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Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressors are sold by Tractor Supply locations across North America. The Tractor Supply stores are branded as TSC, and there are more than 1700 outlets.

Like many of the big box stores, Tractor Supply is a big distributor of tools and goods and big enough and sells enough product to warrant having products like air compressors built and private branded for them.

Similar to many of the big box stores as well, spare repair parts for the Jobsmart compressor line are in short – or really – no supply, at least from Tractor Supply retail outlets.

Jobsmart Tractor Supply Air Compressor
Jobsmart Tractor Supply Air Compressor

Their knowledge about air compressors in general is also sparse, though my experience is that folks working at the TSC stores may have a bit more working knowledge of air compressors than many of the store personnel at other larger, big box, compressor outlets, given that many seem to be farm raised and farm trained, and have hands on knowledge of compressors and how they work.

If you have a service issue with your Jobsmart air compressor, the logical first step is to contact them. They have a contact page on their site for service questions. In order for them to help solve your Jobsmart compressor problem ensure that you have all the information about your air compressor available to fill in the on line form. At present you see that form by scrolling to the bottom of their website home page (, and clicking the Contact link under the SERVICE category.

Next, appeal to the other users of Jobsmart compressors for help on this user page.

Are you an owner of a Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressor? Do you have something good to say about your air compressor or, maybe, something negative to say about it? Have you noticed anything about your Jobsmart air compressor that would be useful for other owners of this air compressor to know?

You are presently on my Jobsmart Tractor Supply air compressor page. Here you can read questions and answers about other Jobsmart air compressor owners, learn about others experiences, maybe find some tips for using your air compressor. It is also where you can help another Jobsmart air compressor user if you are so inclined.

Here is one Jobsmart TSC manual that a kind person emailed to me for posting on this site. Feel free to download them for your use. Don’t forget to save them to your computer.

If you have any of their manuals in digital format you can upload them here for others to share.

Thanks for helping.


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Jobsmart TA25100VB (need parts)

Hello, Cannot find out where I can get an oil tank breather fitting for my Jobsmart TA-25100VB. I have tried everything

Jobsmart only builds to 25 PSI

Compressor only builds up 25 to 40 psi and it cuts off. Will not start up until you release the air in it. Sometimes

Jobsmart zj3040sa compressor pressure problem

Bill, I have a Jobsmart model ZJ3040SA and in trying to use it yesterday it would run to about 50# and that was it

Jobsmart won’t build pressure past 50 PSI

TA-25100VB will not build pressure past 50 PSI. The motor changes sounds

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There’s definately a lot to find out about this topic. I like all of the points you made. Great blog here, Also your site loads up fast.

I have a Jobsmart TA-25100VB, 26 gal compressor and all of a sudden it builds up to 25# but keeps running. I have no leaks that I can tell. Should I start by replacing the pressure switch? Open for suggestions

Not the pressure switch unless it’s leaking.
If it holds pressure when you turn it off, you have some sort of valve problem in the pump.
If you’re lucky, maybe just some crud holding one or the other open.
Otherwise, one or the other is broken.

Good luck.

BTW, if it’s broken, you’ll likely have to make your own new one(s).

I forgot to mention the pump is the problem provided the tubing out of the pum to the check valve is not leaking.
Could be a pump gasket, too.

Where can I buy a discharge tube for my jobsmart TA 2040,The fitting coming off the head is broke off. I have searched but no luck on finding one. Thanks.

Unclear exactly what is broken.
Have you called the 888 number?
If that was done and didn’t get it, please post a pic or three of the area that is broken.
There’s probably a work-around.

I’m looking for a check valve for a JOBSMART TA-25100VB upright 26 gallon compressor and TSC is no help at all the part# is 38,001 help me find one since TSC doesn’t sell this model no more and had a heck of a time finding a air filter for the compressor pump.

Have you searched for “JOBSMART TA-25100VB check valve”?
I doubt you’ll find an exact match for the p/n, but if you carefully measure yours, you may find something close enough, or usable with an adapter or two.
Good luck.

Usually you can just clean these to fix them if you have a leaking tank. Very easy to try and I’d highly recommend it.

Just bought a TA -2040.. love it works awesome.Great price .. It’s quiet for the size . The only issues I have is I wish the handle in front was a little taller .short for me I’m 5.11.. Would definitely recommend.

my jobsmart ta 2040 wont cut off i change the broken reed .but now it it keeps building pressure wont stop at the setting

So it goes on to pop the safety valve? Unless you blocked the air path to the pressure switch or mis-wired it, you need a new pressure switch.
But I wonder what “setting” you refer to. Nothing should have changed if all you did was fix the reed.

ok thanks

I have a small jobsite pancake compressor my FiL gave me that wasn’t building past about 40psi. Broke the head down and saw it was a blown gasket. I bought some gasket material, replace it, and for about 5 uses it built up to 125psi. But the last time I tried it, it would not build again. If, it’s a gasket issue, should I spraythem in some sort of sealant? Does that make a difference? I have no idea of a part number. TS is of no help. There’s no stickers on this unit, and I can only find 1… Read more »

Maybe. Depends. Did your new gasket fail the same way?
What kind of gasket material?
Did you torque and retorque it after first use?
Maybe send a couple pix of the head and gasket(s)?

My apologies, I have replied a few times, and they have not seemed to go thru. I hope this one does, we will see

Yes, it failed in the same way. Looking at the head, intact, it failed at the bottom left corner.
I did not re torque after the first use.
I used a thicker cork/rubber(?) material from advance auto. was all I could seem to find locally.
I had some pics sent earlier, but I am at work and can’t access them. I will try again tonight

Yeah, you need to reply to the thread, otherwise Bill doesn’t know where to put it.
Anyway, I guess you have the one pictured. Unfortunately the parts breakdown doesn’t give a clue what the head design is, gasket-wise.
I hope you have pix of both the gasket and head surfaces where it goes.

