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10 Best Air Compressor For Inflatable Pool

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An inflatable pool on a scorching hot day is an absolute blessing.

The ability to sink beneath the cool water and let it wash your stresses away – or, at least, the gentle lapping of water on your ankles. And they’re the perfect way to keep excitable children occupied.

The only problem is actually getting the pool inflated in the first place.

For many of us, memories of pool inflation sends a shiver down the spine. Hopelessly blowing into a tiny opening only to find half an hour of puffing has made no difference.

Endlessly pumping a foot paddle until your knees are weak, and the pool is still only halfway there. It’s enough to make you give up on the whole endeavor.

The air compressor can change all that. This is a no effort system to get a pool inflated quickly. Simply plug it in, switch in on, and sit back and watch as it accomplishes in minutes the task that took you hours.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best air compressors available, so you can actually enjoy the pool for once.

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Best Air Compressors For An Inflatable Pool

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Kensun AC/DC Digital Air Compressor

The multipurpose Kensun is a wonderful air compressor, and an all around useful item. Able to inflate pools, balls, bicycles, and even car tires, it’s an ideal buy for someone who likes to be outdoors.

As an AC/DC air compressor, the Kensun can be used both inside and outside the home. Use the cigarette lighter socket to charge for car tire inflation, or the simple wall plug for use at home.

It inflates quickly, with an automatic shut off when the correct pressure is reached. Constructed using durable materials for high quality, almost every household can benefit from the Kensun compressor.


  • AC/DC – For use both in and out of the home, with different methods for power.
  • Multiple nozzles – Adaptable for many uses.
  • Digital screen – Easy to use in any situation.


  • Overheats – Can get warm quickly, and needs time to cool before use.

AAA 300 PSI Air Compressor

If there’s anyone that understands the importance of a portable air compressor, it’s AAA. Designed for roadside assistance, this compact air compressor is also useful for pool inflation.

Don’t let the size fool you. The AAA air compressor can inflate quickly, and only needs a simple cigarette socket for power. With a 10-foot power cable that can be stored within the unit, it’s another great choice for a travel air compressor.

It also comes with nozzle adaptors, for different uses. Perfect for keeping in the car, and bringing into the yard when needed.


  • Multiple nozzles – Not just for tire inflation, the AAA compressor works with many items.
  • Compact – The small unit is incredibly portable, as even the long cable fits inside.
  • Built-in pressure gauge – Monitor usage quickly.


  • Not suitable for inflating large pools.

SereneLife Electric SUP Air Compressor

The SereneLife electric air compressor might be designed for paddleboards, but it can be adapted for use with other type of water inflatables. If you prefer your water activities a little more “shallow pool” and a little less “dangerous outdoors”, the SereneLife pump can work for you.

One of the most fantastic things about this air compressor is it can run off battery and electricity. Take it away on vacation, or use it quickly at home. The compact design with clever cable storage will fit wherever you need it.


  • Portability – Lightweight and small, the SereneLife fits wherever you need it.
  • LED Light – Can be used at night, and useful for lighting tricky openings.
  • Digital display – Easy to monitor pressure.


  • Battery setting – The battery setting is fantastic, if you can struggle through confusing instructions to get it to work.

AGPtEK Electric Air Pump

An air compressor is meant to make life easier, and the AGPtEK Electric Air Pump certainly has that covered. With 3 different sized nozzles, a portable design, and the ability to inflate and deflate, summer fun becomes simple.

The large nozzle is ideal for pools, flooding them with air in no time at all. Then simply switch to the medium or small nozzle, to fill any number of inflatables or pool toys.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with an AC and DC cable. Plug it into your car to fill on the road, or into a socket for days at home.


  • AC/DC adaptability – Can be used on the road, or at home.
  • Multiple nozzles – Inflate different sizes of pool using the special nozzles.
  • Inflate/deflate – Useful at both the start and end of the day.


  • Short plug – Can be frustrating to use.

JACO Smart Pro Digital Tire Inflator Air Compressor

This smart air compressor from JACO gives you the technological edge when it comes to inflating pools.

The built-in gauge simply needs to be preset to the pressure you require, and then you can stand back and let the compressor do the work. Once it’s reached the correct level, the automatic shut off kicks in.

With a fast and efficient flow rate and changeable nozzles, the JACO is one of the best air compressor systems around.

Its compact design can be neatly stored, with compartments for the power cables improving portability. Easy to use for both tire and sports equipment inflation, it even includes an LED light.


  • 10-foot power cord – Long reaching, for adaptable uses.
  • Automatic shut off – A useful safety feature.
  • Compact – Everything, including the long cord, can be tucked away in a small compartment.


  • Durability – The casing can get scratched, and the lightweight machine doesn’t feel sturdy.

Etekcity Air Pump For Inflatables

Etekcity has created an air pump that is incredibly user-friendly. The lightweight casing makes it portable, and the large handle is easy to grasp.

Even children will be able to use this pump, and the small nozzle will allow them to fill inflatable toys with minimal supervision. A rechargeable air pump, there’s no tricky cords to deal with.

At full charge, the Etekcity pump works quickly. Simply attach the nozzle, and flip the switch. In no time at all, your pool is ready to go.

Then, the pump only needs to be plugged into either a DC or AC socket, and left to recharge. Fantastic for busy families.


  • Rechargeable – No struggling with cords and cables.
  • Inflate/deflate – Multi-use, for storing inflatables easily.
  • Handheld – The durable handle makes this a pump that even children can get to grips with.


  • Can’t be used plugged in – Charge is useful, but when the Etekcity loses charge, it’s useless.

EPAuto Air Compressor

A versatile and powerful air compressor, the EPAuto is sure to be useful in any household. It’s great for filling an inflatable pool, but is also useful for smaller toys, balls, bicycle tires, and even car tires.

The digital display makes usage intuitive, and the automatic shut off can provide you with peace of mind.

If you’re interested in an air compressor for multiple uses, then the EPAuto is a fantastic choice.

It lacks the power and speed of the more specialized designs, but is such a strong all-rounder that you won’t feel the lack. EPAuto even provides a handy carry case, for travelling.


  • Multiple nozzles – Adaptable for many uses, including car and bike tires.
  • Digital display – Use and monitor the air compressor with no trouble.
  • Automatic shut off – Avoid over inflation with this useful safety feature.


  • Leaks air when unscrewed.

Intex QuickFill Air Pump

With a maximum airflow of 650 liters per minute, Intex will inflate your pool rapidly. This is an incredibly popular system, and it’s easy to see why.

Compact and quick, it has all the basics covered. With 3 nozzles to fit a variety of equipment at a bargain price, this is perfect for anyone who wants their pool inflated, and fast.

Intex has created a solid basic system with a few different options available. Whether you prefer a wall socket, a rechargeable battery, or a car plug, Intex has you covered.

They even make air pumps with a mixture of power supplies. Whichever way you use your pool, whether it’s on the go or at home, Intex has a system to match.


  • 650-liter per minute air flow – Releases air at an incredible rate, for fast inflation.
  • 3 nozzles – Can be used with a variety of valves.
  • Power options – Intex have options for home charge, car charge, and even a rechargeable battery.


  • Lacks power – Powerful enough for a pool, but has limited other uses.

Airhead AHP-120 Kwik Tek Air Pump

Airhead has been making products for water sports for over 25 years, so they should know what they’re doing.

This Kwik Tek air pump is a popular option for home inflatables, with a durable casing and a competent design. Everything locks together easily, preventing frustrating leakage, and the carry handle aids portability.

An air compressor for an inflatable pool shouldn’t be complicated, and the Airhead pump is simple but effective. There are areas where Airheads experience shines through.

The 10-foot long power cord is handy, the accordion-style hose is flexible, and lightweight construction is high quality. With a quick fill and a good price, the Airhead is a solid choice.


  • 10-foot cord – A longer cord makes the Airhead easier to use.
  • Inflates/deflates – Multipurpose, deflates as well as it inflates.
  • Experience – Airhead have been in the water sports business for a while, manufacturing quality products.


  • Slow – Lacks the power of other designs.

Coleman QuickPump

A neat handheld pump with a surprising amount of use, the Coleman QuickPump is good for anyone who wants a small and portable option. The large handle is easy to grip, and comfortable to hold as the pool inflates.

