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by Mike
(Parker, CO)

I have an HJ300100 Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, 3 yrs. old, used primarily on weekends to help w/ remodeling.

One day while using it, the machine stopped building pressure while still running just fine.

I have replaced the piston and cylinder wall (Kit assembly)and new pressure switch but still no tank or output pressure.

Campbell Hausfeld HG300000 compressor
Campbell Hausfeld HG300000 compressor

I have let the motor run for ten minutes, but again no tank pressure.

The discharge hose from the motor to the tank has plenty of output and the small hose to the pressure switch also has air going through it.

I have drained the tank also.

Pulling the air release valve on the manifold also does not confirm any tank pressure.

Mike, that there is air flowing into the tank when you pull the line says that as long as there is little or no back pressure then the pump sends air that way.

However, I suspect that as soon as there is back pressure from the tank, that the gasket between the high and low pressure sides of the pump lets go, and air cycles back and forth, or, your intake or pressure valves have a problem.

To me this means finding a pump rebuild kit, and tearing down the pump to check and replace parts where necessary.

Please let us know how that went.

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