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Bostitch compressor has burnt smell

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Bostitch no power, won’t start, electrical burn smell?

by Paul
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Bostitch pancake compressor, no power, electrical burn smell when turned on for less than 1 second, then electrical burn smell.

Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor
Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor

Beginner level of knowledge worth trying to fix?


Bostitch burnt smell
by: Bill

I don’t know what model is yours, Paul. I’ve uploaded an image, but don’t know if this is your Bostitch compressor or not.

This one has an ON/OFF switch. If it’s the switch that’s burnt, it’s only a few dollars to replace.

Of course, the issue is what’s burnt, and what’s it cost to replace whatever has failed. No way I can know with the information you’ve provided.

You need to use a multimeter to trace the power flow to find where it stops, and that may identify the part in question.

Or, simply bypass the ON/OFF switch for a quick check to see if that’s the problem.

The compressor I’ve shown retails for around $110 or so. If it’s a motor that’s failed, for example, the motor cost may exceed that value.

If you decide to replace, don’t toss out the old compressor. Keep whatever parts off it are suitable as replacement parts for the new one.

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By Bill Wade

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