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Mastercraft air compressors are the house brand of a nationwide Canadian company that markets a broad range of homeowner and light industrial tools and equipment, all under the Mastercraft brand.

This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals, and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Mastercraft Information

The basic brand – Mastercraft – is their name for their household-type tools and equipment. If you are seeking equipment that’s more industrially oriented, you would look for their Mastercraft Maximum line.

Mastercraft air compressors can be acquired at the Canadian Tire stores chain found throughout Canada as well as online in Canada and in the U.S.A., compressors that I suspect were “job lots” purchased at a discount and sold in other outlets.

A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor
A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor

Canadian Tire also sells a few models of their MotoMaster air compressors. These used to be 12 VDC compressors designed for airing-up tires, and were, essentially, consumable. Use it until it breaks then toss it out. More recently they have started offering MotoMaster compressors in larger sizes, with 120 VAC motors and larger pumps.

Canadian Tire, like other big-box type stores, does not manufacture their compressors themselves. They have companies around the world manufacture Mastercraft and Motomaster air compressors, privately labeled for them from a variety of sources, often Asian, and the actual manufacturer of the compressor acquired may be different from one that was acquired at a different. The common denominator is, of course, who is the cheapest manufacturer.

Canadian Tire big-box style stores offer little, if anything, in after-market compressor parts for the compressors they sell. If you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor and you have owned it long enough that it is out of warranty, good luck getting parts for it.

By and large, Mastercraft air compressors are cheaply made and cheap to buy. On sale, you can often purchase a new one for under $100. With a retail price for a compressor at that level, there is nothing in that price to cover any costs relating to handling the shipping of compressors out for repair, for stocking parts, or for employee training in compressors. You get what you pay for.

Further, from one year to the next it could be a whole different company making the Mastercraft air compressors for that model year. Compressor shapes, sizes, and capacities seem to change often, as Canadian Tire adapts compressors and prices to meet the changing needs of their market.

Mastercraft Contact Information

You can try contacting their customer service desk at this:


Or their online customer support line: 1-866-746-7287

Odds are good though that they will not be able to help in getting compressor parts and the employees will likely have little knowledge of the products they sell.

You could also try asking a store clerk where you purchased your Mastercraft compressor if they send compressors out for rebuild under warranty and then contact that company for parts. I suspect though that when a low-cost compressor comes back under warranty, they simply give you a new one and junk the returned compressor rather than trying to fix them.

Mastercraft Air Compressor Manuals

Click the link to download any of these manuals to your computer. After download, save it so you have it for future use.

Click here for a Mastercraft 5 gallon air compressor recall notice from 2018.

Mastercraft Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

When you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor then, this forum is a good place to try to find information and parts sources. This forum will provide troubleshooting tips for Mastercraft air compressors and complimentary download of manuals that other Mastercraft compressor users have been kind enough to provide. If you have one, you can upload it in digital .pdf form and it will be added to the list for others to download at no cost.

Do look at the troubleshooting pages on this site for tips on problems common to many brands of compressors including Mastercraft and Motomaster. If you cannot find an answer to your compressor problem, then post a question below.

Additional Mastercraft air compressor questions and answers are linked immediately below:

Mastercraft FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the warranty on a Mastercraft air compressor?

Mastercraft air compressors all come with a 1-year warranty offering tune-ups and the replacement of critical parts that have worn beyond reasonable use due to the normal use of such products. As well as continuing to have a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for up to 3 years.

Where are Mastercraft air compressors made?

It appears that Canadiantire has their house brand Mastercraft compressors built in China and then shipped over for distribution.

If you have any questions about Mastercraft compressors, please leave a comment below, with photos if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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Any one have leads on a new or salvaged piston head cover?
Model : 058 8381 8 3 gallon
Part: 3310250-1

Everywhere has been a dead end…greenworks has everything but this.


Actually the head, from the look if it. You probably can’t find it because it appears to be a poor design. If you have the broken piece you might try sticking it back together with some sort of reinforcement.
Good luck.

