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by Larry
(Kelso Washington)

I have a DeVilbiss air compressor model 330 circa 1942. I would like to source parts for it, where should I look?

Compressor shown is a DeVilbiss 330 air compressor, just not Larry’s!

DeVilbiss 330 air compressor

Howdy Larry.

Two things come to mind about finding parts for an old DeVilbiss air compressor.

Have a look at the Repairs page on this website and see if any of the repair depots are close enough for you to contact them.

Or, to quote their site, ” DeVilbiss Air Power Company has over 2000 Authorized Warranty Service Centers throughout the United States and Canada that provide the highest possible level of customer service. Contact an Authorized Warranty Service Center to order parts, accessories, or for warranty repair work.”

So visit the home page for Devilbiss and follow their links to find their repair shops in the state of Washington.