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Napa brand – Douglas Air? Help Identifying this compressor

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by Bilal
(Toledo, Ohio)

Hello All,

You guys have helped me out once before.

Ive done a bit of research and haven’t found much other then a brand name “Douglas Air”. which I’m fairly sure that’s what it is, not 100%.

Napa Brand Compressor?
Napa Brand Compressor?
Douglas Air Compressor?
Douglas Air Compressor?
Napa Brand, Douglas Air?
Napa Brand, Douglas Air?
Napa Brand, Douglas Air Compressor?
Napa Brand, Douglas Air Compressor?

I am hoping someone can identify what model it is as well and if there is any specifications, manual/parts list or parts available for it.

it was sold under the Napa brand name on a 120 gallon tank & 7.5hp motor.

Your help is much appreciated!

Thank you,



by: Roger

This looks like a Schulz pump.


It’s originally a Douat compressor in brazil
by: Andrew

These pumps were imported by Douglas Air for the Knapp air system.

We can still get some parts for them, you cannot kill the bottom and (Contact information has been removed, to ensure that all responses will be available to all visitors to this site. Please post the parts source here. Thanks – Moderator)


Douglas 2057
by: Bilal

Yes, its a Douglas 2057. I rebuilt it, needed high pressure piston and pin and new valves with plates.
Assured Air compressors out of Georgia helped me with parts.


Douat air compressor
by: Andrew

This is a Douat air compressor made in Brazil.

Wetzel bought them in the early 90s, soon after wayne dresser and Wetzel joined forces then Schulz bought them out. This WTV20 pump has a bottom end that you cannot kill. WE have the old Douglas Air phone number 912 384 9220 and can get most parts for that and other pumps.


Douat air compressor
by: Bill

Thanks for taking the time, Andrew. We all appreciate the info.

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By Bill Wade

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