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Central Pneumatic air compressor air hose will not fit?

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I got a central pneumatic air compressor but my air hose won’t fit to it. Is there something I can do so that that it will?

Plumbing From Tank To Discharge Coupler On Air Compressor Https://www.about Air Compressors.com
Plumbing From Tank To Discharge Coupler On Air Compressor

The hose on the end is 1/4 and the end of the air compressor size is 1/8

Usually the air hose is connected to the air compressor using a connector on the end of the hose and a coupler on the air compressor. Are you saying that your compressor doesn’t have a coupler?

The air line connector is plugged into a coupler that is on the discharge line from the compressor, allowing air to flow from the tank, through the coupler, and into the air line to the air tool.

I have uploaded a photo to demonstrate. The air line from the tank ends at the discharge coupler (brass fitting) located on the line to the right in the photo.

Typically, also, the compressor comes equipped with a discharge coupler on the end of the pipe from the air tank. If you are missing your discharge coupler on the end of the discharge pipe from the compressor, add one. Yours will need a 1/8 female port from what you have written.

On the end of the hose install get a connector with a female thread same size as the hose thread, and with the connector end the same type that the coupler uses so they fit together.

Usually one end of the hose will have a coupler installed, and the other end has the connector that plugs into the coupler on the compressor.

More details on couplers, connectors, and air plumbing on various pages on this site. In particular, look at the NPT page to ensure that the 1/8″ port really isn’t 1/4″. NPT sizes are not the same as inch sizes.

It does sound as though you air hose needs some fittings, though. Is that the case?

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By Bill Wade

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