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by Jay D.

United States air compressor company of Cleveland air compressor
United States air compressor company of Cleveland air compressor

Here are some pics of the pressure switch off my vintage compressor.

As you can see the diaphragm is coming out of the metal piece.

My question is, can I replace this diaphragm? If so how is it held in place? I cant seem to figure out how it is held in there and I don’t want to just pry it all apart for fear of destroying it.

If the diaphragm can’t be replaced, then I guess I need to replace the whole piece. If this is the case, does anyone have this piece? I can provide more info about the compressor.

Thank you



by: Doug in s.d.ca

Most likely, you’ll need to make one or replace the entire unit.

I take it you have it apart or at least unmounted – any mfr info on it?

Looks like USAC of C only makes pumps, now.


Air Compressor Diaphragm
by: Buster

Hey Jay, I had a similar problem and found the diaphragm material at our local industrial hose and belt supplier. Check around if you have an industrial supply house and they can fix you up. Hope this helps, have a great day.


Thank you.
by: Jay D.

Thank you for the responses. I will post some pics in the next few days. Yes I have the switch apart. I cant see how the diaphragm is held in place. It looks like the piece is pressed in there.

In the mean time I have ordered a new switch and hope it will fit. But I would like to fix the old one to keep the look of the compressor.

by: Jay D.

I did get a replacement pressure switch and installed it this morning. It went right on and works good. $20 on amazon.
But it does not have the vintage look, it is black plastic. So I will continue to keep an eye open for either how to fix the original or for a vintage replacement.

Thank you.



Jay, if you still have the images, would you please add them as a comment here? Thanks.