Air Compressor Parts List – Identifying & Finding Parts For Your Air Compressor

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While all compressors do the same thing, intake free air and turn it into the energy source known as compressed air, there are many different makes and models to accomplish this. Many have air compressor parts unique to that make or model, but, and that’s a big but, many different brands of compressors for sale in the U.S. and around the world come from the same factory, and as such, have many parts in common.

This means that if one “manufacturer” of compressors doesn’t have a supply chain for parts, the same compressor may be available from another “manufacturer”, and that one may have parts available for their models.

What’s here on the air compressor parts pages?

  • provides links to pages on this site that have info about different compressor parts
  • provides details about availability of some parts
  • allows visitors to pose a compressor parts question of their own

This page is here to provide a link to all the pages on this website that have information about specific air compressor parts, whether yours is a 185 CFM portable construction type compressor, or a .5 HP mini compressor for a small basement shop.

Central Pneumatic 95275 Pancake Compressor
Central Pneumatic 95275 Pancake Compressor

As you scroll down the page, if you note that there is no link to a page about an air compressor part on which you need information, please add it using the form at the bottom of the page.

Air actuators – air cylinders – General and specific information about air-actuators and air cylinders.

Air gauges – Air gauges are essential pieces of equipment for your air compressor. Your typical air compressor comes

Air lines – What air lines should be used and how big they should be to properly plumb air from the compressor to the use

Auto drains – This page is about compressor auto drains, and how they help keep your industrial air system water free. The words

Coalescent filter – Coalescent filters are sometimes used as a part compressed air treatment when the presence of compressor

Couplers – Compressed air couplers are part of the compressed air air line connection tag team, the couplers and connectors.

Filters – Compressed air filters, as well as filters of all kinds, are found everywhere…

Fittings (NPT etc.) – On this pages I’ll take a look at an individual compressed air fitting, as well as NPT fittings, metric fitting, tons

Gaskets – As noted on many other pages on this site, a frequent reason for an air compressor running, but not building

Gauges – Air gauges are essential pieces of equipment for your air compressor. Your typical air compressor comes equipped

Hose – air hose – When it comes to connecting parts of your air system or circuit together, along with the appropriate fittings,

Intercooler – If you understand that inter means between, and that cooler – well that’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it, then you get

Lubricators – Air line lubricators are devices used to provide lubricant to a compressed air operated air tool or compressor

Power supply (compressor) – This page is about your compressor power supply. Read this page for a better of understanding of the power

Pressure switch – What is a compressor pressure switch and what does it do for us air compressor users?

PRV – The term pressure relief valve or PRV is self explanatory, in a general sense. A PRV is needed in any system

Receivers – tanks for air compressors – Receivers, also known as compressor air tanks or air reservoirs, are normally located either horizontally

Regulators (air regulators) – Compressed air regulators are necessary in compressed air applications for a number of reasons, most of which are

Tanks – Do you have a question about compressed air tanks for your air compressor?

Tank check valve – Compressor tank check valves can be a source of problems on a compressor. If you wish to know more about them

Unloader valves– Unloader valves provide an important function on the air compressor.

Valves (air valves, control valves) – If you are looking for information on compressed air valves – this and other pages on this site provide a broad

And more information we hope you find useful…

About air cylinders – This page provides general and specific information about air-actuators and air cylinders.

Heat exchangers for compressors– One way to transfer heat from compressed air is through a device called a heat exchanger.

Filter size – How can you determine the right filter size for your compressed air system?

Plastic piping for compressed air – I am nearly to the point where I will have time to run pipes to carry my compressed air round

Metric fittings – Though the threads on metric fittings look the same as those on NPT fittings, and a 1/4″ NPT fitting will

Fittings (NPT etc.) – On this pages I’ll take a look at an individual compressed air fitting, as well as NPT fittings, metric fittings

Broken compressor cooling fan – Compressor motors typically need cooling, often use a cooling fan, and over time, these compressor cooling

Are we missing information about a compressor part? If so, please add a comment asking about it, and we’ll see what information we can provide about that part for you.

