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This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible on DeVilbiss air compressors, where you can seek help, download manuals, and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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DeVilbiss Information

I don’t believe that DeVilbiss Air Compressors are actually being built anymore. As I understand it the DeVilbiss air compressor company has morphed into a company called both DV Systems and Devair air compressors, depending on where you are in the world.

If you are looking for information on DV or Devair compressors, please see the Devair Air Compressor page on this site.

There was still a company in North America with the name DeVilbiss that is involved with compressed air products. That company name was DeVilbiss Air Power Company, however recently (Apr 2018) a visitor was kind enough to send us data to update the info on this page. He alerted us to the fact that this firm is no longer in business, and may have become connected somehow to Porter Cable.

Devilbiss Air Compressors
Devilbiss Air Compressors

The numbers of true air compressor manufacturers seem to dwindle as the sources shrink, don’t they?

I do know that DV Systems / Devair offer parts and support for the older, industrial DeVilbiss Air Compressor line, so visit their page on this site for contact information

The purpose of this page is to provide an online location for folks that own DeVilbiss Air Compressors to share information with other users and to get help from them if traditional sources cannot help.

For information on DeVilbiss Compressor Oil – Choosing Oil, How Much To Use & Changing It please visit our guide!

DeVilbiss Manuals

If you have any DeVilbiss compressor manuals in digital form and would like to give them to others, please contact me and I’ll be happy to add them to this page for others to have. Here is one manual that others have provided for you to download if you wish.

DeVilbiss Compressors Associates

Over the years DeVilbiss compressors were made for, or sold under, the following names. Source:

  • 2X4
  • Accuspray
  • Air America
  • American IMC
  • Blue Point
  • Charge Air Pro
  • Companion
  • Craftsman
  • DAPC
  • Delta
  • Delta Shopmaster
  • Delta Workshop
  • DeVilbiss
  • Ex-Cell
  • Force Int’l
  • Husky
  • Impact
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Matco
  • Porter-Cable
  • Power Tools
  • Pro 4000
  • Pro Air
  • Pro Air II
  • Rand 4000
  • Senco
  • Snap-On
  • Speedaire
  • Steel Driver Series
  • Superior Fastener
  • Tradesman
  • W R Brown
  • Westward

DeVilbiss Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

I have picked out a couple of DeVilbiss air compressor parts that are readily available on Amazon. The first is a pressure switch that is compatible with Y6010-WK and Y601WK models of DeVilbiss compressors.

The second is an Amazon choice 4-port regulator for DeVilbiss air compressor models: CPF6020 Type-2, CPLDC2541S Type-0, CPLDC2541S Type-1, C5100 Type-1, C5101 Type-0, CPF6020-W Type-0.

DeVilbiss Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

Some more pages found on this site with comments, questions, answers, and information about DeVilbiss compressors:

This DeVilbiss air compressors page is a place to post a question about a problem you are having with your Devilbiss using the comment form at the end of this page.

If you use, now own, or used to own Devilbiss air compressors, and want to share your experience with maintaining these compressors perhaps you can offer assistance with a comment on a question another visitor has posted?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is DeVilbiss?

DeVilbiss is a manufacturing company that has gained a formidable reputation over the years for producing quality products. They are best known for manufacturing products in the finishing industry, such as low-pressure manual and automatic spray guns and accessories.

If you have any questions about Quincy compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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Hi trying to identify this devilbliss compressor from 1979

Doug: sorry about the delay in replying to your question. p/n might be 1 ut 095J. It is about 2 inches from and attached to the field windings of the motor. Can you open the zip file for the pictures?

I can, and did, but you could have been able to post them directly, unzipped.
Anyway, that thing seems to be unobtanium, so I’ll just refer you to this discussion, and you can decide for yourself what to do.

Good luck.

for the benefit of other readers…


I have a DeVilbiss RAC5E20AD electric motor air compressor and am looking for an owners manual and parts list

My DeVilbiss model DFA153 compressor quit. I disassembled. There is a small device (approx 5/8 x 3/8 x 1/8 inches) on the black wire going from the switch to the motor. The motor runs when this device is bypassed. Appears to be a thermal overload switch, that has remained open. KLIXON IUT 095J. Anybody have one or know where I can find one?

