UST Power System Model 1110c can’t find parts

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by: Tina

We have UST Power System Model 1110c and can’t find parts.

The manifold (I think it’s called) is broken and I can not find parts or a breakdown anywhere.

Ust Power System Compressor (photo: Http://
Ust Power System Compressor (photo: Http://

Any help would be very much appreciated.

We will be sure to recommend our clients do not buy their air compressors from places that do not provide any manufacturer support or parts.


Hi Tina

Finding a manifold for the UST 110 C appears to be pretty difficult.

You might try asking someone at the PepBoys store if they can help, but I’d be surprised if they could.

A manifold containing the pipe from the compressor, a regulator, and a discharge coupling can be assembled from brass fittings commonly found in a decent plumbing shop.

Get the pipe, nipples, tees, male and female adapters of the same size and thread as the existing manifold.

There’s a page about doing this on this site.

Please let us know how it turned out.

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I have a yet compessor and I believe the pressure switch is broken. I have realized that there are no replacement parts offered by this brand. Could I install a generic or alternate brand pressure switch? This is what stops it when the tank is full correct?

Ryan, a “yet” compressor? New one on me. In any case, the answer to your questions is Yes and Yes. Please see: