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by george
(fresno ca.)

I am unable to locate the serial number on my 8 gallon Kobalt electric air compressor model #0300841.

Kobalt model 0300841 air compressor
Kobalt model 0300841 air compressor


Kobalt serial number
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Many of these things ( DIY compressors ) don’t have one.

If you’re looking to record it for the manual, just put your receipt there.


serial ##
by: george

Thanx Doug!

No serial number found
by: Anonymous

Cant find serial number is okay to keep receipts?


The serial number is useful when trying to find parts or service for a specific air compressor. The receipt is typically required when a compressor is being returned for warranty work.

In both cases, how you log your serial number or receipt is up to you. Keep whatever information you need for your compressor to be sure that you have proof of the date of purchase for warranty or to return a defective compressor.

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