UST 110C stalls at 65-70 PSI

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by: Alan

UST 1110C  max pressure cut doesn’t work and motor eventually stalls at 65-70 psi. I’d be happy to reset the max pressure switch as all I need this for is pumping tires.

Ust Power System Compressor (photo: Http://
Ust Power System Compressor

As the same new units are on sale from sears/craftsman don’t know that putting all the work into rebuilding is worth it?

I got it for free…

Bill, what do you think?

Tough call as I don’t know your budget.

If you can rebuild it cheaper than new, and you typically don’t count your time in the equation, then that’s the route. If your time is important and has value, probably buying new is a better bet.

There are folks that just love to tear air compressors down and then rebuild them. If this is you, go for it. The fun outweighs the actual and labor cost then.

That your UST Power System Model 1110C stalls out suggests that, if you aren’t using a too small extension cord, that you might have a motor capacitor failing.

There is a page on this site that talks about what they are and what they do if you don’t know about compressor motor capacitors.

There’s another page that talks about how to find a new one.

Good luck.

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