by Robert Argiro
(Kirkville, NY)

It turns over very slowly and then trips the breaker. I have to shut it off and then wait for the click and retry several times before it eventually speeds up and starts, Any ideas seems like there is a load on it but I have tried two brand new units with same results.

thanks, Bob

Similar problem solved using a different outlet
by: Anonymous

I too have a Harbor Freight compressor that wouldn’t start when cold without repeatedly popping its reset switch. I moved the compressor to another branch circuit, and it fired right up. Both circuits are 15A, but there are several other appliances on the first circuit, and I think there just wasn’t enough juice left for the compressor. (Both outlets are outdoors, so temperature is not a factor.)


21 gallon
by: Anonymous

I discovered after only two days that to cold start my 21 gallon vertical compressor the tank needs to be empty. Starts right up every time now. Ironically it should be empty and free of condensation before it is stored. Easy fix.


21 gallon compressor cold start
by: Bill

I suspect that the reduction in back-pressure load, created by draining the tank, is the most important factor in helping your Central Pneumatic cold-start.

Yet, draining the tank after every use is recommended, so it’s a win – win, regardless of why this helps the start up. Good stuff!


“Back Pressure Load”
by: Anonymous

I found that when I drain the tank the compressor starts right up without hesitation and functions properly. Thanks for the affirmation.

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