You sure about the part #? Can you post pix?
Was it in or close to the motor?

I picked up a DeVilbiss Charge Air Pro, 4hp, 20 gal, model IRF420-2 at an estate liquidation. I need to know the locked rotor amps to determine electrical load.

Can’t say what locked is, but these usually work with 30A if it’s 120V.

Ok, so after leaving the comment below I walked into my backyard to find the pump pulley on the ground with the motor still running. It was a blessing in disguise bc this is the first time I heard any air leaving the tank after it was turned off. I was able to isolate the leak and its coming from the stem of the pressure switch at the cast thread. Might have cracked the cast at some point. Im getting 15psi with the leak. Still bothered by the bouncing spring though.

Hard to be certain without pix, but I think the spring is part of a pressure switch, and it’s stuck in the unload position. That position is meant to relieve pressure on the pump to make it easier to restart. It’s supposed to close when the pump starts, so you get the pump pressure into the tank.
There’s a section here on pressure switches. Take a look and see if it leads to a solution.

Good luck.

I have a HUBL 5030 that will not fill. I’ve plumber taped all pipe threads and I used a plumber paste on all the welds. I dont know any terminology so bare with me. After the intake air goes through copper to a double holed casted part and goes down to the tank. From reading the 2 hole is a pressure switch. Inside one of the springs is lose and bounces. If everything is sealed and oil is good. Could the bouncing spring be my issue. Is the piece in the middle supposed to hold the spring down which is… Read more »

I have a (Air Compressor America) compressor from Devilbiss Air Power Co., Model# FTV530-1, 125 (PSI)/60 (Hz)/ 1phase/ 14.0 (Amps) I am trying to find any information on this compressor (manual, reviews, etc.), please direct me in the right area or website.

I have a Air America DeVilbiss electric air compressor, model # F5030. I am trying to determine what might be wrong with the compressor. Once I plug it in it turns over very slowly and then blows my circuit breaker. I’m not certain if the motor is shot or possibly a bad compressor switch. Is there a way to test or troubleshoot the problem?

yep. Not the switch, more likely start capacitor or a 220V motor at 110.
Click the logo at the top of page and scroll down the troubleshooting. Pick your symptom and do the tests.
If you get stuck, report what you tested and the result(s).

Here is what I tested. I discharged all the air from the tank. I plug the air compressor in to a 120 outlet. I flipped the switch on the compressor and the motor attempted to turn over for 2-3 seconds then it tripped the breaker. Like you mentioned I believe the switch is ok since it transfered power to run the compressor. I then removed both capacitors and tested with my multimeter and set it to the uf setting. The black capacitor had a reading of 568 witch fell within the range, listed on the label, 540-648 MDF. The shorter… Read more »

I tried to attach images but it doesn’t appear they came through?

google – ebay or amazon. good luck. The open one sounds like a run capacitor. If that’s the case, in addition to replacing it, you want to check that the contacts in the switch at the rear of the motor are closed when the motor is stopped. If they aren’t, that helps explain the slow start.

Yeah, if pix are working, you’ll get a thumbnail of it below the text box. It’s the site, not you.

I am having the same problem, replaced the run capacitor and pressure switch which was leaking from unloader valve. Motor starts up runs slow for a few seconds tripping the breaker. What else could be the problem?

Was the pressure switch “leaking” continuously when the pump stopped? It’s supposed to do that – open valve when motor stops. If it’s draining air from the tank at that point, you have an actual leak in the check valve, where the 1/4″ line goes to the tank. It also is where the line from the pump goes to the tank.
You’ll want to remove that assembly and see if it’s just clogged up. If you can clean it up so it seals, great. Otherwise you’ll have to replace it.
Good luck.

Upon startup the pump motor will turn and run for a few seconds then trip the breaker. Hard to say if it’s leaking from pressure switch or check valve cause it has no time to build up air in system.

So what model is this?
When you say it runs a few seconds, is it struggling during that time?
Have you checked the start capacitor, if it has one?

I have a DeVilbiss FB5520VP-WK and yes it struggles then trips the breaker. It has a run cap but no start capacitor.

Are you sure there’s not a start cap? The drawing I found (for a type 0) shows two external covers. Usually that means a start cap.

Also, is it struggling even with an empty tank?

