cheapest manufacturer.

Canadian Tire big box style stores offer little, if anything, in after market compressor parts for the compressors they sell. If you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor and you have owned it long enough that it is out of warranty, good luck getting parts for it.

You can try contacting their customer service desk at this URL: . Odds are good though that they will not be able to help in getting compressor parts and the employees will likely have little knowledge of the products they sell.

You could also try asking a store clerk where you purchased your Mastercraft compressor if they send compressors out for rebuild under warranty and then contact that company for parts. I suspect though that when a low-cost compressor comes back under warranty, they simply give you a new one and junk the returned compressor rather than trying to fix them.

That brings us to this page. This forum may help. You can use this page for Mastercraft air compressors to get help from folks that may have posted the same issue and had it responded to, or post a new comment or question and request some help with whatever issue a compressor may be having.

Mastercraft air compressors are inexpensive

By and large Mastercraft air compressors are cheaply made and cheap to buy. On sale, you can often purchase a new one for under $100. With a retail price for a compressor at that level there is nothing in that price to cover any costs relating to handling the shipping of compressors out for repair, for stocking parts, or for employee training in compressors. You get what you pay for.

Further, from one year to the next it could be a whole different company making the Mastercraft air compressors for that model year. Compressor shapes, sizes and capacities seem to change often, as Canadian Tire adapts compressors and prices to meet the changing needs of their market.

When you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor then, this forum is a good place to try to find information and parts sources. This forum will provide troubleshooting tips for Mastercraft air compressors and complimentary download of manuals that other Mastercraft compressor users have been kind enough to provide. If you have one, you can upload it in digital .pdf form and it will be added to the list for others to download at no cost.

Do look at the troubleshooting pages on this site for tips on problems common to many brands of compressors including Mastercraft and Motomaster. If you cannot find an answer for your compressor problem, then post a question below.

Mastercraft Compressor Manuals

Click the link to download any of these manuals to your computer. After download, save it so you have it for future use.

Click here for a Mastercraft 5 gallon air compressor recall notice from 2018.

Thanks from all of us to all of you who help with information and advice about Mastercraft air compressors.


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