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Compressor oil change ~ old Sears 106.153991 air compressor

I have 20+ yrs old sears 2hp mo.# 106.153991.

Would like to know how much oil it takes?


Difficult to say without actually seeing the unit and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere.

At the base of the compressor head you should find a drain for the compressor oil, and often just above that will be a sight glass to help you determine whether your unit has enough oil.

Just below the sight glass is the oil drain for my compressor.

Near the top of the compressor head will be a vented fill port which you unscrew to allow you to pour compressor oil in.

All I do when it’s time to change my oil is drain the crankcase through the drain port, replace the drain plug, and then slowly add oil through the fill port while I’m watching the sight glass to make sure I don’t overfill.

My guess is that you’re dealing with a few ounces of compressor oil to fill yours.

Hope this helps.

Please provide a photo of your compressor, and a close up of the oil fill tube and sump if the compressor has one. We’ll take another look if you are still having problems with it.