Central Pneumatic Air Compressors – Information, Manuals, Service Locations

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In North America Central Pneumatic air compressors are available at, and are the house compressor brand of, Harbor Freight Tools and are sold nationwide through their own stores.

This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Central Pneumatic Information

The Central Pneumatic compressor line is also available on line, and through select distribution in other countries.

This brand of compressors appears to be targeted to the DIY market, small workshops and the automotive repair market with fractional HP through to 5 HP air compressors with the largest tank size being 60 gallon. They also have at least one model of gas powered air compressor.

Central Pneumatic pancake type air compressor
Central Pneumatic pancake type air compressor

Over the years this site has been here, owners of this brand have been kind enough to sent me information in digital form about these compressors, and I’ve uploaded it below for your use. Download at your convenience. If you have a digital format of any Central Pneumatic compressor, please contact me and I’ll arrange to upload it here for others to use!

Central Pneumatic Contact Information

Harbor Freight Tools Corporate Headquarters is located in the city of Calabasas in Los Angeles County, California.:

T: 1-800-444-3353
E: [email protected]
W: www.harborfreight.com

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Manuals

A number of central pneumatic air compressor manuals are readily available for your download here:

Central Pneumatic Air Compressors Available on Amazon

I have found a Central Pneumatic air compressor readily available on Amazon. This is a 2.5 HP 21 Gallon air compressor that offers 4.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

I have picked out some Central Pneumatic air compressor replacement parts readily on Amazon. The first is this OEM pressure switch control valve which boasts terrific reviews!

Below is a OEM replacement air compressor head gasket kit with reed valves suitable for Central Pneumatic and Harbor Freight compressors.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

If you have had any issues or have comments to make about your use of your Central Pneumatic air compressor, other users would like to hear from you.

First, you might want to review the troubleshooting pages on this site. The majority of issues posted about the Central Pneumatic air compressor line are problems encountered by many brands of compressors and the answer to your questions is likely already there! For example, why air compressors run but don’t build pressure, why they won’t shut off, why they blow breakers, and so on.

If, after reading the links below to see if any suit, you don’t find and answer to your Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight compressor issue, scroll to the bottom of the page to ask you question.

Earlier visitor Central Pneumatic questions & answers:

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If you have any questions about Central Pneumatic compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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I have a 47065 model. I have purchased all new switches and gages. I need the rubber flapper and cannot find anywhere. Any ideas where i can find. That was only thing wrong, just went ahead and going to replace all.

Recently aquired CP 21g 5hp compressor. won’t build past 40# What oil is required for it – manual only says about 30oz of ??? Some trouble shooting hints, never did one before. Thank you in advance, have a great day !

As in Harbor Freight tools? Please give the model/item number.
You can use the quart (32oz) HFT stuff.
What happens at 40 psi? Does it just keep running, no more pressure, or?
And there is oil in it? So it’s used?
There are loads of trouble shooting tips here. Start at the first page.

I have explored your site and found it very interesting and informative. It has given me things to try to resolve my problem, but, my problem remains as follows. I have an older Central Pneumatic 8 Gal 2 HP compressor #95386. This model does not have the pop-up vent on the head. As with many of these, it works fine when charging from empty, but when trying to cut-in during normal use, the motor “struggles”, won’t start, and trips the reset. I have eliminated both the check-valve and the capacitor as problems. I completely disconnected the capacitor, made sure it… Read more »

John, your thinking is correct, but I think the conclusion is a bit off. Doing that might be a work-around.
However, it worked before, so it ought to work now, else there is a problem, yes?
Have you checked that where the capacitor connects there is a motor winding? It will probably be low resistance, almost a D.C. short.
Further, I cannot tell from the schematic, but is that a dual capacitor in one case?
How many wires into the motor?
Some pix of both might help.