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Necesito repuestos para hacer un over haul completo para un compresor sanborn de 1hp magna force serie : L0210033
Todas las piezas, bielas, pistones ,anillos, junta de culata (over head), cilindro


So my old Emglo LC 30 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor kept blowing fuses and then quit starting. After lots of reading I replaced the 2 starting capacitors and replaced a very old check valve and also replaced the pressure regulator….and YEAH!!! Everything works!! No more changing fuses daily!!
thank you everyone for such great information!!

I have a old Emglo Air Compressor Model LC Vertical 30 Gallon Tank. It’s worked wonderful for many years and then started blowing 30 amp fuses. And then quit starting just a humming sound. I know the check valve needs replacing and maybe the regulator switch. I tried starting it by manually turning the flywheel and it started…does anyone have some ideas as to what to check next? And can a Check Valve have 5 openings? Thank you for any help!!

Last edited 4 months ago by Andrea

Working Vintage Compressor 1950’s ? Tecumseh Company knows less than I do. Useless.
compressor VET ohio tecumseh 9954 57900 65A

point me in the right direction if you can. Thanks. Need to know about this for parts and service.

Both of the two Cylinder tops are flat with raised numbers. 24015 as if to indicate something.
For three generations this compressor served us very well. The 8’ air tank hangs above us in the garage as we work on anything all the live long day.


I would like to know the key size. Is there anything on line for 1950’-1960 Tecumseh ?

Tecumseh 9954-1
VFT 57900 65A


How to rejoin a snap connector to a air compressor motor wiring?

See my other post to you.

I have an air compressor that an old neighbor handed down to my dad, who handed it down to me – pre 1995 – guessing much older than that. I can’t find a name on it, possibly some markings that might lead toward an answer… if anyone knows how to figure out what it is, that would be amazing – I have no idea how much oil to put into it and I have a feeling half the oil inside it was already covering the compressor on the outside before I drained it. Here are some photos and list of… Read more »


Found the dip stick! Turned out the had removed the dip stick breather and there was another piece to unscrew to remove the dipstick

I need to find the part number and/or the value for the capacitors of the electric motor of my VT6314. Unfortunately the cover rubbed the information off my originals.
Thank you for your help.
Ron Brown

You mean the values on the capacitors?
You might try sneaking a look at the ones on a display model…
You’re talking the one from HD with 230V motor rated 3.7 HP?

We have a Model AT01101 air compressor. We would like to order the shroud and handle as ours has broken. From the parts list, it appears these two are sold separately rather than as one unit. Thanks for your help.

I have a Dayton Speedaire 3Z961 and need head gaskets for it. Where do I get them. I have been looking for several hours on the net already.

Paraphrasing Michelangelo:
The gasket is already complete within the gasket material, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to cut away the superfluous material.
Good luck.

What a nice way to say Do it yourself. LOL

Hello, I am putting a vintage air compressor together from parts from different ones. It’s a cast VT series Campbell Huntsfeld two cylinder. I have two flywheels that are the same except one weighs a lot more. Should I use the heavy one or the other. I will be using a 2 HP motor. Thank you

You can try them both. The heavier one may run a bit (or maybe a lot) quieter, depending on the exact pump and its HP requirement.
OTOH. the heavy one may strain the motor on start-up. Pay attention to the sound.
Either way, make sure the flywheel is secure – it can make a lot of noise if it is able to move in any direction relative to the shaft.

Good luck and have fun…

Hi, I’m rebuilding a 1965 2 stage Kargard air compressor pump and can’t find parts.
After disassemble the piston, cylinder walls and crank look good. Does anyone know how I can find rings, bearings and gaskets?


You can try Hastings for the rings.
The bearings should be marked, and easy to find by the part number thereon.
Gaskets you’ll probably have to make.

Good lick.

Hello again everyone, I have a question regarding lubrication that I could not find an answer to here. I was at a store yesterday buying water hoses and passes the air tool section. There were some bottles of compressor oil. Being that the compressor I found is the piston type which requires oil, is compressor oil the only oil required to be used, or can a good grade of motor oil be used? I would think that motor oil would be as good or superior given that besides being subjected to much higher temperatures, some engines that have gears driving… Read more »

There’s this, if you missed it:
The thing is, you don’t want it to foam up. Compressor oil won’t, and apparently neither does pure synthetic.

