What Is My Compressor Worth? Ask Our Community – Get An Estimate

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What is my compressor worth? This is a question that gets asked a lot on this website. This page will allow you to get help finding out. We are talking about Air Compressors on this site folks, so, please make sure that you are posting about a compressor, OK?

Please read this whole page before posting, in particular, the part that says “You must upload a least one photo, yet preferable one from each side of the compressor – or the posting can not go live.” If you are not notified by the system about your posting being accepted, that may be why!

Many factors come into play when trying to figure out the value of an air compressor. Here are some of the reasons why it’s really hard to nail it down and why you must provide as much information about your compressor to let folks help.

Important information to provide about what is my compressor worth?

  • Has the compressor been used or has it been abused? No way to tell from looking at a picture on an on line forum.
  • Is the compressor really working well, or is the poster just saying that to elevate the price?
  • Is it a well known brand with parts and service departments easily available?
  • Where is the compressor? They are difficult to ship inexpensively, and some folks may not want to chance a long drive.
Clean an old air compressor tank, what's it worth?
Clean an old rusty air compressor tank, what’s it worth?

Nevertheless, there’s a need to get a consensus about what is a compressor worth and that’s where this site comes into it.

At the bottom of this page is a comment section in which you can ask folks to help you figure out “what is my compressor worth?” by adding information about your air compressor.

There are a few things are important to get your air compressor posting in front of the thousands of people that visit this site every week.

  1. You must upload a least one photo, preferably one from each side of the compressor – or the posting can not go live.
  2. Identify the Make, Model and Year (if you know how old it is) in the Title Line on the form.
  3. Provide as much detail about the condition of the compressor in the description, including any faults with it.
  4. In the posting make sure you indicate the location of the compressor. The town or city and state or province.
  5. Subscribe to this thread so you know when someone provides information on your compressor.

That’s it. Use the form, add the info, add the photos, and let’s find out What Is My Compressor Worth?

Existing comments about What Is My Compressor Worth:

Value of Big Red air compressor

It’s a 60 Gallon, 5 hp, 208-230 volt, 15 amp, 3450 rpm, 1 PH, MagneTek Century AC Motor

How much for a DeVilbiss Pro Air II?

I recently saw a DeVilbiss Pro Air II, 6.5 HP, 80 gallon, 175 psi, two-stage vertical air compressor

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My father left me this air compressor. It works well. I was wondering if anybody could tell me the value


I also believe this came off from worthsmith Air Force base in Oscoda mi.

Searching for a value of my1943 Ingersoll-Rand Model D-60 Two Stage Air Cooled Air Compressor

How much is used working air compressor


Wonder what I should ask for my used Trades Pro 30 Gal air compressor. Model #835576 115Volt

Air compressor making weird sound

3 air compressors, one is a 2006, the others are 1997. Please let me know their value. We no longer use these and they work perfectly. Thank you

Stow Air Compressor.jpg

Those are quality machines. If they have been maintained properly, you may easily get half the present retail for a comparable machine.
But of course you need a buyer, and he should be nearby, as shipping can be both expensive and problematic.
You might check a local machinery auction to see if they have similar machines and what they are going for.

Hi, I’m Brigham City, Utah, and I have a Husky air compressor model Y6020-WK I’m looking to list for sale. I have no idea the value, and would love some help here. The unit is in like-new condition. I bought it for my husband probably 15-20 years ago, but I really can’t recall for sure. (The metal stamp on it looks to say 2003.) He only used it a couple times, but found it to be too big for his needs. So it has just been in our clean, home garage without anything piled on top of it ever. It’s… Read more »


United States Air Compressor Model # MK-683 Serial Number : 2538 MK
All Original and Works Great !!
What would this be worth ?
Very Good Condition.


1998 champion-ch11s 30-gallon air compressor, single-stage pump hgr5-3k, kohler command-11 pro series ohv gas engine

everything works. Has rust on exterior but other than that works great


Value of Jun Air model 6-10? Purchased in 1982 still works like a dream. Ive used it for airbrushing so its coated with paint drops but it still works perfectly and I’ve serviced it several times. Im looking to sell.
Thanks for any feedback.

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 4.07.54 PM.png
Jun Air registration.jpg
Jun Air Air Compressor

It appears to be a 6-15. (-15 is 15 litre)
Anyway, if the tank is still sound, probably what you paid for it, or around $500.
If the tank is rusty probably $200 or so, IF parts are available. You’ll need to look around by part number in the manual to be sure.

I appreciate the response Michael. Thanks.