There’s only one and it’s a run capacitor with a rating of 30 mf. Still struggles with no air in tank.

Check valve has been inspected and cleaned. Started pump motor again without tubing being fitted into check valve, felt air pumping but motor will run a little longer with no pressure in tank but still trips the breaker. What could be the issue? (Pressure switch, bad unloader valve, motor?)


Huh. So that motor isn’t documented as far as I can tell. “(Pressure switch, bad unloader valve, motor?)” Not PS or unloader, given it struggles even with the output line disconnected. Might be the motor. See if you get continuity across the wires that go to the cap with the cap disconnected. It should an ohm or two. If not, you can try to see where it’s broken and maybe fix. Another possible is the intake filter is clogged, but I suppose you already looked at that. This unit has worked for you in the past, right? And it’s 120V?… Read more »

I have a 1HP Sears 2 cylinder belt drive made by Devibliss in 1978. I had the same issue with it. There are two windings in the motor, one to start and one to run with a centrifugal switch inside the motor. On mine, the spring tension on the switch was off slightly causing it to stay on the start winding.

That’s interesting. You fixed it?
Were able to bend something so it worked, or did you replace it?

I was able to bend the spring to allow it to switch to the run winding at lower RPM. It has been running great since. Fixed ~1988

Super. Thanks for that.

We have an ancient Steel Driver Series Devilbliss 2 hp/4 gallon air compressor, model SDSC2E4STD. I was using it yesterday with a staple gun. After about a half hour, the pressure in the compressor dropped to 40psi, too low to operate the staple gun. I tried turning the compressor off, then on again. The engine tried to start, but could not quite get there (the sound like a car makes with a dying battery). After 24 hours, I flipped the switch and on it came – no problem. I turned it off. Came back later to use it; the pressure… Read more »

Yeah. Not familiar with that model, Still: One is a bad check valve at the tank. Another is a bad motor capacitor. Another is a bad unloader. Almost always there is a valve near the bottom of the tank(s)for draining water. Look for it. open it slowly and not pointing it at anything. There will be rusty water. You will lose all pressure after a while. Close the valve, see if it starts. Does it go to full pressure? Or die around 40PSI? Turn it off. Ether way, open the valve and let all the air out. Turn back on.… Read more »

Hello, I was wondering what type of compressor I have. It’s got to be 100 yrs old and still running. I’m restoring it now, found a broken piston ring on one and would like to find another somehow. Two cylinders, same size. I was trying to find original color which I think was dark green. Anyone with ANY information would help. I’m even having trouble finding pictures that even look like this pump and motor


been a month and have called and emailed people across the country and Canada. I am still surprised no one has ever seen this compressor before… and no information found at all

Hastings for rings.
Maybe someone with the same unit will see your pix – they’re on google now – and have a clue for you.

The problem here is that very little on the internet predates 1990 or so.

Just (Nov 20200) picked up a 432 (4 Cyl -2-stage) from HGR Ind Surplus in Euiclid Ohio. for $249. – Its branded as “Erie Meter” – who used to make and sell gas pumps and sell other service station equipment.but it’s got the “DV: logo on the unloader. so we found it to be a Devilbis 423. – It’s got a brand new SINGLE phase 5HP motor on it no less. . Didn’t even take it off the truck and ran 240 volts out to it and it ran like a champ. I tached out the pump RPM at 435… Read more »

Impressive. And lucky you.
I would only caution that if you change the pulley, it might get loud enough to hear. ?

I just bought a DeVilbiss Model DAC-501 “1 1/2 HP Trail Boss”
This is my very first air compressor. I have not idea what the CFM is for this. I have been searching for the user manual online, but don’t see it anywhere. Anyone have one here?

I don’t see a manual either, but pretty much any manual (say from HFT) will cover everything except parts. And it looks like the only part available is the drive belt, anyway.
Specs attached.

I am trying to find out what the CFM is for this Devilbiss pro air model SDO 55582.


Howdy from Texas: We are restoring a compressor unit for a WWII Diamond-T 969A twin boom wrecker. The unit is driven by a Briggs and Stratton model WI engine. The pump is a DeVilbiss model 1202,serial# C77168, with a valve unloader for operation by a gas engine. We have the Ordinance Supply Catalog, a DeV. service bulletin 30:250-A (probably from the ’60s), and a current Devair parts list off the internet. The part numbers from the DeV parts lists are similar, but do not match the Ordinance part numbers. The actual question is: is there any way to cross reference… Read more »

I’m not especially familiar with that, but if you haven’t already, try looking in the steel soldiers site. They have better knowledge than I. You may have to sign up, but it’s worth it. Do poke around before you ask…your answer may well be there already.

Good luck.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doug in

I never considered Steel Soldiers or G503.
I am on both forums, as we rebuild quite a few military engines. We had at least 3 engines on the beach at Normandy for the 75th. 2 270 GMC in CCKWs, and one Jeep that we are aware of.

Hi Bryan! I also have a model 1202 with the ser. no. C9062. Are you saying that this pump is as old as WW2? I thought this was from the 60’s. Also would you be kind enough to provide me with the Devair equivalent for this pump? I am looking the a new piston.

Thanks from Québec, Canada

DeVilbiss March 2020, I have a DeVILBISS air compressor. One side of body has, 225-4-2 cast in, other side of body has 5 11 48 cast in it. I think 225 is the model number? Thinking it was made 11 May 1948? Looking for any information as far as CFM, size of motor needed, CW or CCW, RPM, parts list. As both cylinders appear to suck fresh air thru the same air filter, guessing it’s a dual piston single stage compressor. I do NOT think it’s a model 330 as only 330 I have seen were dual stage, large low… Read more »

I have a Charge Air Pro Model 1RFA153 that the supply tube from the compressor to the tank has broken off. Is there a parts schematic or repair note on how to repair or a parts list?

Grover, the problem with a visitor not posting a couple of photos with their question is, if there is limited info on the web about the make and model, it’s difficult to answer a parts question as we cannot see what your machine looks like. I’m sure you’ve looked and not found any or much info on your Charge Air Pro Model 1RFA153 too. If you have the remnants of the old tube, take it to a good plumbing shop and they should be able to craft you one to match. Or, google “replacement air supply pump to tank tube”… Read more »

Not that I can find;
not even a pic. But, if you send a pic or three of the broken area(s) we may be able to give you some ideas…How old is it, BTW?

Looking at an old twin tank (1996) Devilbiss Steeldriver series, but have no idea on offering a fair price.


Depends. As with used anything.
Is it functional?
Tank in good shape?
Are parts available?

Functional (runs).. Holds air. Don’t know about parts availability.

Looking for info on my devilbiss compressor type PL501. any help is appreciated

I’ve got DAC-501, but not PL….Can you send pix of the info plates? May not help, but you never know…
Is there no tank, or a small one? Was the base plate possibly removed from a tank?

Theres a small tank underneath. here is the data tag

Crud. Sorry, I got nothing for you.

I’m looking for 501 parts manuals and info also HELP

Looking for a pressure shut off regulator. My Mod #PAFB5025 will not shut off

Hey Ed, might you mean the pressure switch as the pressure shut off regulator? If so, what’s the issue? The compressor blows by the normal cut out and pops the PRV, or the tank pressure never gets to the shut off pressure? Your answers might mean that it’s not the pressure switch at all. Please comment.

I just would like to say thank you . and that i have learned from this page but as i don’t know a lot about air compressors i
have found one i can find nothing about . Please if you could help me out with a manual or tell me anything i would be so blessed. i don’t even know if it is supposed to be on a tank .

(Posting moved to this page – Moderator)

The typical manual will not tell you very much. At best, most of the time, you may get a parts diagram, but no useful part numbers, or specs to use to buy replacements.
This unit is oil-less, so there’s nothing to do but keep it clean and dry.

Still, Mike, here is a manual for a unit *similar* to yours, except yours has no tank.

Have fun.

I have a Devilbiss pro 4000 and i need a new regulator #ac-0007 but it is discontinued any ideas on what will replace it.

Hi Ron. I moved your post to the Devilbiss compressor page. The Pro 4000 came in a bunch of configurations, and the absence of a photo of yours makes it a bit difficult to be sure, yet I’m confident that if what you mean by regulator is the device to control the downstream air pressure, any general purpose regulator with the same pressure range and fitting size would do the job. If I’m off the mark, please add a comment clarifying.