Thanks…yeah I guess greenworks has discontinued it. M and d lists it as a $4 part and has in stock…but $40 in shipping and handling then totals $64 after taxes and rate conversion make it ridiculous to consider ordering. So looking for broken machines to salvage…I’m sure there’s lots out there due to your point…thanks

Ouch. Maybe you can find somebody who can pick it up and forward it to you?
You’ve also looked on the river and the bay?

Yeah…the bay is the same… but part jumps to $13 US and shipping is still unbelievable for how small and light it is. Right now just combing through local buy and sells and marketplace. There’s bound to be a broken unit for sell cheap somewhere.

Shipping – where are you?

Ontario Canada…

Sorry, I got busy…I’ll look into that and see if I can get it cheaper for you. Shipping that is.

Where can I get parts for my 20 gallon air compressor. Thanks

At the 20 gallon air compressor parts store. 😉

Seriously Randal, it depends on what parts you need, for what make/model of compressor.

Parts not internal to the pump are usually off-the-shelf things. Internals may or may not have EVER been available.

Looking for a replacement cover for motor and control fora Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor.
058. 8744/8
not sure what these numbers relate to

Does the Mastercraft 3 Gallon compressor have a check valve?

I don’t know for sure, but compressors relying on the pump valves to provide that function are rare and generally expensive.

I have a Mastercraft 3 Gallon compressor with a pressure problem. Starts up easy, with plenty of air pressure from the outlet tube to the tank but no pressure buildup. Continues to run getting very little air into the tank.?

You likely have a bad piston ring. If whatever pressure you do get bleeds off after turn off, the check valve may be bad, or the unloader, if it has one, may be staying open while it’s running.
An exact model number would help us decide…

Looking for a replacement braided line 12″ in length with what appears to be 1/2″ threaded fittings on either end. Line runs from pump to tank on a 4.6Gallon 1.0 hp Maximum branf twin tank unit. Model SP9413

Canadian Tire is no help?
If you have the old part, I’d try taking it to a plumbing store and see if they have something. Depending on the actual threads, you may be able to use a water line hose.
You can look online, too, but you’ll need to determine the threads.
Good luck.

5 gallon stacked MotoMaster compressor
058-7948-6 Looking for the aluminum fitting inside the regulator valve or the entire regulator part.
Any place I can look to find that? I’ve searched until I’m near crazy.

I’m going to postulate that you’re talking about a MotoMaster 058-7949-6.It’s not a MasterCraft, but might actually be made by the same Chinese company. Anyway, the short answer is no, sorry. But: [1] You can try finding other makes of compressor with a similar regulator, check if parts are available, and take a chance on something that looks like it’ll fit. [2] You can try to cut out the regulator, thread or tap the ends, and insert some standard regulator. [3] You can replicate all or part(s) of the manifold with pipe, and a standard regulator. Take a look here:… Read more »

Hi Bill, I got an 11Gal Mastercraft with LCD control. The motor runs good but the LCD control doesn’t work, won’t open valve to release air. Do you know anything about this model? or know where I can get a user manual? Thanks in advance.

I’m trying to find a replacement piston for my 30 gal maximum air compressor. The warranty just expired & no-one seems to know where to contact for a replacement from CTC.

Sorry, what is a “30 gal maximum air compressor”? Is it oil-less?

I’m looking at a Rigid or Porter 6 gal pancake. I have a Home Depot gift card I need to use.

Hi Joe. I also will be looking for a new compressor. I am entering each model in google and asking how many db that model makes. the Porter Cable 6 gal pancake model makes 82 DB but gets reasonable reviews . I think it weighs 30 LB . I am looking for the California air compressor at 62 DB but have not looked for a dealer in Canada yet. Steve

I’ve got the mastercraft 8381-8 model. It won’t go beyond 40 psi. What parts may need replacing? I don’t see a reed valve in the parts list.