As to tires – depends on where you’re going to move it. If on hard, reasonably smooth surfaces, hard is good. But if you’ll be rough pavenet, sand or soft dirt, you’ll want pneumatic tires for reasons you’re probably familiar with.

Hello Doug, Thank you for the reply, and apologies for the late reply. Had some things going on. Regarding the foaming of the oil, I would not think it would be a problem as the RPM is lower than a gasoline motors idling RPM, especially taking into regard the reduction in speed due to drive and driven pulley sizes. But it is a very good point as I forgot that these compressor motors don’t have an oil pump like a 4 stroke engine does, which forces oil under pressure to the journals and that the crankshafts journals and connecting rods… Read more »

“Does the connecting rod top end/wrist pin and piston/piston rings get oil from oil that is splashing around?”
We hope so. Apparently yes, as I haven’t noticed any problems in that area from reports here.
There are pressure lubricated pumps, but that’s mostly high-end industrial pumps.
What’s your plan for that seal now?

Most car engine oil today has detergents in it to help keep the motor clean, That’s what foams up. You don’t need that in a compressor. Auto parts store should have 30 wt ND(non-detergent) motor oil. I use it in my machines and have had tech’s tell me that’s what they use too.

Hello all, Yesterday on the way home, I saw an air compressor on the median fronting a house that was most likely for bulky item refuse pick up. I turned around, and was both surprised ad happy to see a big blue sign, “FREE!” taped to the tank. Wow, I wonder why no onehas picked it up yet? 25 minutes and a lot of huffing and puffing later I had it loaded on the truck. It was pretty heavy, but other than the flat tires, in very decent looking condition. It is a Husky VT631504AJ 26 gallon upright dual piston… Read more »

Uhm, did you look for it online?
I just got 3 (or more, stopped counting) hits on it – instock, $14.90.
searching with “Repair Kit 105-0015”

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

Hello Doug!

And thank you for that information. Very strangely, I had searched for “Repair Kit 105-0015” and did not get any hits at all. I then tried a different search engine with the same result.

After reading your post, I tried again and immediately got several references like you did so I checked them out. I will decide which kit I’d have the best result with and order it.

Thank you again for your help, and thank you Bill for a truly awesome and site that covers everything so completely.

Stay safe everyone, and aloha from Hawaii.


Yeah, the searches can be odd – even a space in the wrong place can sometimes kill it; it’s rarely that bad but happens
Anyway, you’re welcome, and good luck.


Oil fill e r tube relief valve

1920’s United States Air Compressor Company . Need pistons, maybe a Crank and Gaskets. Any parts or parts that are close in years will be acceptable . Pics are comimg

Here are some pics need some rings too

Trying to find a pump to replace a 1991 Campbell Hausfeld model HS5010. Compressor model HS5810.

Good luck.
The present one is fubar?
Is it a 5 horse motor?

5hp motor. Pump has a bad crank bearing.

I’d expect that would be a standard part. No?
And if that’s all that’s wrong…

Looking for piston kit any info is appreciated.. thank you

Any idea what make/model it is?
Are the piston rod and ring and cylinder missing?

I am looking for a oil filler plug for an Alyon air compressor at01204-6

Do a search for compressor fill plug. You’ll see lots. Maybe you’ll find one for your unit, or if not, check the diameter and threads of yours and look for that.

Where do I get parts for a speedaire model 3z893 ?

I’ve got a coleman powermate direct drive 27 gal.5 h.p. 8.2 [email protected]. 5.6cfm @ 90 psi. Someone ran it with no airfilter and broke pushrod. Is it worth fixing, and if so where can I get parts?

But you need a model number to get the manual…and the specs you give doesn’t match any current machine that I can find.
Model numbers start with 1-3 letters and then numbers.

Good luck.

I’m trying to find gasket for my Mastercraft model number pce615ovkmc air compressor, I got it from Fingerhut. Every site I go to don’t show a Mastercraft stand up 10 gallon.

I think that’s a “pce6150vkmc” . . .
Anyway, hardly any of these direct drive pumps have repair parts, although they seem to be of very similar designs.
So, consider this:

Good luck.

