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For many years the Sears air compressors house brand has been the Craftsman air compressor. This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Sears Compressor Information

Sears, as a retailer, also sells other brands including Ingersoll Rand and Campbell Hausfeld compressors, among others.

Many folks have posted questions about their Sears compressors on this site regardless if they are referring to another compressor brand Sears sells I have added this page to provide a forum for those postings relating to any Sears Air Compressors. Other brands have their own pages on this site.

With the questionable future of the Sears organization, and the Sears brand air compressor line, this site provides a valuable resource, linking compressor users with a compressor problem, and advice from people who may have the same make and model of Sears and that have resolved their issue and may offer guidance to those that post questions.

Newer model of a Craftsman / Sears air compressor

Sears Compressor Contact Information

Sears can be contacted through either their customer service (CS) or sales (S) landlines below for any queries or finding the appropriate service on their website!

CS: +1-800-366-7278
S: +1-888-873-3829

Sears Compressor Manuals

Here are the manuals for Sears air compressors I have managed to find so far. Do you have one to share? If you have a digital format of a manual that isn’t listed, you can upload it too, using the form at the end of this page.

Click the appropriate link to download that compressor manual to your computer. Save the download so you have it for future reference.

Thanks to all that provided manuals and helped others with the Sears air compressors problems.

Sears Compressor Parts

When looking for Sears Compressor Parts I became a bit fatigued with trying to use their on-line service ( details shown below) so I called them up. I talked to a nice fellow named Dexter who assured me that if a caller had the model number of their Sears compressors, the caller could order a manual and parts for that air compressor, going back “10-15 years”.

That all may be moot, as Sears is in trouble and may not be around to help much longer, but…

Sears 106.173781 air compressor
A Sears 106.173781 air compressor

In order to get Sears compressor parts you need to know your Sears compressor model number.

There are pluses and minuses to buying a store’s own house brand of air compressor, even from Sears.

The reputable stores normally have good warranties for their compressors, so you can buy with confidence, while the compressor is under warranty, that is.

It is my understanding that the larger stores develop their own brand of compressor, and then every year or so, go out to the manufacturers of air compressors around the world (right now – around the world normally means China) and they order their brand from the least expensive manufacturer that provides the package and price they want.

This means that a Brand X bought from Sears this year, may not have the same manufacturer of the same Brand X bought from them next year.

After not too many years, your compressor, which is now out of warranty, no longer has a source for parts. Unless, according to Dexter, it is an actual Sears brand. Then you have hope.

What To Do For Sears Compressor Parts?

Once you have determined your Sears compressor model number, phone here: 1-800-469-4663

This number, I am assured, is working 24 / 7 / 365, and you can call it from anywhere in North America. I have checked it out from where I live, so why not call and see if you can get through?

Or, if your air compressor is in the Sears database, you can quite often get information on Sears compressor parts here:

When searching for a specific model of sears air compressors, when you put the part number into the field on the form, don’t forget the period! (example: 919.152930).

If the compressor is in the database, some schematics page will open, and clicking the schematic will provide a list of parts, pricing, and availability.

The Next Step for Sears Compressor Parts

If you are told that your Sears air compressor no longer has parts or manual available, then visit your local Sears store. Ask the clerks in the compressor area who is the local company that…

  • Fixes their compressors under warranty
  • Fixes their brand of compressors when they are out of warranty

It may be the same location, but then again, it might not.

Contact those folks with your brand name and model number, and see if they can find your compressor parts or a manual for you. Oftentimes a specific model of air compressor is identical to other brands since all might have been made in the same factory. The repair depot should have this information available.

Then, ask yourself if it is worthwhile for you to have a pro fix an older compressor at substantial cost than it is to buy a new compressor, complete with warranty, given that many DIY type air compressor now often sell for under $200?

Not a Sears Brand Compressor?

If the compressor is not a Sears store brand, even if you bought it at a Sears store, start by searching for the actual brand name of that compressor on the internet. If you include the model number in the search, that will narrow down the options.

Can’t find the compressor information?

Same story then. Visit your local Sears store, and ask the clerks in the compressor area who is the local company that fixes their compressors under and out of warranty. Contact them if they come up with some references for you.

Sears Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

Issues and comments about Sears air compressors already addressed on this and other pages on this site are…

  • Restarting an old Sears air compressor
  • Is oil sight gauges also the oil drain gauge on a Sears Compressor
  • Sears compressor pressure switch problems
  • Motor buzzes and doesn’t start
  • Compressor capacity and plumbing

Many more more questions, comments, suggestions and complaints are found found below.

