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While all compressors do the same thing, intake free air and turn it into the energy source known as compressed air, there are many different makes and models to accomplish this. Many have air compressor parts unique to that make or model, but, and that’s a big but, many different brands of compressors for sale in the U.S. and around the world come from the same factory, and as such, have many parts in common.

This means that if one “manufacturer” of compressors doesn’t have a supply chain for parts, the same compressor may be available from another “manufacturer”, and that one may have parts available for their models.

Whats here on the air compressor parts pages?

  • provides links to pages on this site that have info about different compressor parts
  • provides details about availability of some parts
  • allows visitors to pose a compressor parts question of their own

This page is here to provide a link to all the pages on this website that have information about specific air compressor parts, whether yours is a 185 CFM portable construction type compressor, or a .5 HP mini compressor for a small basement shop.

Central Pneumatic Pancake Compressor
Central Pneumatic Pancake Compressor

As you scroll down the page, if you note that there is no link to a page about an air compressor part on which you need information, please add it using the form at the bottom of the page.

Air actuators – air cylinders – General and specific information about air-actuators and air cylinders.

Air gauges – Air gauges are essential pieces of equipment for your air compressor. Your typical air compressor comes

Air lines – What air lines should be used and how big they should be to properly plumb air from the compressor to the use

Auto drains – This page is about compressor auto drains, and how they help keep your industrial air system water free. The words

Coalescent filter – Coalescent filters are sometimes used as a part compressed air treatment when the presence of compressor

Couplers – Compressed air couplers are part of the compressed air air line connection tag team, the couplers and connectors.

Filters – Compressed air filters, as well as filters of all kinds, are found everywhere…

Fittings (NPT etc.) – On this pages I’ll take a look at an individual compressed air fitting, as well as NPT fittings, metric fitting, tons

Gaskets – As noted on many other pages on this site, a frequent reason for an air compressor running, but not building

Gauges – Air gauges are essential pieces of equipment for your air compressor. Your typical air compressor comes equipped

Hose – air hose – When it comes to connecting parts of your air system or circuit together, along with the appropriate fittings,

Intercooler – If you understand that inter means between, and that cooler – well that’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it, then you get

Lubricators – Air line lubricators are devices used to provide lubricant to a compressed air operated air tool or compressor

Power supply (compressor) – This page is about your compressor power supply. Read this page for a better of understanding of the power

Pressure switch– What is a compressor pressure switch and what does it do for us air compressor users?

PRV– The term pressure relief valve or PRV is self explanatory, in a general sense. A PRV is needed in any system

Receivers – tanks for air compressors– Receivers, also known as compressor air tanks or air reservoirs, are normally located either horizontally

Regulators (air regulators)– Compressed air regulators are necessary in compressed air applications for a number of reasons, most of which are

Tanks– Do you have a question about compressed air tanks for your air compressor?

Tank check valve– Compressor tank check valves can be a source of problems on a compressor. If you wish to know more about them

Unloader valves– Unloader valves provide an important function on the air compressor.

Valves (air valves, control valves)– If you are looking for information on compressed air valves – this and other pages on this site provide a broad

And more information we hope you find useful…

About air cylinders –  This page provides general and specific information about air-actuators and air cylinders.

Heat exchangers for compressors– One way to transfer heat from compressed air is through a device called a heat exchanger.

Filter size– How can you determine the right filter size for your compressed air system?

Plastic piping for compressed air– I am nearly to the point where I will have time to run pipes to carry my compressed air round

Metric fittings– Though the threads on metric fittings look the same as those on NPT fittings, and a 1/4″ NPT fitting will

Fittings (NPT etc.)– On this pages I’ll take a look at an individual compressed air fitting, as well as NPT fittings, metric fittings

Broken compressor cooling fan– Compressor motors typically need cooling, often use a cooling fan, and over time, these compressor cooling

Are we missing information about a compressor part? If so, please add a comment asking about it, and we’ll see what information we can provide about that part for you.