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Some folks take it upon themselves to take a wreck of an air compressor, not even necessarily an old one, just one that’s been beat up by where and how it’s been used, and they expend their time, energy and money rebuilding the beast, and they end up with a beautifully restored air compressor.

Are you one of those folks? If so, this page is for you.

We recently had a post on the  about identifying an older compressor page, and the commenter, rightly so, was proud of the end result of the compressor restore. Just below is one little taste of a beautifully restored air compressor. We wish they had uploaded more than one photo so we could see more.

It’s your turn now.

Have you restored a beat up old compressor and made it beautiful?  If so, I’d like to invite you to use this “bragging wall” about air compressor restoration to let folks see your work.

You are welcome to add a comment below with up to five photos of your air compressor… and do know that we all want to see more photos rather than less. Also, in your comments please provide details of the challenges you met and overcame in the build.

If you have a video of your compressor, please provide the URL of the video. If it suits I’ll embed the video in your compressor page for access to all.

Thanks a bunch. We can’t wait to see your air compressor beauty!