Shoot. forgot the pic!

This is what I have:


I’m trying to post a pic, but .jpg won’t work.. what type of file am I supposed to post? That’s what mine save as

The system successfully uploads .jpg’s, .gif’s, and a variety of other picture formats and all of which have been uploaded in the past. If you are having issues with uploading, I suspect that the resolution of the photo is such that the file size is too big for the system.

– Moderator

3.1MB is way too big, iirc.
Anyway, I’m not seeing the failure point in a corner, although the middle gasket looks deformed in the direction of the smaller hole.
Paper gasket might be better, or maybe some sealer with this stuff (glue, as it were).
The discoloration suggests it was barely holding to begin with…
Re-torquing after some use might work.

BTW, is that material about the same thickness as the original?

No, it was thicker. I couldn’t find any paper thin material locally at the time.

I’ll recut some more and try again

There’s 3 openings on the head. 1 is for filling the tank, are the other 2 inlets? I thought 1 would be, but when checking it this last time, both are sucking in air.

“There’s 3 openings on the head.”
The head is the thing in the lower left of your pic. There’s an inlet and outlet with fittings. Where’s the third? Or do you mean in the valve plate? Maybe another pic?

Speaking of pix, I’ve (tried to) attach a B&W 1.5MB pic as well as your original 3.1MB pic. The uploads take a while, maybe that’s what threw you?

Good luck on the next try…

I must had a brain fart when I mentioned that 3rd port. The one I’m referring to is the bigger black piece that sits opposite the motor/fan. I just figured it was be some sort of exhaust I guess. But it sucks in also. I will link a pic if I can later. My phone just does not like doing that. When watching other videos of the reeds, some round, some toungue shaped. They talk about them sort of flexing and opening the ports to allow air movement. How does the dual reeds allow in one like mine? Does the… Read more »

Yours are a little different. They work the same way, but are free-floating. And right, air just flows (or not) around them. Air pressure pushes them open and air pressure on the other side pushes them closed, depending on which way the piston is going.

I have a Jobsmart 2 gal 125 max air compressor. The red knob by the pressure gage is threaded and is stripped Won’t turn on the threaded part. Can knob be replaced? No pressure so can’t use compressor.

If you have the model 1017900, then no;
…but you’re in luck, as the regulator is not part of a 100 dollar manifold.
Something like HFTs 68223 regulator with gauge will drop-in replace it. 6 bucks.

Good luck.

My compressor is a job smart 26 gal 140 max cfi, and it shuts off at 40 psi and will not come on until cooled off, and i must turn to auto again.

Your question has been moved to this Jobsmart compressor page. The symptoms suggest that the compressor is overheating. There are many reasons why this may happen, one of which is a too long or too small extension cord. Another is that the compressor is being used too long at one time and the motor overheats as it cannot keep up with the air demand. Any of these are occurring on your Jobsmart air compressor, Charles?

no extention cord , this happens wen i first turn it on .

If you empty the tank before you turn it on, will it start and run up to cut out?


Well, if not using an extension cord, and it won’t start when the tank is empty, the next thing to check is the motor start capacitor. There is a page on this site about how to do just that. Let us know what you found when you checked it, please.

it will start but shuts off at 40 psi.

If the power is flowing through the pressure switch when the compressor stops at 40 PSI, then I’d check the capacitor(s). If the power has stopped flowing across the switch when the compressor stops as 40 PSI, then it’s probably the pressure switch at fault.

i have tested the capacitors, tested ok, i have replaced the pressure switch , but it will build pressure only at 10 psi at a time, then i can turn pressure switch to off and wait about 5 minutes and turn back on and it will run and build another 10psi and shut off again.

Sorry Charles, but if there is no power-to-the-compressor supply issue, no problem with the caps, no binding in the pump that might help overload the motor, and the compressor only runs in 10 PSI increments, that doesn’t leave much but the a problem with the motor itself.

thanks . I will check the motor, I noticed that the motor feels hot after it runs about 10 min.

Need owners manual for Jobsmart TA25100VB compressor please. Thank you

Peter, Doug from S.D.Ca has provided a manual for the TA25100VB and it has been uploaded to the Jobsmart / Tractor Supply page for your complimentary download.

Thank you Bill and Doug.

My jobsmart compressor wont build pressure past 20 psi. Whats the problem?

Please visit this page: and scroll down to the sections that address this issue, Carlton. Pretty much already covered.

The most common problem of these units is the Reed valves break and will not let it build air past 50 psi. You can unscrew the copper line going up to the head and then unbolt the four bolts holding the head. Lift off the head and you’ll most likely see the one or both of the reeds broke. I’ve owned several of these and they’ve all had the same problem

Having the same issue on mine. Called the manufacturer and the y have the reed valves on “backorder”. Which, from the way the rep was talking about it, seemed to be a euphemism for “we’re not going to make this part ever again, but we’ll just lie and say we will eventually.”

I guess the trick would be to find a cross-reference of whatever other OEM units were manufactured by Zhejiang Hongyou Air Compressor Manufacturing, and buy them under a name that hasn’t run out of stock yet.

For certain Tractor Supply is never getting another compressor sale from me.

You might want to try your hand at making them. There’s a page or two about that here…

Think I’ll purchase a 5 gallon pancake compressor from Northern Tool.

Ok How do you fix the the reeds if broken? Can l purchase repair parts?

You may be able to purchase them, or you may have to make them.
Scroll down to the search box and plug in “reed valves” and you’ll find a plethora of info.
Good luck.

Mine are not completely broken, just smaller than original reeds. I took the reeds and placed them on the head openings and got some pressure to build.