Existing questions about the Sears / Craftsman line of compressors:

Sears compressor parts

Sears compressor pops breakers and fuses

Oil change in an old Sears compressor

Sears compressor electrical issues

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Sears compressor with head pressure issues

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Sears compressor running and belt squealing

Sears Craftsman plug wiring

Caring for an older Sears Craftsman 106.154541 air compressor

If you have any questions about Sears compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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i have a sears roebuck air compressor model number 106-175160,i would like to no who made it,and if there are parts for the pump.

Chances are it’s a Campbell-Hausfeld pump. No parts I can see.
But if you post a pic of the pump in” identifying an older compressor”, Roger will probably know what it is and maybe a parts source.

Good luck.

I have my grandfathers old air compressor which I am going through to get it running. It’s a Sears 1/2 hp, 7.5 gallon, single cylinder, model number 106.171141. I have found diagrames through sears but that is it. Is this a campbell hausfeld compressor that I could cross reference to try and find parts? This doesn’t have the tongue shape reed valve, it has 2 small spring pressured plates or plugs that open and close. Thank you for any info. Rick Eggers

Rick says “This doesn’t have the tongue shape reed valve, it has 2 small spring pressured plates or plugs that open and close.”
You mean they are not the part on the Sears parts page?
Yeah, the pump should be C-H, so you can paw around their site to see if you can find what you need.
But I’m unclear on what your valves are like – can you post a pic or three of it/them?

I appreciate any information.

OK, now I see. If you look at the (crappy) drawing, you see there are two boxes. The larger one is your pump, and while it’s pretty much unreadable, it shows your valves, as opposed to the flapper listed in the parts section and the small box. And, nobody seems to have that stuff.

I’m gonna see if I can get Roger or one of the other guys there to see if they can help you out…

You’ll see my post in
after it’s approved.

Thank you, that would be great.

Partly assembled.

Looks to be in great shape. What parts were you looking for?

Yes surprisingly it is. If I can locate as much as I can for future repairs I wouldn’t be so nervous using it. My main concerns are the mechanical parts such as the springs, the aluminum connecting rod, piston, piston rings and the crank bearings. The crank looks to be steel so I wouldn’t think I would have issues with it. I also need to put a filter on being this didn’t have one. I can’t tell from the diagram what the plate which held the filter in place looked like to try and fabricate something close to what it… Read more »

Most likely it had a small square of foam or felt that was held in by a screen. It should be fairly straightforward to build a new one. Don’t worry about the mechanicals. If there is oil in it the bottom end will last forever. If parts are still available you can probably source them from Master Tool Repair or one of the other factory parts distributors. I wouldn’t be surprised if a head off of a new single cylinder Campbell Hausfeld could bolt right on there actually.

I found a diagram and part numbers of the Campbell Hausfeld original model. FL-330100. Now it might be easier with part numbers to track, assuming there are any parts available to track. Unfortunately the online store doesn’t have any parts just like sears parts online.

Well, the only things I could get my hands on was a pressure switch, a check valve, foot pads and some felt which I will trim to size. I came across a few other things that I didn’t need. Thanks for the assistance, stay safe.

I have a craftsman 919.167620 30 gallon compressor that stops pumping at around 90psi,, motor and pulley keep spinning burning up the belt. I bought this compressor used and the belt is pretty old, so I’m going to go ahead and replace it. The belt is basically smooth, but the replacement belts I’ve found have teeth. I don’t know if the old belt had teeth that were just worn off with time or not. I’ve seen pulleys and flywheels that have teeth, but mine are smooth. My question is – is it ok to use a belt with teeth on… Read more »

I would like to get info on my 1979 Sears Craftsman air compressor 4 HP 60 gallon 220 volt. I tried to get an owners manual via Sears Parts Direct on line. The response was that I needed to have the model number to order it however I was unable to locate it. I asked where I would find it on the machine. The response I got was that it usually consists of three digits, a decimal point, and six to eight more digits. I was not able to locate the Model number. Please advise if you can be of… Read more »

Well, we may be able, if you can get a few pix of it.
But I’ll say this: unless it’s a very unconventional unit, you can get a manual for any similar Sears unit, and except for parts, it will cover the main points, close enough for routine maintenance.