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Best Air Compressors For Impact Wrenches

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If you own an impact wrench you are likely familiar with the struggle of trying to find an appropriate compressor that supplies a sufficient amount of air which will allow it to work properly.

Failing to invest in the best air compressor is likely to lead to difficulties when trying to use your impact wrench. This is where we come in.

We have selected and reviewed our top 10 picks of the best air compressors on the market. Each of these units are capable of running an impact wrench along with many other tools.

They also vary in size with some portable options and others that are more robust and industrial. To aid you during the purchasing process, we have also provided a brief buyer’s guide.

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Best Air Compressors For Impact Wrenches

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PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

If you are looking for a reasonably priced air compressor for your impact wrench, the PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free Air Compressor could be the perfect choice for you.

It provides a stable output of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI and has an impressively fast recovery time.

The tank has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. As such, the volume of air is going to result in longer tool run times.

Moreover, the low amp 120V motor will still start during colder weather, and the vital components are protected by a cover that is going to prevent them from getting damaged.

This air compressor can easily be transported between locations as and when required thanks to the handles and the pancake-style tank.

You can use the valve which can be located on the body of the compressor to drain the water and the two regulated factory-installed air couplers can support two users.


  • Durability – the oil-free pump has a generous lifespan but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • Weight – this air compressor weighs 30 lbs and is easy to carry.
  • Usability – the controls and features are clearly displayed on the body of the air compressor.


  • Noise – this air compressor can be quite loud when functioning which some may find distracting.

Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor

The Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor is a portable model that weighs 29 lbs. As such, it is easy to carry when needed and can be conveniently stored in between uses.

The 6 gallon tank has a max PSI of 150 and delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. For this reason, you can run your tools over a prolonged period. Moreover, it also has a quick recovery time.

Thanks to the highly efficient, powerful motor, this air compressor will continue to function well during colder temperatures.

The combination of a high flow regulator and couplers are expected to enhance the performance of the compressor and the tools that are connected to it.

As this is an oil-free compressor, you are not going to be confronted with any oil spills and stains.

This also eliminates the need for any regular maintenance. Furthermore, it is equipped with two universal couplers which can support two users at any one time.


  • Cost – this is a fairly affordable air compressor which is an ideal choice for those on a budget.
  • Warranty – as you are covered by a 1 year limited warranty, there is help available should you encounter any issues.
  • Noise – if you work in a quiet environment, this air compressor is an appropriate option as it does not produce a lot of noise when functioning.


  • Vibration – Unfortunately, some customers have reported that the unit is prone to vibrating which causes it to move along the surface on which it is positioned.

California Air Tools Powerful Air Compressor

As a brand, California Air Tools is renowned for creating high-quality air compressors and the 10020C Oil-Free Powerful Air Compressor is no exception. It has a powerful 2.0 HP motor and low amp draw.

Aside from this, it is also equipped with a 10 gallon air tank which allows for continuous functionality of your impact wrench.

In regards to pressure capacity, this air compressor provides 6.40 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI which is more than adequate for a wrench.

As this unit is equipped with an oil-free pump it does not need to be heavily maintained and this is going to help to reduce your costs.

Some may consider oil-free compressors to be less hardy but this is not the case with this model as it remains to be very durable.

If you often work in colder temperatures you will be pleased to know that this air compressor remains suitable for use.

As it does not use oil, it can be positioned on uneven terrain because you don’t have to worry about any spillages.


  • Noise – this air compressor only produces 70 decibels of sound which is considerably less than other units.
  • Portability – As this air compressor is designed with wheels, it is easy to maneuver to different locations.
  • Usability – using this air compressor needn’t be a challenge as the controls are clearly displayed.


  • Quality – the quality of this air compressor could be improved as some of the components are prone to deteriorating after a few uses.

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Equipped with a cast iron pump, the Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor is exceptionally durable and will deliver long-lasting use. The combination of the big bore cylinder and the piston have a fast recovery time.