I have an Air compressor with a power train 3 piston 2 stage pump and kohler 12.5 jp engine with electric start. When I obtain it it was on a 30 gallon 200psi tank that said 2007 now it’s on a 60 gallon rank 200psi 1936 I think. It has a new throttle cable. Hose rack added with manual retractable and a regulator with a filter and trap. It caught on fire while back and melted the cover of motor a bit and gas tank and the wiring. I’ve replaced most the wiring but haven’t installed a switch back so… Read more »


Does this compressor have any value? All major components (compressor, tank, motor) are Westinghouse Air Brake from 1944 according to ASME nameplate on tank. Includes pressure switch, relief valve, and Westinghouse pressure gauge. Unit was damaged when tipped over – broken motor slide base, compressor air intake silencer/filter, elbow below gauge, gauge glass. Located in Twain Harte, California. Compressor model unknown. Thanks appreciate the help.


I have a 1982 wessels Air compressor 200psi I’m looking to find out what its worth I don’t know how many gallons it is, it doesn’t say


Hello, I have this compressor in the basement I want to get rid of. The man who built the house in 1973 used the basement as a machine shop. I don’t know if it works and the info plate is not unreadable. The grey boxes are just power boxes, but may give some hints? Thank you. Smyrna, GA United States.

I have a 1920 Brunner air compressor and want to sell it, but don’t know what it is worth


12 -21-37 is the date but I can’t find a manufacturer anywhere

Can anyone tell me what kind of motor this is


Looks like a refrigeration pump based on the connectors and absence of an apparent air intake.
Please don’t spam the site with the same question. 😉

I am starting a restore of a 1969 Wards 2 cylindar compressor with a 30 gal. tank. I plugged the critter in and it runs. I put my hand over the intake filter on one cylindar and it had plenty of suction. Tried the other side, about half the suction. Should I just plan on changing out head gaskets as I get into this project?

That and probably valves.

Doug: Thank you

I have an old Ingersoll-Rand model A serial #20885 made 1948. Kida wondering it’s worth been maintained well works great.

I suggest poking around antique machinery and auction sites.
Maybe look at garagejournal.

I’m not sure what this is worth it works perfectly comes with a devar air dryer

I recently bought a used Grimmer Schmidt compressor that has a 4 cylinder diesel engine. It is the type that is towed on a hitch. It has 2 turbines like a supercharger on a truck motor. I believe it says 2750 CFM.it has a small tank that is made of 3/4″ steel, and is about the size of a 7 gallon bucket. The outlet line is at least 1 inch, and has 3500 hours on the meter.

Probably 275CFM. Does it work? Where is it?
Typically, it should get to 100psi almost immediately, and maintain that by revving the motor if you open the service valve to 1/4 to half open. Full open might kill the engine if it can’t maintain the pressure.

Hi, I have a old pressure queen air compressor by campbell- hausfeld. Anybody have ideas on worth? Thanks in advance.
Not sure pictures uploaded.

I appreciate any help we can get on the value and salability of two Davey air compressors that my husband got in his late uncle’s estate. We haven’t got any use for them and would like to sell, but they’re big and old. The one in the crate is marked unused, but it is covered in surface corrosion. I’ve attached pictures of both as well as pictures of the tags. Thank you!

To sell, I’d suggest looking at “Steel Soldiers”. A lot of Daveys were military.
Unfortunately, your pix did not make it. Please try again. You should see a thumbnail of your pix if they are going to post. Not your fault if they don’t…the site has a problem.

Thank you! I’ll try to attach the photos again here.

I have an older air compressor pump pulled from an old building. It isn’t locked up. I’ve done some research and I think it comes from the later part of 1906 to 1948. Its label says AU~TO Compressor No. 0.

Sorry if I’m joining the wrong thread. We bought a house that had an old air compressor along with a 10-ton floor jack and would like to sell them both, but have no idea of what they are worth., We did turn the compressor on and it works. I’ve attached pictures – any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. We are located in Albuquerque, NM..

Here are pictures.


OK. That jack is probably about $900 new, so maybe 3-400 or more used, if it’s in good shape.
That compressor is a Brunner, pretty sure. A bit of an antique but a quality machine.
Can’t tell you what it cost or what it’s worth, but I’d offer it on an old machinery site. There are collectors out there.
Take a look here :
Scroll down a bit and see the “212 or 414” pump.
Good luck.

Thank you! I appreciate the info.

Maybe try the pix again, please? Don’t see any. Sometimes they just don’t work.

Hoping they come through this time!

I have a Antique Cambell Hausfeld Pressure Queen Air Compressor that is in working condition . From what I have found out the 1/2 HP electric motor was manufactured in the late 30s to early 40s , I am trying to get a estimated value of it

Hi Jeff, wondering if you ever found out what its worth? I too have a pressure queen air compressor.

I’m not sure what iv got can anyone help thanks


Probably less than 123 grand…You might want to put this in the identify section, though.
Poke around on the company names, you might find some clues.
Good luck.

1986 Kargard 60 gallon shop compressor Nat. BD. No. B 46814

Anyone know what a beaird 25 HP 3 stage125 gallon tank goes for?

I have a 1947 Bell & Gossett compressor, catalog # ARH-2036 with Gossett Denver pump model ADA T 68 S. Has a 1½ HP Century motor model RS 204.

1962 Wayne’s pump company compressor and motor,heads 139 shell 205
ho ellip2:1 200lbs. Any information about it would be appropriated. Price of it with original tank if possible

Where is it? Does it work? HP? Volts?
More pix of the whole unit?

It’s been covered for many years it’s still in good condition. But I don’t have any pictures of the whole thing it’s still all together and in working order.
The person who had it was using it to run two paint booths. I am in Tennessee. If that’s what you are asking

I will take more pictures of it tomorrow or Tuesday

I’ll presume the machine is in TN, too.
Maybe while you’re taking pix, you can check if the tank(s) is/are drained.
Still would like HP and voltage of motor.

Yes sir we are in Tennessee.
But I have been so busy with work I have a deadline and working until dark so I haven’t had time to get anymore photos yet.

Don’t sweat it…

Bought this compressor in 1980 am wondering what the value is ,it still runs and pumps air but is a little slow to reach max regulated air pressure [100lbs]?all Original except the air canisters

If you tried to attach pix, please try again. There’s been some site trouble.

Looking to see what this is worth

I just found this old Westinghouse air compressor buried in a relative’s garage. I have no idea of age and not sure if it currently works. I’m planning to clean it up, test it and hopefully sell it if it does work, but have no idea of value. Does anyone know anything about this compressor?

Is this compressor worth anything?

Probably to some collector…
Look around for antique machinery sites and you may find one with interest in this style.

I picked this up in a job lot at auction.
1976 Jun air model 6 with an 15 litre tank.
It seems to be in good working order.
Any idea what the value would be?

Maybe half of what a new one costs, if the tank is in good shape.

Found another old compressor made by Union Oil company in 1941 any information would by greatly appreciated

Here are a few more pictures came came with a big three phase motor I don’t think the compressor pump goes with the tank and notor

Any markings on the motor?

Yes let me take pics now that it is all cleaned up. I’ll send both motor and pump

Last edited 2 years ago by Steven Divine

There is only 1 number on the Comp.motor 1394 at the bottom of the cylinder . As far as the elec. motor there is a name plate on it but I really can’t make it out

Try a little CLR on the motor label. It’s often magical…don’t rub, just let it work for a few seconds and wipe off, gently.

Looking for answers on this champion special champion pneumatic. Need price if possible as I would like to sell it. Thank you in advance

That’s probably a valuable antique, to someone.
Check out some antique machinery sites. You’ll find similar machines.
Price is dependent on condition and location, just like cars.

Located in iowa, air compressor actually still works and condition is excellent

Have you figured out a selling price. Yet?

I have a united states air compressor company of Cleveland Ohio that has been passed down all the way from my great grandfather. I still have the original motor but needs to be rebuilt, the compressor still works but it is slow (maybe rings?). I would like to restore it and if anyone knows where/how to find any parts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Maybe rings – but are you pretty sure you have it “geared” right? Maybe a bigger motor pulley. Check the rpm of the original motor, if it says…
As to the restore, there are at least a couple antique machinery sites. You might poke around them, if you haven’t.
Good luck. Feel free to share progress here too, if you like.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in s.d.ca

I have a USACC too. I have some parts pages in my computer that the company sent me, but you would have to mix and match.

I’m gunna give this a shot, but here is my number – 7605779321

Yea mine the serial number is 7486.

Thanks fellas for cleaning my mail up looks better now

You are welcome. Also, you can upload pdf’s or photos in a comment by using the paper clip icon if you want to share your documents. Thanks. (Moderator)

That’s awesome thank u

Man dude where did u go ?

1947 National BD 231466. It has served me well. I would hate to scrap it. Just curious the value and where I could sell it. Thank you in advance.

Antique machinery sites.

Hi, I recently purchased a home with an old air compressor and someone offered to buy it. No idea what it is worth. Still in working order. Any ideas or feedback welcome.