I have these two near identical pumps. Both of these crank cases have a small breather valve just above the pulley shaft on the pulley side. One breather was broken off when I got the pump. Can I find these anywhere? Should I ditch the old breathers and use something else? Can I just seal up the whole? I tried fishing the remaining portion of the broken off breather out from the hole. It fell further inside the crank case. The broken off piece is probably 3/16′ x 1/8 ‘. Should I crack open the crankcase to fish it out… Read more »

Re the broken piece –
If there’s a side cover plate on the crank case, you could. But I wouldn’t remove the head/cylinder unless you can keep the head seal intact.
There’s not much the piece could get into, anyway, unless it’s pressure lube, and looks like they are splash.

Looking for UST air compressor model 1126c motor cover

As far as I know, the only source for that would be from a junked one.
Good luck.

I have a little Master Craft air compressor that stopped working. I believe it’s because of a severed wire inside the little air compressor motor itself (photos attached). I’m looking for guidance in how to pop off the end plate nearest the viewer in the attached photos. I believe I’ll be able to reconnect the wire and it will be once again ‘good-to-go’. Thanks in advance. Kindly, – jeff (PS Would much rather fix this than simply throw it in the land fill for example).

(PS Would much rather fix this than simply throw it in the land fill for example).
Good for you. I take it middle pic is just for the ID?
If you mean the bare shaft end when the wires go into the housing, usually a couple of screwdrivers rocking the cover side-to-side will work it off. You might get the whole armature. That’s OK as long as it’s brushless, which I don’t know.
If does have brushes, they might be the problem, but I don’t see where they’d go if that’s the case.

Have fun and good luck.

i am looking for the pin and counter weight that connect to the piston on a tool shop 2 gal model # AT01101

Not likely you’ll find any parts for it. May as well just replace it – 50 bucks at Menards. Or maybe do some research and find something better, since I guess yours is 10 years or so old?


This is a single cylinder Jacuzzi air compressor. It was built in 1969. I’m looking for the diagram type pump which uses the crank case pressure to pump oil from the tank to the crank case.

I think your only options are try to fix that one, or engineer another pump solution…

Good luck.

If I knew what the part was called it would make things easier

Yeah, for sure. Oil pump maybe – but the only way to know is finding a schematic for the pump, most likely.
And I guess you’ve noticed they don’t use anything even close to your pump currently.
You might try visiting or calling nearby spa shops. Sometimes you’ll find an old-timer what may be able to point you in the right direction.
Good luck

What about start and run capacitors say for a quiet run kobalt compressor?

I don’t know what you mean. Have you read the section on capacitors?

There should be numbers on the old capacitors just get new ones with the same values.

Hi Jason, when I bought the compressor it had no capacitors in it at all. I bought it from a second hand store for 9$ and I have been trying to get the motor to start and stay running.

Ah, so that’s what you were asking. I don’t suppose there’s any info on the motor, but if you can figure out the model or at least HP of the thing, you can search around the net for typical values for that HP. The start cap isn’t usually to picky, as all it does is give the motor a push at start-up. The RUN cap is more significant. But if it’s wrong by a lot the motor will either die or run hot. You can experiment from there. If you’re able to find a model, you might be able to… Read more »

I have a compressor head with the part/serial number DG0019247 that is made here in the US that I am looking for more information on. It came to me without a tank, name, or model number with it. Can you help me out?

You haven’t said what parts you are looking for, to post on this page, however, I’ll guess that you are looking for a tank?

A bit of research suggests that this model number relates to an air conditioning compressor, and if so, that it came without a tank would make sense.

Please post again in the “identifying an older air compressor” page, make sure you add photos as otherwise your post cannot go live, and folks will help, I’m sure.

i am looking for a electric control for MPAC-521

look here:
Is that at least similar to what you have?
You say you’re looking for a “electric control”. I think you probably mean the pressure switch. You won’t likely find an OEM switch, but there’s a page or more of info on pressure switches and how to find a replacement in the troubleshooting section.
Post a pic or three of what you’re talking about if the above doesn’t make sense to you.

I have a Karguard Industries screw compressor with 50hp John Deere diesel engine. Looking for manual and parts info.

Does it have an actual model number?
Is it stationary or on wheels?

