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I’m pretty adept at tracking things down on line, yet finding useful information about UST air compressors was problematical. Who makes UST air compressors? The answer is that it likely was the lowest cost compressor and generator manufacturer in China. Got issues with your UST air compressors? Here is your page.

UST air compressors might have been distributed in North America by International Merchandising Service, Inc. Virtually no information about this company is available where I can find it.

The website for UST is : but when you visit, all you see is that this is the home page, and the logo for UST and a logo for tools.

International Merchandising Service Inc logo

One source says UST compressors is a line of UST ULTIMATE SOLUTION TOOLS, by International Merchandising Service, Inc. They offer Air compressors; Portable electric power generators, Hand tools, namely, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches. No further information can be found about them than their site which is that of UST. The phone number goes to an automatic answering service, but the memory is full, and no further messages can be left.

I know that at one time UST air compressors were sold through Northern Tool. They also were available from Pep Boys. Amazon sold them too and it appears as though many people acquired their UST air compressors from

Northern Tool now says the UST compressors line is discontinued. Pep Boys links for this brand takes you to a different brand. While some of the UST air compressors models are available at various outlets on line, there does not appear to be new product entering the distribution stream.

Ust Air Compressors
Ust Air Compressors

Where do you go when you have a problem with your UST compressor?

Right here!

If you have an UST Compressor and have a problem, here is your forum. If you have a question about the use of your UST Compressor, consider looking at the troubleshooting section on this site. Many compressor problems you may be experiencing are shared by lots of brands, and solutions are already found. No answer there? Add your question using the form.

If you own and use a UST Air compressor, and can add any advice to any comment we’d all appreciate it.

UST Manual

My thanks to Eric who was kind enough to send me the following manual for your use.

UST 1106C compressor manual



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Hi everyone, I have a UST 1126C and the connector between the tank and pressure gages has snapped. Any suggestions where I might be able to find a spare part or a equal compressor that I can buy the part for? Thank you.

You’ll need to improvise. As far as I can see, these things are unique.
Start by finding what the threads are – they’re probably NPT 1/4inch (that’s ID, it’d be about 3/8 OD)
Then look around for whatever is broken. Pix if you don’t know what to call it.
Or, just buy something new and scrap it.

I jave a 1126 C UST model which says on the tag you need to insert oil, but the is no oil tube near the crank case after I opened the cover. Can anyone who has this same model offer some help please?

I don’t have one, but if you post a few pix of it, maybe we can spot it for you.

I have a Model 1106C. It takes a long time to build up pressure at best 35 PSI. It does not shut the pump off at any time. If I switch it off when the pressure is there it will stay off until the pressure drops. I would like to be able to use it for blowing out my in ground sprinkler system, car spray painting, and putting air into tires. It is supposed to do 4.3 CFM @ 40PSI and 3.5 CFM @ 90 PSI. I doubt that I ever saw 90 PSI

I am the new owner of a UST 1106C that seems to be missing it’s air cleaner. The cylinder cover is in place, but the filter and it’s housing are not. Can anyone provide a source or part number?

Can you provide a pic of where it goes?
If it’s a threaded hole, you can probably use a lawnmower filter.

Since I am not quite sure on how to post pictures here, here is a link to the model.

The air cleaner is pictured on the front, and is circular. The hole to the head is not threaded, unfortunately as that thought already crossed my mind. With how cheap these are, whose to say there was actually any filter media in these in the first place?

You use the paperclip icon on the lower right of your message window – it wants something already on your computer somewhere – navigate and select…
So I’m guessing that cover thing comes off – if it’s empty, again probably a lawnmower element will be close enough, or for temporary you could use a rubber band and put a used virus mask over it…?
Anything is better than nothing, as long as it doesn’t shed macroscopic particles.
Did you get a manual of any kind with it?
How does the filter attach if it’s not threaded?

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No manual, unfortunately, this was a $20 compressor I picked up at a garage sale. The holder is gone as well, so I just have where there is supposed to be something.

Seems like there must be a piece of broken pipe in there, unless the cover is just for show. Might be plastic but probably metal.
Can you see the head in there, or remove the cover to see?

Ah, here we go, the cover is removable, and there is the threads I’ve been looking for.

Thanks. Is there a pipe or did you remove it already?
Either way, be sure you get the threads figured out – it might be metric.

It was actually the circular filter base you see in the previous picture that threads into the head. I thought it was a molded part of the cover.

Did you ever find a replacement?

The hole seems to have a 1/2″ pipe threading, so this muffler/filter should work nicely. Just ordered. I will post back once it has been delivered.

Did the filter you ordered from Amazon fit and work on your 1106C? My air filter needs to be replaced as well.

Yes, it worked and fit properly, as it should. Quieted it down a lot, too.

I have the manual that I can scan if anyone needs it.

Yes please. If you can scan it, and put the images on a document, and then covert the document to a .pdf, that would be very helpful for all.

Model 1106C Attached

Thanks Eric. The manual is up on the UST compressor page for folks to download. Cheers.

Can u suggest a size

Not yet, it’s been on the back burner, now that I at least know there are threads, I figured I’d cobble something together. I will post back here once it is done.

Mine (different make, somewhat similar direct drive) is 1/2 inch pipe thread. If you have the same unit as Michael, you might want to wait for his findings.

hi, i have a UST Tools air compressor model No. 1126C, it takes forever just to get to 50 psi, can ayy one tell me what`s wrong, also, where can i find a Manualfor it, thank you so much, Phil

Philip, as to what’s wrong, please see this link and scroll down to the appropriate pages:

If someone has a manual and wishes to send it to me, add a comment saying so here and I’ll send instructions to get it to this site, and then I’ll publish it on the UST page. So far that hasn’t happened.

Bill, I’m convinced that the ust 1126c (overstock, et al., All Power America 1/3HP 2.6-Gallon Tank Air Compressor (pep boys), and the HFT 69269 and 97080 are the same unit for all practical purposes, since none of the above has parts. The HFT model manuals are almost exactly the same and equally useless. Phillip, you can get one or both of the HFT manuals from their site. Your likely problem is going to be the piston ring. If that’s true, then your next definite problem will be to find something to replace it. It may very well be out there… Read more »

I have a ust 10 gal air compressor need piston rings and inserts blowing oil out the from resovior it’s a 2 h. P. Would love to keep it going

Oil type for 1110C air compressor?

Visit the local compressor shop and pick up enough of their compressor-rated oil for the job. Just make sure it’s compressor lubricating oil and not an oil for other purposes.