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Campbell Hausfeld is a manufacturer of consumer, industrial, and commercial grade, low priced air compressors and related products, based in Harrison, Ohio. 

This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site.

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Campbell Hausfeld Information

Campbell Hausfeld air compressors seem to be a popular choice for the DIY and home workshop crowd as they source and purchase a home-type air compressor, and it quite probably is based on the Campbell Hausfeld very competitive price range.

The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is available from department stores, big box stores, on line vendors, pretty much anywhere you can purchase an air compressor in North America. Their compressors are augmented by their broad range of air tools and other air accessories, as well.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

My last review of this line finds that Campbell Hausfeld air compressors range from fractional HP up to about 3.5 HP, with tanks ranging up to 60 gallons in size in both horizontal or vertical orientations.

They do offer limited commercial versions of their air compressors too, but their main focus seems to be the small DIY market and the small garage or repair shop compressor needs.

A 2008 listing on the autobodystore.com forum lists that Campbell Hausfeld has made or supplied compressors for the following:

  • Campbell Hausfeld
  • CH Extreme
  • Farmhand
  • Speedaire
  • Dayton
  • Westward
  • Husky
  • Husky Pro
  • IronForce
  • Maxus
  • Power Pro

This is a user page for all things relating to Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors. Here you will find issues and comments about this brand of compressor from folks that use them, and may have had problems or issues with their use of them.

Consider reading the information in the compressor troubleshooting section for issues and solutions common to many air compressors, things like the compressor won’t start, it blows breakers, air leaking and so on if you are having an issue with your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld Contact Information

You can, and certainly should, attempt to contact Campbell Hausfeld directly with any issues relating to their air compressors.

Campbell Hausfeld
100 Production Drive
Harrison, OH 45030
E: [email protected]
W: www.campbellhausfeld.com/

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Manuals

For more, visit their website: www.campbellhausfeld.com/ , Click the “manuals” button, find your model number and download that manual.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Parts Available on Amazon

I have picked out some Campbell Hausfeld replacement parts readily available on Amazon. The first an OEM sourced replacement air filter.

There is also an authentic Campbell Hausfeld replacement check valve.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

More information pages and posts about Campbell Hausfeld air compressors…

Old Campbell Hausfeld Compressor Pictures

If you have any questions about Campbell Hausfeld compressors then please leave a comment below with photos if applicable to help others respond to you!