Coleman has created the basic QuickPump in three varieties, to suit your needs. The 12V charger plugs into a cigarette socket, for use on the go.

The 120v pump can be used with a home plug socket, for backyard fun. And the rechargeable option is perfect for someone who likes to get out and about.

The QuickPump isn’t the most durable design on the market, but the construction is reasonably solid. Good for limited use.


  • Different power options – Find a design that suits you.
  • Large handle – Comfortable to use.
  • Inflate/deflate – Multi-use, sucks air out efficiently.


  • Odd shaped nozzles – The Coleman comes with nozzle adaptors, but some of them aren’t standard sizing.

Buyer’s Guide

The right air compressor can make inflating your pool a breeze, but the wrong one is nothing but more hard work. This buyer’s guide should help you understand exactly what to look for in an air compressor for an inflatable pool


No one wants to waste money on a complicated machine that accomplishes a task we’re perfectly capable of ourselves. And while inflating a pool with a foot pump is difficult, for many of us it’s better than spending several hundred dollars on an air compressor.

A good air compressor for an inflatable pool doesn’t have to be expensive, so keep an eye out for unnecessary features that may be driving up the price.

Power Supply

An air compressor won’t work without a power supply, and for inflating a pool there are two main options: an external power source, or a battery.

An external power source will generally either connect to the 12V DC cigarette lighter in the car, or to a standard AC home socket.

Battery powered air compressors are often rechargeable. Some air compressors will have multiple power supply options.

Which is best for you depends on where and how you intend to use the air compressor. If you want it mostly for home use, an external source is best. For travel use, a rechargeable battery or DC connector is ideal.


The majority of portable air compressors come with a few nozzles, allowing them to inflate through a range of standard valves.

An air compressor will need to be compatible with your inflatable. That means the pump/nozzle is able to lock into the valve.

Liters Per Minute

This refers to how much air is supplied by the compressor per minute. The higher the number, the better, as more passes through the compressor.

An air compressor with a large number of liters per minute will fill a pool much quicker than those with a low number.

It’s also important to look for the PSI, or pounds per square inch. This indicates the maximum pressure of the compressor. How much PSI you require will depend on the size and construction of your inflatable.


An air compressor for an inflatable pool shouldn’t be cumbersome. Look for a compact and lightweight design that will be easy to move around the yard.

An air compressor should make pool inflation easy, so avoid anything that adds the difficulty back.


An air compressor for a pool inflator doesn’t have to be limited to just pool use. If you want a more versatile piece of equipment, look for compressors that can inflate bike tires, other sports equipment, and even mattresses.

Another adaptable feature to look out for is the ability to deflate. Some air compressors are able to suck out the air they pumped in, which makes for fast storage. It can also be used to vacuum pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an air compressor to fill an inflatable pool?

Yes, an air compressor can be used to fill an inflatable pool. This saves the time and effort of a manual pump, and is an effective way of quickly inflating a pool. Look for a model that can be adapted to work with an inflatable pool.

Can a tire inflator be used to inflate a pool?

For the most part, a tire inflator air compressor can be used to inflate a pool. However, be sure to check the user guide for your specific tire inflator. Some of them aren’t equipped to handle large inflatable pools, and will only fill small inflatables.

Others won’t work at all. An air compressor designed specifically for pool inflation will rarely have the pressure to inflate a tire.

Can I use one air compressor for all inflatables?

Probably, but be sure to check the user guide for your air compressor. Many will come with adaptable nozzles, allowing them to be used for a multitude of valve openings.

However, some air compressors are unable to fill the large inflatable pools. Although they may work for the smaller inflatables, they don’t release air quickly enough to fill a full sized inflatable pool. 

How do you fill an inflatable pool with an air compressor?

Remove the cap from the valve on the inflatable pool. Connect the hose of the air compressor to the valve. It should fit securely, to prevent leakage.

Turn the air compressor on, and let it fill the pool. With some designs, you may need to set the pressure.

Check regularly, to ensure it’s filling currently. When the pool is inflated, turn off the air compressor, and disconnect the hose.

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