Yeah, looks like maybe the valves are part of the head (part/assembly). I’ve not seen one of these in person – could you send some pix of the broken parts?.

Looks like the piston ring was broken.

Photo of the head

Hi Joe. If you look at my question site Steve Madden you will notice I have the same compressor. You can see my ring and piston/bearing are toast. Unless we can both find a parts source the parts can not be found as I know it. Having said that my cylinder and head look okay . If you have an interest in my parts we can work out a price CHEAP. You would need to pay for shipping from PEI to ?? Or I could buy your piston and any parts of your ring. Choices?? In any case make sure… Read more »

These guys are the manufacturer of this mastercraft unit. They have some parts but not the piston ring I need.
Kimberley Hughes | Call Center Assistant Manager
Office: 1-888-909-6757 ext 251 |
Greenworks Tools Canada Inc.
Email: [email protected]

These guys carry some of the parts. I’ve emailed them to see if they have what I need.

Here’s another option.

I concur. ?
Looks like you may have to improvise. I don’t find that part after some searching.
Good luck.

Hey Doug I do not want to hi jack Joes comment site but it seems like now there are two of us plus you looking for these parts .Thanks for your help Steve

Not hijacking if you have pertinent info.
Please let us know if you find a parts source.

Hi Doug and all the other readers that visit this site seeking information about air compressors. I took some time searching out my parts for master craft and did not find any source. So I went on a compare compressor brands test. I looked up specs on DeWalt/porter cable/bostich and ridged (ridgid) … home hardware brand. I did not include master craft as they are not available all over north America but the other brands mentioned can be found at most hardware stores. I took into account lowest noise level /weight/buying cost / warranty/psi/ parts available if you have a… Read more »

If you did a spreadsheet, you could post it…

But I would not be surprised in the least if these all come from the same manufacturer (or blueprints). The difference in price is the built-in warranty, and parts availability. IMO.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

got my new piston ring today. This is the Black split ring. Part # 3490150. $20 all in with shipping but I’m back in business! I called 1 888 909 6757. The invoice shows it’s from Tel 1 866 206 0888

Check and see if the transfer tube is broken.

Hi Joe. If you are thinking about buying a new compressor how about selling me your old piston and ring? I would be a little closer to repairing mine . If that works for you simply unclip it at the bearing shaft put it and the ring in a post blister bag and send it to me. Include in your note to me your price and shipping costs and I will email the money once you agree to send it . Thanks Steve

I’m still hoping to repair mine. My piston ring is broken. That’s the part I need most. The folks at green works said that was the only part they didn’t have (go figure). They have all the other rings in that area but not the one that actually goes on the piston.

If you can figure out the dimensions, I suspect if you google “piston rings” you’ll find a number of sources. Ask them for one that is the same dimension as yours. Compressor companies don’t make piston rings (at least low cost compressor suppliers don’t) and therefore, they buy them from a manufacturer, just like you can.

How are they measured? Inside diameter or outside diameter. Looks to be around 25mm inside and 30mm outside

Measure O.D., I.D., width, thickness and anything else unusual if anything. Then just use those dimensions in the Google search, or just search “piston ring suppliers” and contact each with the dimensions you have.

The existing ring feels like plastic or rubber?

It may be a composite. If you google “composite piston rings” as I just did, you’ll find many suppliers. The key is to find the ring that fits, and if it’s suitable for a compressor pump. The ring manufacturer can tell you that. The issue becomes how much time and money will you want to spend on repairing a fairly low cost compressor?

Understood. I have a personal shortcoming. Waste a little time. Waste a little money before discarding and buying new. I do it with everything.

🙂 You are not alone! Good luck.

