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Using Mastercraft compressor in basement?

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by Brian
(Lasalle, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Bill. My compressor (Mastercraft 8 gallon) has a sticker that says not to use it below garage floor level. Why is that?

What could happen if I used it to do a little framing in the basement? Thanks!

Mastercraft 8 gallon air compressor
Mastercraft 8 gallon air compressor


Compressor in basement?
by: Bill

Assuming your Mastercraft air compressor has an electric motor running the pump Brian, I don’t know why they say don’t use it below garage floor level.

What if your garage has a sloped driveway to a level under the house. Your main floor would then be above the garage, rendering their comment moot.

If there is fresh air to the compressor, as in it’s not in a small, confined area where air cannot get to the intake, then the issue may be one of heat generation.

If you run the air compressor too long, the pump gets mighty hot, as does the motor. The motor should cut itself off via the air compressor reset button if it gets too hot, but if that fails, maybe there is an issue there.

That, and of course, it will be loud.

If the compressor is oil lubed and you get a leak, it would be messy.

Also, if you have seal leaks in the piston and the compressor is oil lubed, then you will be getting oil into the compressor tank, and then out the airline to the air tool, and then to the tool exhaust. So… if you were doing A LOT of work with the air tool in a confined space like a small basement, you will get oil vapour in the air. Enough to be a problem?

I have no problem plugging in my compressor in my basement and using compressed air from it there, and throughout my house.


In the basement
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Reading the manual, it looks like they expect this thing to be used for paint spraying.

I think the garage warning is about ventilation.

Other than that, it may be about flooding below garage level, but that’s (un)common sense.

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By Bill Wade

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