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Identifying Curtis Compressor Models – Identifying Old Air Compressors

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Having an issue identifying a Curtis air compressor model? This article will provide you with tips on how to identify an older air compressor in order to try to source parts, find a compressor manual, or just get some online guidance on proper use and so on.

This page will also provide an opportunity for readers to post photos of their old air compressors so that someone can help identify them!

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Tips on How to Identify Curtis Compressor Model

Here are some tips for identifying a Curtis compressor model:

  • Check the backside of the tank to see if there’s a stamp that lists the year that the compressor was produced along with the manufacturer. If only the manufacturer name is present, do a google search of the brand compressors.
  • Look along all sides of the air compressor for a patent number, which is often listed near the name of the manufacturer on most older air compressors.
  • Go to google patents and run a search on the patent number (if you find it), this will provide you with basic information on the model including the manufacturer and issue date.
  • Upload images of the air compressor to a forum like this page where other compressor connoisseurs are likely to recognize the model.

For more detailed information, visit our Identifying An Older Air Compressor – Serial Numbers, Photos & Antique Air Compressor Identification guide here!

Reader Questions & Responses

Identifying Curtis Compressor Model


Bought this compressor at an estate sale recently. The tag mounted on the tank, it’s made by the Curtis MFG. CO., St. Louis. I took a rubbing because a photo wouldn’t show up. Built 1969, DIV.1, Serial #175478, Max WP 200 psi, Max Temp 400, NAIL BD No.139229, S.H. 165 HDS 142 R.H./ ELL.

Curtis Air Compressor
Curtis Air Compressor

The tag also has a capital “W” and a capital “U” inside a box stamped on it. I’ve tried all the numbers in a search to no avail.

Curtis Air Compressor
Curtis Air Compressor serial casting number

The pump’s #’s are self-explanatory………to someone who knows what they mean. I also googled all the numbers and had no luck.

Curtis Air Compressor
Curtis Air Compressor bottom of the pump

I’m looking for is the Model number of the tank and the Model number of the pump… Any help would be appreciated.

Curtis Air Compressor
Curtis Air Compressor casting number


Not much going on with older stuff on the interwebs…

If you haven’t already, the best bet is to look for Curtis’s history.

Sometimes you can tell something from old catalogs and data sheets, which aren’t usually indexed by search engines.


It’s a Kellogg pump.

Please leave a comment below if you’re able to help identify a Curtis compressor, or if you have a question yourself, with photos if applicable, so that someone can help you!

By Bill Wade

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