Model 310 [14], 259728L, size 3 1/2 & 2 x 2 1/2

Look for Quincy 310 to get an idea. Not really practical to ship, so stay local.

Working fine, wheels are kinda saggy. Anyone know output specs on this gas powered Porta-champ and value?

My Dad has a Sears air compressor model 106154580. I ‘ve included pictures and info from back. It still works. Want to sell but need a price range. Thanks.

Like cars, prices vary with location and condition.
Poke around your local advertising (even craigslist and the like) to see if you find anything similar.
That’s a good machine, but it’s only 100PSI, so interest may be limited.

Good luck.

Hi, Doug, sorry late answering you. Thanks so much for responding. Appreciate the good advice. I will definitely look into Craiglist. Thanks again. Susan

You’re welcome.

Good luck.

Hi, we have a 1989 Westinghouse, 60 gallon, 5 hp, single phase compressor, great condition, low usage/hours. This works perfectly. My boss has recently downsized and this was in his home workshop. I will be selling it for him and am hoping to find out what it is worth. We are storing it now at our office in Austin, TX. Help and comments are much appreciated!

1947 220 american brakeshoe co Kellogg div model a320B pump model number 321 TV magnate ac motor part number
6-357946-10 230 volt 22 amp code H 60 Hertz. It seems to b in good operating condition. Would like to know what its worth. Moundsville wv

Last edited 2 years ago by Eric Burton

Hi All,

This is a 1943 Ingersoll-Rand Model 6R50. The plate shows Corps of engineers U.S. Army Airborne Equipment. Weight is 725lbs and capacity is 55cu.ft/min. This was my fathers and ran 15 years ago before it was put into storage. Tires still hold air and have the original air hose as well. I can’t find anything about it or anything similar on Google. Any ideas on what we should ask for it would be greatly appreciated. Located in Illinois Thank you!

I believe it’s a 100 gallon air tank

I am trying to sell this 1973 20 horse National brand air compressor.671371. Can you let me know what it’s worth?

Hello. I know nothing about compressors, parts or even tools. I inherited this old compressor from my Father in law in a shed. He always called it a 1 Lunger. It runs great. Wired for 50 amps. Motor is a Craftsmen. Want to sell in the Seattle area, don’t even know how to describe it or what the fair value is. It’s worthless to me. Any help out there? please (post) if you have any info you can share. I would really appreciate it!……………ck

Other than the motor, is anything else labelled?
It’s one lunger because it’s one cylinder.
Can you post pix showing the whole unit as well as the pump?

Hi Doug. Thanks for your quick reply. I thought I already sent this photo…… I thought I had posted a shot of the complete unit?

Well, it sure looks familiar, but I can’t place it. It’s not one of the usual Sears Craftsman pumps I’ve seen, so maybe the motor is a replacement.
Anyway, there are antique machinery sites where you might get a better idea if there’s any demand for this. Might even get a bite here.

Maybe Roger will see this – he seems to recognize almost anything pneumatic.

I have a Brunner westinghouse compressor. Wondering value and year

No idea. Never seen a portable like this.
There’s a Brunner page here, but you’ll probably have better luck at an antique machinery site.
Good luck.

Quincy Airmaster Compressor model 131A20PN3
Live in Seattle area.
Bought this about 22 years ago. Works great, is on in my conditioned shop all the time. I don’t use it much, just to blow off things and air up tires every once in a while. I have changed the oil as required.

Where you are in the world may have a bearing on the value. And, if someone near where you are is looking, knowing your location will help. Why not add a comment to this thread with the city and state you are located in?

Hi Bill, thanks for your reply. At the beginning of my post it says I live in the Seattle area. Is that enough info?

Sorry, missed it.Thanks.

Well, *that* pump alone goes for around $800…
and the present replacement with a cheaper pump is $600,
so I’d think you should get at least $500.
Do you know what you paid at the time? Taking inflation in account (old dollar x 1.59) , at least half of what you paid times 1.59.

Nice formula! Thanks, I’ll see if I can find the receipt

OK no luck on the receipt, I knew it was a longshot. Any other input? Like a guess of what it would’ve sold for 22 years ago? I was looking for one more data point but if there isn’t one, I’ll just put it out there and see if I get any bites

OK, good luck.
Don’t let anybody low-ball you though. Re-read my first reply.
‘Course if you just want to unload it…

Yes, that is a good word. and I’m not trying to unload it. I’m OK keeping it. Thanks so much for the advice.

Cool. Someone may make you an offer here, but don’t hold your breath – you could suffocate!