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The Central Pneumatic air compressor model 47065 is another model of air compressor sold by Harbor Freight.

It was sold by Harbor Freight around the 2002 area. It had a (reputed) 4 HP motor, a splash lubed air compressor pump on a 21 gallon tank. Since the 47065 was powered by a 120 VAC circuit it might have generated the flow of a compressor with a 1.5-2HP motor, since that size of motor is about all that can be powered by 120 VAC circuit.

Central Pneumatic #47065 manual

Lots of folks bought this model and have questions about it. This is the page I have created for owners and users of the Central Pneumatic 47065 air compressor to read up on what other 47065 users have to say, or to post a question about this model.

Central Pneumatic 47065 air compressor
Central Pneumatic 47065 air compressor

If you would like to leave a question, there is a form at the end of this page.

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Existing Central Pneumatic Model 47065 Compressor Questions:

Model 47065 switch leaking

The gasket is broken. Can I get a new one or should I replace the switch?

Diaphragm for a 47065 compressor

Diaphragm for a Central Pneumatic Model 47065 where can I buy one?

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I just bought a 47065 air compressor for $20 and it needs fixed I was just wondering how many capacitors are supposed to be on this unit mine only has one and it’s white and I don’t see how to hook up a second and how would 2 capacitors get wired in

I have a central pneumatic 47065 , 21 gal 2.5 hp 125 psi compressor that keeps popping the reset , will always restart just will run more than 30 or 40 secs before tripping .
If bottom tank valve is left open so it won’t build pressure it will run forever, as soon as valve is closed it pops , please help only 10 hours or so on unit , very frustrated !

This is a common question. Please go here:


and you’ll probably find your answer.

Either way, please come back and tell us what you found.

Thanks, and good luck.

Anywhere I can get parts for the 47065. Looks like I need piston rings

They’re probably a standard size. Try a lawnmower or small motor shop. Maybe even an automotive engine rebuilder.
Good luck.
You’ll need it.
Please let us know if you find something usable.

I have model 47065 and air is leaking where the regulators that do they make that part and is it expensive and can I fix it

If the downstream air pressure is higher than the new regulator setting, then the regulator will vent that air until downstream air pressure equals the new regulator setting. If air continue to blow out of the regulator after that, it’s likely a regulator failure. Some can be rebuilt, but since this general purpose regulator is fairly standard, and relatively low cost, replacing it is the option I’d pick. Google replacement “compressor regulator” and you’ll find many. Pick the one that looks the same as the existing one, and ensure that the pressure range of the new one is to be… Read more »

Yeah, if you’ve a HFT store nearby, just get one from them. Six bucks.
You might want to upgrade a bit and get a combo filter/regulator for about 16
Your local big-box will have the same things for two to three times the price.
The threads are almost certainly 1/4 inch NPT, BTW. Measures about 3/8 inch outside diameter.

I’m having trouble finding a replacement start capacitor for my air compressor model 40765. I need to replace the WHITE one. I’ve searched but can’t find the matching numbers. Can I use one with a higher or lower different micro farads number like 60 or 80?

You mean the hoist or the 47065 compressor? If the latter, and that’s the closest you can find, either’ll probably work, all else being equal, and the problem is actually the capacitor.