Moreover, the components have impressive performance capabilities and will ensure that your impact wrench functions smoothly.

This air compressor houses a 3.0 HP motor and this produces 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI so it is highly unlikely that you are going to be disappointed in this unit’s productivity.

Courtesy of the versatile design, this air compressor offers a high and powerful output and is suitable for a range of job site applications.

The oil-lubricated pump works alongside a large automotive-style filter for improved air intake and efficiency.

As the pump is oil-lubricated it is not going to struggle to function in colder temperatures and it isn’t going to be affected by a lot of wear and tear.


  • Design – this air compressor features a built-in compartment that can be used to store any fittings and accessories.
  • Portability – the addition of rugged wheels makes it easy to transport this air compressor when needed.
  • Durable – As the components have been constructed from cast iron they are going to resist wear and tear fairly well.


  • Cost – when compared to our previous picks, this unit is rather costly and may not appeal to those on a budget.

Craftsman Air Compressor

The Craftsman Air Compressor houses a fairly powerful 1.8 HP induction motor and a tank with a 10 gallon capacity.

As such, it can function for longer whilst allowing for the smooth operation of your impact wrench. It can also provide 4 CFM at 90 PSI.

As this is a versatile air compressor, not only can you use it with an impact wrench but also with a drill, a roofing nailer, a paint sprayer, or multiple air tools.

Moreover, it sports 3 built-in quick couplers which can support two accessories simultaneously, along with two 2 inch gauges and a 6 ft power cord.

Maintenance is not required as this is an oil-free unit. This also means that you do not have to worry about any spills occurring.

In regards to safety, this compressor has a built-in safety valve that will ensure that the pressure remains within a safe range.


  • After service – when you purchase this air compressor you will have access to a year of limited after service which is going to be useful should you experience any issues.
  • Portability – the wheels and upright handle allow for convenient transportation.
  • Usability – this air compressor features a control panel which makes it easy to use.


  • Noise – some customers have reported that this air compressor was noisier than they were expecting when operating.

DEWALT Air Compressor

From a brand that is known for manufacturing reliable tools, we have the DEWALT Air Compressor. It is a handy, convenient-sized unit that boasts impressive performance capabilities.

In fact, it claims to provide 80% more air than some compressors which are considered to be industry leaders.

It delivers 50 SCFM at 90 PSI. Because of this, it can recover quickly following the tank’s initial exhaustion.

Though this unit may be small, it has a horsepower rating of 1.6 and so it is going to supply more than enough air for your impact wrench.

When this air compressor is not in use it can be stored in an upright position which helps to save on space.

It also features wheels and a collapsible handle which can be used to maneuver the unit and saves you from the hassle of carrying it.


  • Warranty – As this compressor is backed by a 1 year warranty, there is help available should you need it.
  • Durability – Constructed from high-quality, tough materials this compressor is going to withstand intense use well.
  • Noise – Producing 78 dB of noise, this compressor is going to be useful for those who require a quiet working environment.


  • Usability – according to customers who have previously used this compressor, some of the controls are difficult to locate.

Makita MAC100Q Electric Air Compressor

The MAC100Q Electric Air Compressor is our second listing from the brand Makita. Compactly sized, it is an ideal option for those seeking portability.

Powered by a ½ horsepower motor which provides a maximum of 135 PSI, it is efficient and performs well.

This is an electric air compressor that delivers 1,750 RPM. As this is lower it is going to enhance the longevity of the motor and the pump.

Thanks to the roll cage construction and design, both the pump and motor are protected against potential damage.

Maintenance is not required thanks to the oil-free piston. This also eliminates the risk of possible oil spills and stains. Impressively, this air compressor only produces 58 dB so users can enjoy working in a quiet environment.


  • Weight – as this is a lightweight compressor it is easy to transport.
  • Design – the unit is designed with a cord wrap which provides a convenient place to store the cord when the compressor is not being used.
  • Durability – this unit is designed with high-quality components which are going to deliver long-lasting use.


