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Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors – Help, Information, Manuals, Service Locations

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Sullivan Palatek air compressors are not new to the North American compressor marketplace. If you are seeking information on Sullivan Palatek compressors and have not been able to obtain it from them, the forum on this page will help.

Over thirty years ago, a fledgling company was formed to supply services to existing compressor companies. Today, through acquisition and being acquired themselves, Sullivan-Palatek air compressors offer a broad assortment of electric and portable compressors from 5 HP up to 495 HP, those in their VFD series.

Sullivan Paletek Air Compressors
Sullivan Paletek Air Compressors

Along with plant-type air compressors, this reputable company also manufactures and supports a broad range of construction-type portable compressors with a variety of capacities and engine power plants.

If you have a problem with your Sullivan Palatek air compressor, the first place you want to go to is the manufacturer. Contact information is:

Sullivan-Palatek, Inc.
1201 West US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 874-2497
Fax: (219) 809-0203
Toll free: (800) 438-6203

New Sullivan-Palatek air compressors are available from select industrial compressor distributors in North America and in many countries. Contact the head office for information about the distributor nearest you. There is also a broad range of after-market Sullivan-Palatek compressors available online via the various industrial auction houses, and some vendors can provide reconditioned compressors as well.

If you would like some help from other users, do use the following form to get assistance with your Sullivan-Palatek air compressor problem from fellow owners, users, and maintenance people. This is the place where you can both ask a question about your compressor problem or help another by offering an answer to their question via the form below or on any of the pages with comments and questions about Sullivan-Palatek compressors on this site.

Thanks to all the questioners and very much to those who take valuable time to comment suggestions for folks.


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