Hi Joe. Steve here. So I phoned the number Canadian tire head office sent me by email and they ask for the product number with the dashes in the proper places. I ONLY HAVE A LAN LINE NOW SO WAS UNABLE TO ENTER THE EXACT PRODUCT NUMBER. BUT THE MESSAGE I WAS SENT ONLY SAID WHEN PROMPTED to put in 588381 which did not work so I stayed online waiting for a rep to answer BUT because of the virus there is nobody answering and they hung up! I am sending you the number I received by email as it… Read more »

I found this site very helpful. But I was surprised that I did not notice a parts source site but I may have missed it. Steve

Does anybody know of a cross reference sheet to compare other brands parts to CT. brands? And how about used parts I have or you have that we can all repurpose ?

CT as in Canadian Tire? (and many others)
Not likely, as all the ones I’ve seen (online or mentioned here) look to be sourced from whatever usually Chinese manufacturer gives them the best deal.
Even so, a lot of the parts for all these private brand machines seem to come from just a few designs – why re-invent the wheel?
Maybe you could start a x-ref by taking pix and giving dimensions for your model’s pump parts?
Just the pump, as all the rest is off-the-shelf type stuff.

Hey Doug you are right. The CT in my note does stand for Canadian TIRE . I have the 058-8381-8 as pictured at the beginning of this form. So my problem is parts# 3310152 and 34901501 . My cylinder is fine and I can source the bearing locally 17x40x12mm. As it turns out there are two different grades of these bearings . One is just over four dollars the other is close to eleven dollars. Please note I am only guessing if someone has the same compressor model as mine but their motor has burned out they might have the… Read more »

Your piston is damaged? I would really like to see pix of what’s broke, including the ring. As with the bearing, there’s a good chance you can find something that’ll work…
As to the bearing, is the present one not marked as to which it is? If it’s the cheap one (probably) you might want to spring for the better one. But that depends on what happened, Pix?

Hi Doug. I hope this site can add my pics to this reply. If so notice the complete bearing housing is destroyed. In doing so a piece of the piston itself broke off at the bottom. I would guess when that happened the ring also became destroyed. But the motor still works fine. Laughing. So for this reason only someone might have what I need or I will ship them at their cost the motor.

Here are a few pictures.

Oh! The machinery!
Time to look for a new one. CT seems to be overwhelmed at the moment, and they no longer sell that model as I understand it.
Would you buy it again – has it been holding up for awhile? Just curious.

Hey Doug. The real question is what are we going to expect from a small Chinese or other cheaper priced compressor? I bought this compressor used and could not say how hard it was used before I purchased it from a pawn shop.. Having said that I did get a lot of use from it ant it owes me nothing. Going forward I will most likely buy a 6 gal pancake but if you look into where they are mostly made…. China. Even the more costly models are made there but may be made of stronger materials. Since I have… Read more »

Not really other than what’s in the buying a compressor section here.
Read reviews, starting with the bad ones. They are often bad becuz cockpit error, but not always. Pay attention to the dates, too.

Thanks Joe. I did just receive a reply from Canadian tire head office explaining how sorry they are with my problem. I will be calling the number provided and let you and others know how that turns out. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Steve

Mastercraft Maximum 058-9317-8 15 gallon 200 psi hums then blows breaker. Will post what I know when I see a response.Thanks hope someone can help.

If your power supply to the compressor hasn’t changed, then the issue points typically to a capacitor problem. This page has a number of reference pages about humming air compressors. Please have a look and add a comment if you still have questions after.

Both start and run capacitors are working. I can spin motor freely from either end. Tried different outlets. Hums once you turn it on. Blows house breaker after 5-8 seconds. No air left in tank now but it was holding. Spring was broken inside the check valve. Replaced. There is a spark on the clutch end during the humming so it must be arc or a short somewhere on that end?

While not typically the cause of a humming motor, since in order for this to be a problem the motor usually starts running, if the motor has a centrifugal switch, and that switch is not tripping when the RPM’s reach the required speed, then the motor stays in “start windings” and overheats. The centrifugal switch is located on the shaft end under the motor cover. Can you see if your motor has this, and if so, that might be the source of the problem.

More likely though it’s a short in the windings on the motor.