  • Capacity – as this is a smaller compressor it may struggle with heavy-duty applications.

Industrial Air Belt Driven Air Compressor

The Industrial Air Belt Driven Air Compressor can run multiple impact wrenches simultaneously. It is super powerful thanks to the 1.6 HP motor which has a maximum PSI of 135.

It also has a tank with a 20 gallon capacity. Moreover, this unit can deliver 6.2 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI.

This is a heavy-duty air compressor that has been made using cast iron. As such, you needn’t worry about it starting to wear easily.

The cylinder pump is also accompanied by a head and valve plate, both of which are constructed from aluminum. This allows the heat to dissipate sooner.

The pneumatic wheels make it easy to transport this air compressor. It also has two front handles which can be used to carry the unit to different parts of your job site when needed.

Furthermore, this compressor is easy to use thanks to the onboard controls.


  • Warranty – this air compressor is covered by a 2 year limited warranty which is going to come in handy if you experience any problems with it.
  • Safety – this unit has both a UL certification and is also CSA listed so you can be confident that it is safe.
  • Noise – impressively, this air compressor does not produce a lot of noise as it functions.


  • Portability – although this compressor has handles it is rather weighty so some people may struggle to transport it.

WEN Oil-free Vertical Air Compressor

From the brand WEN, we have the Oil-free Vertical Air Compressor. It has a 10 gallon tank and can be used to run a selection of tools that may be used in a garage, workshop, or on a job site.

In regards to the airflow rates, it provides 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI. It is safe, reliable, and performs well.

Just like many of our previous picks, this air compressor has an oil-free pump that doesn’t need to be lubricated and also does not require a lot of maintenance. Because of this, the air compressor has a lengthy lifespan.

The quick drain valve is easy to reach and the unit also features a quick coupler and two pressure gauges.

The first pressure gauge is responsible for monitoring the tank’s internal pressure, whilst the second monitors the airflow rate.


  • Warranty – it is covered by a 2 year warranty so there is help available if you encounter any issues regarding the functionality of this compressor.
  • Usability – each of the controls are clearly displayed on the body of the compressor and they are also easy to locate.
  • Portability – this air compressor is designed with a rubber gripped handle and wheels and because of this is it easy to maneuver.


  • Noisy – this compressor can be quite noisy when operating and to some people, this may be too distracting.

Northstar Portable Electric Air Compressor

If you are happy to splash out on a more expensive air compressor, this offering from Northstar provides a viable option.

It is exceptionally powerful as it has a 2 HP motor, also as an industrial grade compressor it can endure heavy-duty use and will successfully run your impact wrench.

At 90 PSI, this compressor delivers 5.0 CFM and at 40 PSI, it delivers 6.0 CFM. Moreover, it also has a 20 gallon tank and can operate a range of other tools besides an impact wrench. This includes an air ratchet, a sandblaster, a nailer, and a nibbler.

As for durability, this air compressor has an oil-lubricated pump and cast iron heads. Because of this, you should expect it to deliver long-lasting use.


  • Performance – as this is a powerful air compressor, it is going to cope well when running your impact wrench.
  • Portability – it features wheels that will make it easy to maneuver around your job site.
  • Size – though this is an industrial grade compressor it isn’t overly bulky and its small footprint means that it can easily be stored in an upright position.


  • Cost – this compressor is considerably more expensive than our previous picks which may not appeal to customers who are on a budget.

Buyer’s Guide

Before investing in an air compressor for your impact wrench there are several factors that you will need to consider.

First, you must check the size of your impact wrench because the capabilities of a compressor can differ depending on the model. We wrote a handy guide on how to choose the right size air compressor for an impact wrench which you can read here.

Aside from this, you should also consider the noise output. If you work in a quiet environment a unit that produces a lot of noise is likely to be distracting. As such, you should focus your search on finding one that is going to be much quieter.

Other factors to think about include the quality, portability, usability, and the cost.

By Bill Wade

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