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Campbell Hausfeld air compressors, like any brand of air compressor, may initially start up and appear to be working as normal, only for you to realise that your compressor is struggling to reach its cut-off pressure.

This article will provide you with the most common reasons why your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor won’t reach cut-off pressure, along with existing reader questions & responses.

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Reasons Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Not Reaching Cut Off Pressure

The most likely reason why your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is not reaching cut-off pressure is due to failing or compromised parts. This can be any of the following 4:

  1. Gasket
  2. Intake valve
  3. Piston seal
  4. Pump pressure valve

1. It is very likely that although your compressor appears to be working fine during cycling, the air is actually unable to flow into the tank due to a failed gasket.

2. Another likely part at fault is the air intake valve, where the air is allowed to blow right back out of the intake valve and escape instead of being properly drawn through the system to be compressed.

3. If the piston rings or their seals are flawed, the pumps will lose pressure and efficiency, resulting in a lack of pressure being built in the compressor.

4. The pump pressure valve could be faulty, allowing air that flows into the tank through it to be drawn right back out of the tank.

Other possibilities include system leaks, for more information on these reasons visit our Why an Air Compressor Won’t Build Pressure & How to Fix a Compressor Not Building Pressure guide!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I increase the air pressure in my Campbell Hausfeld air compressor?

To increase the air pressure on your Campbell Hausfeld you should turn the knob on the regulator clockwise. In contrast, if you want to decrease the pressure, turn the knob counterclockwise. You may need to set the regulator slightly higher than the air tool recommendation so that you compensate for the pressure drop across the system.

Reader Questions & Responses

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Shuts Off Before Reaching Cut Out Pressure


I have an upright Campbell Hausfeld compressor Direct drive.

It shuts off at 50 PSI. I changed the pressure switch and that didn’t help.

Is there a thermal shutoff that may be turning it off?


Jim, please pull the cover on the pressure switch with the power off.

Drain the tank to zero PSI.

Power on, then run the compressor with the tank empty and drain closed and monitor the pressure rise and the pressure switch to see if it trips at the 50 PSI mark, will you?

Since you don’t indicate the model number, it’s pretty hard to check and see if there is an air compressor thermal reset button, though there likely is one.

If the pressure switch trips off when the compressor stops at 50 PSI, then it is still a pressure switch issue.

If the pressure switch does not trip, and the motor stops, then power is likely still flowing to the motor circuit, and that surely suggests a switch on the motor or maybe a motor capacitor issue.

There is a page on this site about checking capacitors if the motor stops again at 50 PSI yet the pressure switch has not tripped off. Might want to check them.

Let us know, will you?

If you have any questions regarding Campbell Hausfeld air compressors not reaching cut-off pressure, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!