Capacitor for Central Pneumatic 67847

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I can not find the capacitor for 67847?

i have looked up the numbers on the capacitor and there are no capacitors that we can find on the internet with those numbers so we can not replace it.

I have the Central Pneumatic model: 67847

Central Pneumatic 67847 air compressor
Central Pneumatic 67847 air compressor

What it is doing is shutting off and won’t run no longer than 30 seconds. then you have to reset it, and after you rest it, it will do the same thing. No matter how much air is in the tank.


Capacitor for 67847
by: Bill

I suggest you have a look at the troubleshooting pages on this site for the page links for information on things to check when an air compressor acts like yours is.

Though, based on your compressor symptoms, the capacitor may be the issue. You did test it? There’s a page here on this site to show to do that.

Then, read the page on capacitors to find out how you can replace the existing one with a non-OEM version.

It’s all on this site for your use. Please help yourself and let us know how it worked out will you?

Visit our Air Compressor Capacitor Guide for more information on capacitors.

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