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by Vincent szentadorjany
(Upatoi Georgia USA)

I have a campbell hausfeld (6 hp 30 gallon) air compressor model WL611201aj that is about 14 years old.

When I turn it on the motor runs slowly then trips the breaker.

Wl373001sj Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Pump / Motor Kit Wl373001
Wl373001sj Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Pump / Motor Kit Wl373001

It doesn’t matter if there is pressure or not in the tank. I have it plugged directly into a 120v 15 amp outlet. It has worked fine at the current location for some time. I recently switched outlets and the same result. If I use WL373001SJ Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Pump / Motor Kit replacement.

Will this fix the issue?

Thank you.
Vincent, if this was my Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, from the symptoms you describe, I would be checking out the start capacitor.

That would be quite a bit lower cost fix than the kit you refer to.

If you prefer, however, I do believe that the kit would resolve your compressor problem.


Motor tripping
by: Buster

I agree with Bill, start capacitor would be where to start on this one.


Follow up question
by: Vincent Szentadorjany

Can someone help me identify where the start capacitor is located on this model?

Vincent, the two “humps” sitting on the motor are the capacitors. One is the start cap, the other is the run cap.


Start capacitor
by: Vincent

I believe I have identified the start capacitor in this compressor. I have checked it according to the checking capacitors page listed here and it is bad. as well as split and leaking.The numbers listed are Aerovox c103237300423. 233-280mfd. 220vac. 60hz. The 220vac is confusing me. The compressor has run from a 110v 20 amp circuit for years. Anyhow, can someone tell me the best place to locate the correct capacitor.

I suspect the rating indicates that it’s good up to 220 VAC.

As to getting one, why not start with Aerovox themselves?

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