All it says is build #882670 Year 1977
working psi 175
Wheeled unit with 50hp JD diesel engine

Maybe some pix are in order. Karguard went oob in 1972(IIRC). So maybe it’s just the tank is Karguard Industries…

Hi does anyone know where I can get parts for my energair 1 compressor I got the compressor from a friend it don’t have an electric motor don’t know what to use I also pulled the pump apart to inspect it everything looks great but I can find a gasket kit and a head gasket kit can anyone help thanks John

Does that have a model number and/or make (energair?)?
Maybe you could post a few pix so we can see what you have.
There’s a good chance you’ll have to make gaskets for it.

I’m having trouble up loading photos don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or what 3b50e6vb that’s the model number SR number C 5 184 158

Is the pump also a energair or how can I Identify What pump it has on it are there any numbers somewhere stamped on it

That number is enough.
Are you getting an error or what when you try to upload? I forget the size limit at the moment, but they may just be too large (byte wise).

The use of cell phones to take pics, often with “high resolution” or “fine” image result in files that are sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 megs in size each. If a visitor tries to upload a bunch of photos that are all of that size, that may be the issue. Try adding one photo in a comment, at a time as uploads under 5 meg seem to be OK.

Shoot. I thought that number 3b50e6vb looked good, but no.
Can you double-check, please?


Yeah, after some more searching, I did find a few with that number, but less with the energair make. Weird.
Probably needs a 5HP motor.
The pump might be a DeVilbiss, but obsolete.

Sorry, but good luck. Let us know if you find out anything more, ‘k?

Not much on those…seems it may have been an I-R branded Energair

Doug, to resurrect a post– did you ever learn anything about your 3B50E6VB?? I may be able to buy one, but can’t find any info on it. 🙂

Sorry, no.
And it wasn’t mine.

I bought a Briggs and Stratton model # 074086-00 oil less electric compressor with .5 h/p motor and 3 gal. tank from Walmart. The motor pump assembly is bad, (burnt up). I have tried Briggs and Stratton multiple times to obtain a new pump and motor assembly for this unit with no success. It is made in China and I cannot get any satisfaction in finding parts. It should be covered by warranty but no one can tell me where to even get a part number or part. It only cost $60 and I need some assistance. Can you help?

Doug the O.P. says “The motor pump assembly is bad, (burnt up).” What, exactly, is burnt up? Can you put up a pic or two of it, maybe? ” It should be covered by warranty but no one can tell me where to even get a part number or part. … Can you help?” If you registered it, they’d probably just give you a new unit. Most of these things (very small compressors) do not have any OEM parts available. And this particular unit seems to be discontinued. Still, if you can show us exactly what’s wrong, we may be… Read more »

I bought a compressir pump and motor from the local harbor freight. It takes a 3/4″ line from the compressor to the tank but i cant find anything (other than 50ft rolls). Where would i find such a thing?

You could use iron pipe.
If you want copper, probably call around to local refrigeration installers (commercial, most likely) to see if they’ll sell you a remnant…

Good luck.

Clarke air compressor model # AC2003B I am looking for Elbow exhaust # AC2003B-0038.

It’s just an elbow, isn’t it? Are the threads BSP?
Since this is a North American Clarke, it may be NPT.
Shouldn’t be too hard to find if you can figure out what it is…size and threads.

I am looking for a output pressure regulator for a Clarke model#ac2001b 4 gal pancake compressor

Larry, you have a U.S. model, yes? They are still being sold in the UK, but not in North America as far as I know.

I couldn’t find a photo of your compressor so I don’t know exactly what the outlet looks like, but I can tell you that typically any general purpose regulator with a similar pressure range will work, and they shouldn’t cost you more than $10-$20 depending on the source. On line for sure, and most big box and hardware stores that sell compressors.

Is it this, perchance?
Clarke 2HP 4 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor CLAAC2001B
Then you can remove the reg (may have to remove the gauge first), and either check the threads to insure it’s NPT, or take with you to check for a replacement.
Have fun.

I have a speedaire pump model # 2Z499C .I am looking for a replacement breather assembly that is located behind the pulley. Not sure where to get one.

Parts for these aren’t really available. Please google 2Z499C and give the part index number from the schematic, or a pic of what you’re after…