Yes it has the centrifugal switch.I can activate it manually by pressing pretty hard with both thumbs..seems stiff to me but I don’t know how its supposed to feel.I can see the double contact,it appears to be functioning.The switch just doesn’t feel like it would spring open with just centrifugal force but what do I know.So suppose we narrow down to a short in the windings…what are options at that point?

To the electric motor repair shop to test the switch, the motor under load, and to check for winding shorts.

Ok thanks for the help.

You are most welcome. Sorry that it’s not likely something you can fix on your compressor yourself.

Mastercraft Portable Air Compressor. Air leak somewhere so I took off the head replace one of the gaskets. I unhooked the copper pipe that runs from the head to the tank and turned it on but it seems to be sucking air instead of pumping air. What have I done wrong?

Just a guess, not knowing the model, but you may have installed the valve plate backward or upside down. You want to have the valve(s) in the exhaust chamber on top, so it closes when the piston goes down.

Thanks, I was thinking it may be someting to do with those 2 read valves. At the time, I had to put a little dab of grease at each end so they would hold long enough to put the head back together and wondered also if that might have had some effect on it? I have been looking for a diagram of the head but have not found a good one as yet.

If you don’t have a model number, can you post a few pix of the head and valve plate?
We can probably help you sort it….

Thanks Doug, the model is 099-3014-6. I would like to post some pictures but cannot see how to do that here. Is there a email address or other way that I have missed?

(At the bottom right of each new comment text section there is an icon of a camera. Clicking on that allows the upload of up to 5 photos each time. Moderator)

per model 099-3014-6

If you put it together as it appears to me, then the three metal parts are upside down and rotated 90 degrees.
You want the slots with pink/red stuff seen in the assembled pic to be facing the (dirty) exhaust chamber.
(The off-white gasket is not stuck to that plate, right?)
If that doesn’t make sense to you, come back, and we’ll try again.

This is how I see it looking at 5428, starting on the right side with the bottom plate. Yes, the off white gasket (there are actually 2) are both stuck. The next (metal) gasket would be flipped over. The next metal plate would be flipped over to fit the markings etc. on the bottom plate. The blue gasket would also be flipped to match that center bar (or whatever it would be called) on the head and the markings on that 2nd plate. The head would have to be turned to match that center bar on the rest. Is that… Read more »

I don’y quite know what I did but the compressor itself seems to be working alright now. When putting it back together and running it I discovered a break in the hose going from the gauges to the tank. I went to Princess Auto and picked up a joiner, came home and installed the joiner. Seemed to work okay for a few seconds and another break appeared in the hose. Turns out that anywhere I put slight pressure on the hose and it would break. Now to find a replacement hose. Thanks for all your help DOug.

No sweat. If it works, it’s either right or close enough! And yeah, it IS harder to describe than do it…?

Doesn’t the silvery elbow thing leak? Sure looks broken…

Foo. I forgot this is MC/CT. Will wait for pix, if you still need help.
B F says below “Hey, try this number I got lucky 1-877-888-3872” maybe they can get you a useful manual.

Hey, try this number I got lucky 1-877-888-3872 I needed a fan & the Aluminum tube for a 058-7000-2 (1/3 hp 2 gallon model). The fan they had, they had to make a request for the tube from the U.S. parts (& nope, can’t call U.S. directly for some reason). But the manual you can find online, if you have the model, they seemed pretty capable to assist (call centre in Ontario, warehouse in Quebec apparently). Other than the nuisance of not being allowed to call U.S. directly, I got the fan ordered (2 week delivery) & then I have… Read more »

Phone number is for Sunrise Global Marketing / Greenworks Tools Inc. – Moderator

Where can I get Parts for my MasterCraft air compressor?

Short answer… none essentially from CTC. Depending on what parts you refer to, you may be able to use non-OEM parts. What are you looking for?

What Bill said, but a model number will probably help, anyway. Or a pic or two…

You can try “mecnair dot something….you’ll need a credit card.they had parts for my specific mastercraft air compressor.