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Kaeser Information

Kaeser operates world-wide company, providing a broad range of air compressor technology to users around the globe. Kaeser air compressors are typically not considered a DIY type of air compressor manufacturer.

Kaeser has a professional service group that, I expect, provides a very high level of after sales service expected of a compressor company of their caliber.

Kaeser Compressor USA asked that I provide some information for Kaeser air compressor users, posted below the photo. I am pleased to provide it for you.

Kaeser Pro Series air compressor

Here’s a look at their oil-free range of compressors.

Kaeser Contact Information

Kaeser USA Headquarters

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
511 Sigma Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

T: 877-788-1829
E: [email protected]
W: https://us.kaeser.com/

If you need the services listed below copy and paste the specific URL into your browser to open up that page. This first link is for the Kaeser Compressor call back service:


Users fill out the online form for spare parts, technical advice, or a mechanic, and are then contacted with the help they need.

Perhaps not every Kaeser Air Compressors owner may enjoy the same level of service, or may have questions that Kaeser, for one reason or another, do not answer. That is the reason for this Kaeser air compressor forum page. It is is intended to provide an unbiased forum for owner issues relating to their experiences with their Kaeser Air Compressors.

After reading the troubleshooting pages and seeing other visitor’s comments and responses below, if you want to post a question about your Kaeser compressor, do so on the form below. Can you help another Kaeser compressor owner by offering advice on their question? Please do so by adding a comment.

Kaeser also provides this excellent guide for maintaining their compressors. Download it by clicking the link if you wish.

Kaeser Air Compressor Manuals

An additional document that may be useful is this Kaeser controller manual. Please click to download it along with our thanks to Doug in s.d.ca for uploading it.

You can also head to the resource section of their website in order to download the manuals here.

Kaeser Air Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

I have picked out a few replacement parts for Kaeser air compressors readily available on Amazon. The first is this air filter replacement!

Next is this solenoid valve replacement kit suitable for Kaeser screw compressors!

Kaeser Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

Existing Kaeser air compressors comments and questions:

Kaeser air compressor overheating and shutting down?

Kaeser SM 11 back pressure error

Kaeser compressor critical error 300A

Critical error on Sigma controller

Kaeser SM11 fault code DM1

If you have any questions about Kaeser compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!

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What’s the best method to rectify dryer internal pipe leakage for kaeser industrial Air dryer ? The pipe is a joint between copper pipe and stainless heat exchanger.

SX6 Overtemp airend

Hi Kieth, Is it possible to know a little more detail regarding your issue?

Seria possível saber como ligar um kaeser AS30 á rede?
Precisava de. Video ou manual sff


What have you checked? Any of this from the manual?

SX6 airend overheating.png

I have a ASD 50 Kaeser compressor.

I need a cutaway drawing of the compressor block.

Can you help me?

This is my email: (email removed – please post responses here – Moderator)


How’s this?

I need something more detailed, I am missing a piece on the compressor output shaft and I have no idea what it was like.

Can you send some pix? Is this something inside the airend?

But maybe you should try Kaeser… here.

Or your local distributor, if you have one.

I have SM 11 kaeser it displayed errors in S. Please let me know the fault & help me to repair.

(Post moved to this page. Moderator)

“it displayed errors in S.”
What errors? Does this happen at power up or sometime later?

I have a Kaeser AS 31
The screen shows

Critical Error:
>>> NO SRBS! <<<
System halted……..

I've Googled it with no luck. Do you have any idea what it could be?
Thanks for time in advance!

Not off the top of my head. And I hadn’t seen one with a sigma controller.
Still, how about some context? It doesn’t come up like this straight away, right?
Is/was it in service (at the present location), or are you trying to (re)install it?

No, It’s been working perfectly for about 5 years. Doesn’t get much use. Maybe 5 hours a month? The next service was way off for the hours but probably overdue in time. But is that a thing? I just tried to switch it on one day and no response from control pad. No response from any button so I can’t get anymore info. The screen is locked as in the picture. What is “SRBS!”? I don’t even know what that is?

Yeah, Nick, I don’t know what SRBS is either.
But you say “I just tried to switch it on one day and no response from control pad.”
Do you leave power applied from the mains, or just turn it on/off from the Sigma?
If the latter, especially, but even if the former, have you tried completely removing power for a while (like an hour or so) and then trying it?
Also, have you verified all three legs of power are good?
Sometimes, fuses will blow at turn-on, so you should check those, too.

Thanks Doug for your input. When I turn it off it’s just at the Sigma (control pad). I had never turned it off at the wall.
After reading your reply, I did turn it off at the switch on the wall for a couple of hours and then even over night with no change.
Interesting what you said about all three legs on the three phase power. I checked the fuse box to see if something had tripped but that’s all good. Does the comp have internal fuses? Is that a thing?
Thanks for you time.

There are a couple fuses, but they’re OK ’cause the display is working. The second LED indicator on the left side says: (red led) “Communications error Continuous red light to indicate a faulty communication connec‐ tion, or an external fault message without machine shut-down.” (I presume you don’t have a communication circuit, at least to your knowledge? I’m looking for where that connects – might have a dummy connector that came loose.) You might look around for any smallish connectors and try re-seating them. The one below that says: (yellow led) “Warning Flashes in yellow in the following events: ■… Read more »

Hi Doug,
As far as I know, I don’t have a communication circuit.
But I did buy it second hand from a hospital so it might have one?

Yellow light is constant / steady.
The acknowledgment button does nothing.
None of the buttons do anything.
I can’t even scroll through the menu to check if it is a maintenance issue.
All the lights are continuously on except the top left.
Just like the photo.

Again, thanks for your time!

Still don’t know where the comm would be – precisely, anyway.
But meantime, whether you’ve done this already or not, please try to think about anything even remotely related to this machine, that might have changed between the last time it worked, and the time you found it broken.
And I’m including utility work in the area.

Are you talking about power line work or spike of some sort? Possibly, I’m in a workshop in an industrial area.

Yes. Have you noticed anything or gotten a notice of planned power outage?

Nick, finally found a clue. On the back side of the sigma controller, there are supposed to be 5 slots or positions, marked x1 thru x5. They are for various types of communication, when present. If there’s anything plugged into those, especially 1-4, I suggest you power the machine down from the mains, and remove whatever’s plugged in, inspect, maybe blow the dust off, and reinstall. I think you should have only one, but maybe more. Or maybe none. x5 is supposed to be for an SD card for program update purposes, so there could be an issue with that.… Read more »