Doug, Thanks very much for your reply! I am attaching two photos. It is a single capacitor (two wires), that sits under the motor. It is attached by a stud at the left end in the pictures. I opened the cap wires again and read 2.3 ohms across the motor leads. I get your point about it worked before, etc. Since there are so many of these (cheap) compressors with similar problems, it indicates to me less-than-robust design and manufacturing. I am not complaining about this. I got what I paid for. This compressor is 20-ish years old, and has… Read more »

I see. Musing follows. A couple of things – have you ever changed the oil? It could be a bit thick. There’s a chance the capacitor is going open under load, but it would cost to find out, unless you have another one on hand. Finally, if you want to check the loading theory, you could slightly loosen one end of the exhaust pipe to see if that’s enough to let it start, and still fill. If that works, then you know what to do. Besides, if you’re painting, you probably ought to get an oil-free compressor, unless you plan… Read more »

Thanks again. Good suggestion about the oil. The manual for the compressor is naturally quite adamant about maintaining the correct oil level but does not even mention draining or changing it. Since I cannot remember ever changing it, I will make that my next step. Thanks.

Hey there, I’ve been searching trying to find the answers on your site, but am stumped. I have a Harbor Freight 61454 21 Gallon 2.5hp compressor that seems to trip the reset button due to heat (?) It’ll build up to 30-40 lbs then kicks the reset out. The motor is warm, but not too hot (I could be wrong, LOL!) There’s no leaks that I can hear at the pressure switch or check valve. And the thing holds whatever air pressure is in the tank. I also adjusted the cut in, cut out and it was able to get… Read more »

Did you read this?


It’s as good and complete as any description as I’ve seen.

I own a Central Pneumatic 10 gal.,2 1\2hp, air compressor, that won’t start. It did at one time then suddenly stopped.

Maybe check out the troubleshooting page on this site? It has a page about just this problem linked from it.

I’ve been having issues with my central pneumatic item where it builds pressure up to 40 psi and stops.

I’m not entirely sure what could be as there doesn’t appear to be any issues with leaks.

Unfortunately I have the older model of this and it didn’t come with the user manual when I bought it so have been scratching my head a lot on where to look next.

Jimmy, does is always build to exactly 40 PSI and stops?

Is there power flowing through the pressure switch to the motor circuit after the compressor stops?

Please advise as a comment and include the model number and a photo or two of your compressor so facts can see which of the many models of Central Pneumatic air compressors you are talking about, K?

Hi Bill,

My apologies as I thought I had included my model number previously. It’s model/item 47065 21 gallon upright compressor but is the older style that had the orange label and a black on/off switch instead of the red push button.

What happens is that the pressure builds to 40 psi and continues to run but the pressure doesn’t increase past this point.

At one point while we were working on a project over the weekend we continued to let it run for about 15-20 minutes with it not gaining a single amount past 40 psi.

Hi Jimmy. That’s not an unusual problem and caused by a few things. There’s a page on it linked from the troubleshooting page on this site, the page about compressors that run but don’t build pressure.

Lucky you – here’s the manual – although it may not be much actual help.

I’ve seen that one quite a few times but it seems to be for the newer model of that same compressor. Not everything is lining up as it does on the new manual.

OK. Thanks for the pix. I’ll see if I can come up with that one.

Thank you. That would be great.

Well, if you really want that manual, you *may* be able to get it from CS at HFT. But they are notoriously bad at parts anyway, so it likely wouldn’t help. It looks like it may be the same pump, but even if it is, HFT still isn’t going to be any help with parts, almost guaranteed. If you’ve taken earlier advice, you may have decided it has a blown head gasket, for instance. There may be a suitable replacement out there, but it’s probably easier to just make your own, or replace the entire pump. Let us know what… Read more »

Yeah, after doing some additional troubleshooting on the issue it does seem to be gasket related. I’ve since ordered a valve plate kit and am just trying to get to the very bottom gasket on the pump since I figure that’s going to be damaged as well.

And yeah, HFT was of zero assistance when it came to finding replacement parts.